Survimo: Not Making Enough With Surveys? Try This Instead!

Survimo Review

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For those who simply aren’t ready, keep reading to find out more about Survimo.

Product Name: Survimo


Owner: Ondrej Coufalik, Martin Pavlicek

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 67/100

What Is Survimo?

Survimo is a market research website that claims they pay people up to $7 per answer.

I actually had to rewrite this review, since finding out crucial information.

Survimo is actually a Survey aggregator which powered by Cint. What this means, is on the inside, you’ll be fed surveys from all different survey panels.

Survimo is available in a wide range of countries. When you enter their website, you’ll notice a large range of options you can choose depending on which country you live in.

Market research is helping business get to know what customers do and don’t like about what they provide. This give surveys doers the chance to make a little extra by answering questions on surveys sites such as Survimo.

How Does Survimo Work?

Survimo is an online survey system for the preparation of questionnaires, data collection and analysis and sharing the results. When you answer a question, it goes back to the company, and they improve because of your answers.

To get started at Survimo, you just need to go to their website and check to see if your country is listed. If your country is listed, just hit the sign-up button and log into your account.

As mentioned above, Survimo is a survey aggregator, meaning, it feeds you surveys from existing survey panels. Because so many survey panels offer affiliate programs, Survimo is most likely earning commissions every time you join a survey panel through them.

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Simple Process –

  • Sign up for free
  • Answer surveys
  • Withdraw money
  • Takes less than 30 seconds to sign up.

Earn From Your Answers –

  • Get up to $7 per answer
  • Fun and free to join
  • Fast and easy payment

Key Features –

  • Blog – use the blog to learn more about Survimo
  • About Page – Tells you A bit about who they are
  • Take Paid Surveys
  • Earn $1-3 Per Survey
  • Earn a minimum of $10 to withdraw
  • Withdraw to PayPal, GCodes, Prepaid Visa Cards, or Amazon gift cards


Is Survimo safe? There isn’t a lot on this survey aggregator, but from what I’ve read, they seem to be pretty legit.

Does Survimo have payment proof? I did some searching in Google and didn’t find any payment proof.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. There are a variety of ways to cash out.

Is Survimo a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Many brands need answers on the things they create. People enjoy giving these answers.

Does Survimo have support? Yes. There is Survimo customer service which is done via email, located at the bottom of their website.

Does Survimo have any bad reviews? There are some websites reviewing Survimo with only a 2-star rating.

Does Survimo have an app? Yes. Survimo has an app on Google Play only.

Would you recommend Survimo to a friend or relative? No. Because the earning opportunity is so low, I don’t see any point in telling others about this site.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offers a simple way to earn
  • Offers payment via PayPal

What’s not to like –

  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Low rewards
  • The site is spammy (has a lot of ads)


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Now that we have been through some of what Survimo has to offer, is Survimo a scam or legit? 

After taking a look at what was available, you can see very quickly that there isn’t much going for this There are hardly any reviews on it and no ones talking about it. 

However, they still seem to pay their members.

The different is earning $1-3 or $1-3000?

You’ll never make large amounts of money taking online surveys, and everyone knows this. Keep reading to see how to fix not earning enough money.

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