Survey Junkie: Most Popular Survey Site Available (Min. $5 To CASHOUT) Scam or Legit?

Survey Junkie Review

There are so many reasons to start using the internet, and doing surveys is definitely one of those reasons. Among Survey opportunities there are also quite a few other ways to make money online and they MLM, Drop Shipping, and Affiliate marketing, which I want to really share with you why I think affiliate marketing is important for you especially if you’re someone who has been surveying for quite some time, and you’re now starting to see some traction within your marketing campaigns.

There is a very huge reason that you should have your own online business happening right now if you’re taking surveys, and that is for one reason and one reason only-Surveys only pay very small amounts.

As a Survey Taker, you can not spend your whole day making two cents a pop.

With your own online business you can put together all the survey affiliate links that you have and insert them into articles which you can then upload straight to your Facebook accounts and this is going to be a far better outcome for you and your business because people can that way read what you’re talking about and then make the informed decision to buy what you have. If you put this online business together with the training I have, you will soon start to see many people sign up to your survey sites, and you won’t even have to work there yourself anymore as they will be the ones earning your share of the salary.

When you learn skills that make money, it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

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What is Survey Junkie? is a very well-known and popular survey platform that has been around since 2010. Survey Junkie is a platform where prospects empower the market research industry to conduct efficient and quality research. Members who are looking to earn rewards can take part and link these businesses with everyday customers. Most of the surveys are for consumer goods, but you may fill out surveys about travel, technology, or even financial products.

Survey Junkie has over 3 million members and counting. Survey Junkie is headquartered in Glendale, California and generates $116.2K in revenue per employee. Their main competitors are Opinion Outpost, iPoll, and Global Market.

Increasingly more businesses, including major corporations, choose to take advantage of the online presence of their target audiences to conduct much-needed, insightful surveys in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you are on one end or the other, if you need any assistance or would like to learn more about Market Research, Survey Junkie is place where you will find what you’re looking for. 

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How does Survey Junkie work?

As with all survey sites, one of the first things you will need to do when you have found a platform that you want to use is to start by signing up and creating your account by demographics. Once this is done, you will be able to jump back to your email inbox and double-click the special link that they send you in order to verify your account.

Before anyone Like yourself even begins working online, you will need to know the true amounts of which you are about to earn. I don’t know what you classify as a large portion, but I would say combine the sums and incorporate their affiliate structure, which will allow you to even eventually break free and only continue to create quality articles and reviews for the services you join.

Once you have finished signing up, you’re given a reward of 25 points. Then, below, are other amounts you’re going to earn for everything else:

Members will complete a 16-question profile, and they will get an additional 50 points. They’re typical demographic and family make-up questions, some of which you can decline to answer (like income). With some of your answers, though, you can actually appropriate an unlocking of more and additional 4 more questions that involve family medical history and smoking.

Once you have been through the demographics phase of the activity, you can then look at what points you have earned thus far with the below information:

  • You’re Signing up 25 points
  • Complete your profile 50 points
  • Confirm your email address 25 points
  • Take the tour for how the platform works tour 5 points
  • Profile surveys 10 points per pop. Which usually consist of about 1 dozen question per lead magnet, which is another word for subject.

There are numerous opportunities to take surveys, and they also tell you how long each stack is to take. As you complete the profile surveys, which give you 10 points each, you unlock higher paying surveys because the system knows more about you. This is how you can increase your grasp per tech platform for online surveys, and, again, this is without doing promotion work in conjunction with your affiliate links.

Some surveys can pay upwards of 40 points for 5 minutes, which should only take a few minutes to finish. You have to also remember that you will not always qualify for all the surveys that you branch out for to take. In which stinks and I too have to learn this.

Members also get surveys sent to them by email, which with some of the research I have done, many members actually think that this is some type of technical scope in turn to get people staying enclose with the platform, so they don’t forget.

Members can redeem points and is available in the US, Canada, and Australia, and you can instantly withdraw your earnings. Unlike other online survey panels which require you to earn at least $25 worth of points, Survey Junkie offers you the opportunity to cash out for as little as $10 (1,000 points).

Both Members plus prospects are able to join the rewards’ platform’s solid affiliate program for free and substantially increase your earnings. As a Survey Junkie affiliate, you will benefit from real-time reporting to effectively track your campaign and get reliable, real-time data, as well as from the platform’s affiliate team support to successfully promote your campaign. You will receive a commission for driving traffic to the Survey Junkie website, and help other consumers earn cash and free gift cards for sharing their opinions.


Now with Survey Junkie having been looked at content-fully, I can now say that this platform is worth joining, Plus I have concluded that members are going to make a lot of money when they make mention of the Survey Junkie affiliate program. It’s what it’s all about, referring, referring, referring, if you don’t have an online business, then you need to start one, otherwise you will not be able to promote this survey club and that is one of elements you don’t want when pushing forward to earn large amounts of money online. I have left tons of information at the top of this Survey Junkie review where you can follow me, and build your website plus receive my free coaching.

Pros And Cons About Survey Junkie


  • Members can withdraw instant earnings to PayPal with no threshold amount needed first
  • Survey Junkie is free to join
  • Survey Junkie has different ways you can earn money
  • Survey Junkie has a reputable name, having been in business for over 10 years
  • Survey Junkie has mega swift support


  • Members won’t always qualify for all surveys
  • Only available in 3 countries

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