Streetbees: A Random Tasking App! Scam or real Way to earn?

Streetbees Review

This is my Streetbees Review. Find out if Streetbees is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. How many reasons are there to want to advance within an online income? There are so many reasons in today’s day and age, and even the world health situation is not helping. More and more people are looking for ways to work online, and it seems that things are not getting better. The Coronavirus has been running a muck for many, many months, and it is leaving people without jobs right across the nation. But will this affect them entirely, or is there a way? A fact is only a justification, as the affiliate marketing industry is a real deal. There are countless people making money online simply by promoting other people’s products and services, and survey takers are among some of the ripest candidates to this market.

When I first started doing my work online, I started seeing many different bloggers talk about the days when they used to take surveys. This was until they started their own websites and started getting traffic. This is what led me to think about the situation and I realised, A survey taker actually trains just the same as an affiliate. They do the exact same searches online because in the niche I’m in, I like to show people how to make money online. Therefore, I am always doing survey and GPT Site Reviews, and this is to show people how the two industry elements can be intertwined. In fact, it’s the best way to go.

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What is Streetbees?

Streetbees is both a survey and GPT Get-Paid-To website that offer their members to earn a little extra cash for getting committed into some projects.

Streetbees was founded in London in 2015 and is not like other sites, as in it maintained its core strengths when comparing to some other MMO Sites. Although Streetbees may not hold the pedigree style of other GPT and Survey Sites, one thing is proven, they pay out fast with no minimum threshold. This is definitely something that you want when looking to make money online.

Streetbees utilise artificial intelligence in order to streamline the offers for people looking to become “bees”. As a bee, you will do surveys as well as tasks and give companies feedback for their products. This also helps the companies as well because they get the results faster.

Streetbees is available to use on either desktop or phone. They have an app which is downloadable on both Google Play and iOS App Store.

Another important aspect I always like to check over when doing a Survey or GPT Site Review is whether the company also has their Facebook Fan Page, as this is something that members or prospects find terribly helpful. Streetbees does have a Facebook Fan Page and they have over 43K Likes. This is a lot of likes, so it should help paint a clearer picture of their authenticity and how helpful they are by giving an extra access point to find new opportunities.

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How does Streetbees work?

It is a common element that comes into one when somebody finds a survey platform that they want to earn money from. The first thing that a prospect will have to do to cohort with the following system that they find is create their account. To create an account with Streetbees, you will first need both your name and email address, fill them in and jump straight back over to your email inbox to check for the verification link that Streetbees would have sent to you. Once your account is created, it will then be perfect for you to move on to filling out the rest of your profile membership, in which case can offer many extra bonuses.

Once you have successfully created your account, there will be a number of ways to start earning money:

  • Recording small videos – Some tasks require members to create small video recordings. The videos you make can be random videos of your daily routines. This gives Streetbees’ partner sites an idea of consumer behavior and habits, which they will compensate you for.
  • Surveys – The surveys, which are pretty straightforward tasks on your answers to questions to gauge your preferences and consumer habits, so they’re generally about every day, which is easy enough.
  • Taking Photos Streetbees photos are the same as doing the videos except they are just image based. The Photos that you take can be about anything that you desire to do while at home or out and about.
  • Refer OthersMembers can also earn via a referral system called the Streetbees Ambassador, where you basically help expand the site’s coverage in your country. Every referral that completes a story earns you around a dollar.

It pays to perform various tasks easily from home on your smartphone (e.g., take pictures of a kitchen). The duties are paid 1 EUR to 20 EUR. To cash out your earnings has no minimum, and payment is made within 24 hours after confirmation of the task.

To sign up for their affiliate program, members will need to use a separate form, which is quite long but doesn’t take too much effort. I’m thinking you will like it, but you will need an online business to start to get something going on where you’re making commissions. I can show you this as well and it is what I highly recommend. I have posted tons of these reviews where they offer more money to also sell their service and it is great.


Now that I have fully finished my Streetbees Review, I can fully conclude that the platform is 100% legitimate and members or prospects will enable themselves a new income from this opportunity. I look forward to hearing your answers below and do keep in mind that to start your own website and refer others is something that will benefit you immensely both short and long term as it is your own company.

Pros And Cons About Streetbees


  • Streetbees is Available in 87 countries
  • Streetbees has PayPal payout
  • Streetbees has Immediate payout
  • Streetbees has a Fun variety of tasks
  • Streetbees is Available in many countries
  • Streetbees has a referral program to earn more


  • Can be slow to qualify for a survey

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