Start and Scale Review: Legit opportunity or just another Amazon Scam?

Start and Scale Review

There are so many ways to earn money at the moment that I believe most people are just scrambling for the right choices in what they want to do.

I mean, the more people find out about how easy it is to earn money online, the more the industry grows.

But What is Start and Scale and can you make a good company to start up with their training? I would say, yes.

In affiliate marketing there are two ways to do it, either with a blog and content, or Facebook ads and Shopify store.

The Facebook Ads route does cost more.

However, I offer free coaching for people who want to start a blog and get free traffic from Google. This means you don’t need much money to start. What the awesome part about this is that you get a free coach, and this just saves you by the bundle.

So, to get started taking things by blogging, I want you to start off with a success post demonstrating how well people earn success in what they want: Just Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39. The latter is what I say is best for people who just want to earn an honest income and know how to type.

What is Start and Scale?

Start and Scale is an online eCommerce course created by an Australian Girl and serial young entrepreneur, Gretta Van Riel.

Gretta was presented in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018 and has built several high paying eCommerce brands such as SkinnyMe Tea, The 5th, and Dropbottle. There are many more that she has built.

Gretta is particularly good in social media where she dominates IG with a staunch 202K Subscribers. With all her brands combined on IG alone she sports over 16M Subscribers.

She’s a 5x Startup founder who boasts about a one million dollar earning in a one-day eCommerce sale.

Gretta likes to use social media to help market her brands as well as paid advertising.

If you think Gretta would be a good coach for you and you want her to train you, you can keep reading to find out how.

Just keep in mind that having a lot of money is necessary here.

However, with my path, you can be a total beginner and have pretty nothing to get started. In affiliate marketing you just need a laptop and internet connection to get started making money. Check a post on Having the Freedom To Work Anywhere In the World Through a Website and Content

How does Start and Scale work?

Out of all the successes that Gretta has had with her work in the online world, it still amazes me that she does not like writing.

One of the whole reasons of Google’s Success is that it has written and valuable content for people to read and become acquainted with.

I found that Gretta hosts her Start and Scale course on a third party site.

In the Start and Scale Course she shares all her success and experience.

If you’re interested in opening an online store and selling wholesale products that you buy cheap and sell for a higher price, this course will show you all of that. It will save you a lot of time and money because you will get step-by-step training videos, workbooks, and templates.

Here is an overview of the course training:

  • Module 1: Finding Your Idea
  • Module 2: Branding & Getting Your Store
  • Module 3: Developing & Planning Your Idea
  • Module 4: Making Your Product Profitable
  • Module 5: Building An Audience Before Your Launch
  • Module 6: Million Dollar Influencer Marketing Blueprint
  • Module 7: Launch & Operations
  • Module 8: Scaling Your Store

Bonuses included are:

  • BONUS 1: eCommerce Mastery Series
  • BONUS 2: COVID-19-Case Studies from Start & Scale Students
  • BONUS 3: Access to the Exclusive Private Group

To me, I think this whole dropshipping industry was taken over by all these people who actually have no idea about retail. When the internet took over retail, it was all the stores who needed to go online and they did. But when a few saw how they could just buy from a wholesaler and sell for a profit, that’s when it blew up, and sorry to say, but not with people who are experienced in retail.

I personally think owning your own business and brand is the most important thing to business. Without a business or brand name who will always come back to speak with you? That is the one thing that gets me with Gretta and her approach to online business, she doesn’t have her own website where she sells her courses; she uses third-party sites that have tons of traffic.

If you want to be one of the big sites that has tons of free traffic from Google that is what I happily coach people in. Before you get started from here, check out How I just Outranked Forbes With a Beginner Site and the latter is where it’s at right now and beginners who want real success and have not much money.


After doing a good review on Start and Scale I have determined that both Gretta and her course and among some of the best I have seen. There is no doubt that she is very good at what she does and her offerings are of a very high standard. If you want to make money with Dropshipping and eCommerce that this is one of the courses you want to take.

But if you think you don’t have the money for this option, I highly recommend taking advantage of my free coaching on how to build a website and make money with articles and reviews. You should start by checking out a success post from the training: Over 10,000 Visits in a Week – Importance of Content Creation to Convert. The latter offers each member their own blog profile so you can communicate with a whole community, you can learn a lot from this training platform.

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If you don’t mind writing then blogging would be the best option because you get to build an online business that people will learn to trust forever.

However, with an eCommerce store, they tend to hide in the background and just make profits of selling products. No real value and costs a lot of start.

I want you to read this post My Best Affiliate Commissions $16K+ in 1 day $15K+ the next day, and check out everything that is offered, which is why you should join starting today. You get to talk to the whole community with your own blog profile and these are the two most important elements for making money fast online.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience with eCommerce? Have you tried Start and Scale before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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