Speechpad Review: Is it Legit?

Speechpad Review

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But what is Speechpad About and what do they offer that will make you successful?

What is Speechpad?

Speechpad is an online website that translates videos and audio is text format. This is where people who are inquiring on how to make money online can indeed work their manner. Speechpad.com claims that they provide some of the best services among men online. Speechpad was founded back in 2009 by David Feinleib, Ernie Beernink, and Mike Ruf; and is based in Los Altos, California, United States. Headquarter regions also consist of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, West Coast. Speechpad is a private for profit company and industries includes Audio File Sharing and Video. As of September 2020, Speechpad has 1.5K Likes on their Facebook Fan Page while on Twitter they boast over 576 Users. The fact that this company does offer a social presence means that you’re now able to get a better idea of what they offer just by using your own social media. It can also help you when wanting fast support, you can email their messenger in many instances.

To be a freelancer for Speechpad you don’t need any experience.

Speechpad provides effective, timely transcription and translation services for these outcomes:

  • Lead generation — attract the attention of prospects, strategic partners and talent
  • SEO — help audiences and search engines discover you via enriched, organic content
  • ROI — boost your online marketing ROI
  • Subtitles and captions — your videos and movies in any language, hearing impaired compliant
  • Global outreach — easy and effective communication, in any language
  • Customer engagement — provide useful content, support, and services
  • Internal communications — share information with your personnel; provide training, domestically and internationally

I would also say that knowing more about these industries may help just because you will be able to work with the client on a knowledgeable level, even though they say that there is no experience necessary to begin working. Let’s keep moving down the blog scroll now to work out how you can get started.

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How does Speechpad work?

Getting started with the Speechpad website is as easy as going to their website and signing up with the online application. I have already been to the site, so I want to offer a bit of a quicker way where you will learn more as you move forward. I want you to type in the keywords (Into the Google Search console) “Speechpad” and once that’s done there will be a list of results. Just hit the top result which will bring you to their homepage and from here I want you to click the “How it works button” in their main menu. This is for people who are wanting services and can pay money, but it’s important that you see from there end what it’s like. If you want to check out any other elements within their menu go for it now. Then, when you’re finished here I want you to type into the search bar, “how to start working with Speechpad” and it will bring up another result which is how to start working with them. There are other elements to this which are work jobs but they are for more advanced people so I recommend just using what we have ready. Now you should be on the “worker” page which you can easily get by clicking this link here. This page contains elements that which you need to spark read and there’s are button that also says “start now”. Just hit that button and fill in the application. Sometimes when you hit this link, it will also say that they’re full at the present time.

If you have a total of 500 transcribed minutes under your belt and have maintained a rating of 96, you get a Rush Job qualification. There is no time extension for these kinds of jobs. Speechpad will pay you $0.40 per minute or more for rush jobs. There’s also the reviewer qualification. To be granted this qualification you have to email support when you hit a total of 1,000 minutes and have maintained a rating of 98 or higher.

Speechpad also have opportunities for people who have skills in:

  • Insurance
  • Spanish Language (working on Spanish jobs)
  • Spot Check Qualification – These are similar to Reviewers Qualifications, and they’re the highest-paying jobs within the platform, they pay up to $0.75 per minute.

Spot Check jobs are completed by trusted transcribers and are delivered straight to the customer without a review. The work process is gradual. After you have transcribed a total of 30 minutes as a beginner and have maintained good ratings, you’ll be able to access longer files and so on.

Speechpad pays every Friday via PayPal. Payments are done for jobs that have been reviewed. If jobs are still in review they roll on to the next Friday.

Due to the short TAT, most beginners are locked out as they are not able to beat the TAT. Also, there aren’t as many jobs for beginners on Speechpad. This can be quite discouraging for newbies.


Now that I have fully finished my Speechpad Review I can fully conclude that this site is legitimate and you will earn a good salary from their opportunity. However, for newbies you have to work your way up which can take time. If you have your options open right now I want you to scroll the end where I give you a secondary opportunity within affiliate marketing.

Pros And Cons About Speechpad


  • Speechpad does not required to apply as a transcriber.
  • Speechpad offers Bonuses are available for jobs rated 5 out of 5 by customers.
  • Speechpad offers Payments via PayPal twice a week.
  • Speechpad offers a Flexible work from home job.
  • The Speechpad application process is simple.
  • Speechpad also boasts Lots of positive reviews (4 Start-rating on Indeed.com)


  • The Pay is low, especially for newbies starting in an entry-level position.
  • There are only a Limited number of jobs for newbies (since most jobs require high ratings).
  • Speechpad also sports some complaints about their rating system
  • Although Transcribing is something can help with earning money online, I don’t fully conclude that it is something you should do. This is because it still requires you to work for a boss and the work from home lifestyle is meant to be about blogging and making money with advertising peoples products and services and earning money with your own company- not someone else’s.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience transcribing? Have you worked for Speechpad before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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