Spare5 Review: Is it a Scam Or Legit? Review

Is Spare5 Legit? Capped Affiliate Commissions at $20, is it worth it? You be the judge.

Spare5 Review

There are so many reasons to want or need to make money online and in this Spare5 Review I hope to help with some of the choices you should be making when it comes to earning money online, and what services or products to use. I have been blogging now for over 1 year and it gets easier each day but getting traffic to your website is what takes time and commitment. But once you have traffic, guess what? You have money.

The reason why I think it is important adding some technical information to this Spare5 Review is because there are so many people who are led the wrong way online, and I know this is true because even when I had started my online business it still happened to me. Now what on earth do I mean by this? Well, there are so many different things that you can start spending your time on that if you get distracted or never learn from the start, it could cause a great deal of time wasted. The last thing many if not all entrepreneurs need is their time wasted especially when things start to go right for them, which is another thing that has continued to happen to me likewise.

One of the elements I noticed that people were getting so wrong is the usage of whatever platform they would join. As an example, when they would join a platform for taking online surveys or Get-Paid-To (GPT), they would not be able to fully make use of that opportunity because they did not know anything about online affiliate marketing. This in turn would cause them to leave out a great deal of their online wealth.

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What is Spare5? is a mobile app that allows members to earn money by finishing small tasks. Both Members and prospect members can also sign up and use their website. Spare5 is a division of Mighty Ai, a Seattle-based tech firm that focuses on computer vision and natural language modelling for automotive and robotics. Spare5 was founded in 2014 by Matt Bencke, and the app was nominated for App of the Year. Some of the element opportunities when trying to sign up for a new way to make some extra cash online is by first knowing that they are a reputable brand. Once you know this it is a comfort in moving forward with the company.

As a bit of a clearer way of describing what this company offers, If you have ever seen the camera operated cars before, well the cameras that are mounted on the cars in order for the car to drive without human transaction, those cameras relay data back to the computer chips, and it is the members’ job to sort through what each object is when collecting data.

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How does Spare5 work?

As with all Get-Paid-To websites what you have to do when you first join up is give them your name and email address, and your gonna have to go back into your email address so that you can verify your email. When this is done you can then be ready to receive any offers that they also want to send you.

Here are a bunch of different ways that you can make money with Spare5:

  • Spare5 tasks – After you have signed up, and filled out your target demographics, the main way you can use Spare5 and earn is by doing small tasks. All people that do tasks for Spare5 are called Fives. These tasks that members will perform continually teach computers to recognize objects and images to see, think, and work better. Some other tasks can be doing, for example, be to put markers and labels on an image, use bounding box tools, draw lines on images, and more.
  • Quality bonus tasks – Quality bonus tasks are when you complete a set job and because of the quality of your task you were able to get a bonus task. At the end of each day, another great thing about this earning existence is that they email their members both a report that which distinguishes how much they earned for that comprehensive day.
  • Use the Spare5 app – Spare5 is also an app which means you are able to relocate to special places and use it to perform straightforward tasks on the go. Spare5 is only available for iOS through the App Store.


After doing this Spare5 Review I was able to fully ascertain that Spare5 is a legitimate company but they don’t have the best options for their members, and I would rather recommend my readers stick with something else such as Survey Sites. The one thing that got me annoyed was how they cap your affiliate earnings once you reach $20 in commissions. Obviously, this means that they will have the customers for life but you will have your earnings cut off which is very bad business. Because of this I don’t recommend that you waste your time with this company.

Pros And Cons About Spare5


  • Spare5 produces are a great way to make some extra side-income
  • Spare5 offers their members to receive their payments also into their PayPal accounts
  • Spare5 Boasts a low threshold to withdraw your earnings which is $1
  • Spare5 has an app to take tasks on the go
  • Spare5 has a referral program which I highly recommend everyone start implementing into their online businesses because it is a way that allows you to stop working for good once your business is set up. However, Spare5 does cap your earning potential with this perk, you can earn a $2 bonus every time your referral earns $20. The cap is worked up until you have earned $20 in commissions that they stop you from moving forward with this option.


  • Spare5 affiliate program is designed to only help themselves and not the member in the long term.
  • At times, Spare5 stops taking in new members
  • Spare5 is only located among eight countries worldwide. You will be eligible if you’re from the US, Chile, Vietnam, India, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, or Venezuela.

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