Smart Crowd Review — Scam or Legit?

Smart Crowd Review

We all want to make a little extra money, don’t we? What are you expecting while you read this review? Are you hoping to land that perfect job, the one that provides a great meaning to life, next to getting paid?

Having hope is definitely not a bad thing, but when you’re reading the plan text of real ways to earn money, you’ll need to be able to tell the truth.

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Product Name: Smart Crowd


Owner: Rory Cowan

Price: Free to join.

Overall Rating: 1/100

What Is Smart Crowd?

Smart Crowd is a subsidiary of Lionbridge Technologies that was named one of Forbes top 100 trusted companies in America.

For people looking to work doing small to big tasks, Smart Crowd can help with that.

Smart Crowd offers hundreds of different job positions that range from earning a couple bucks up to $35 an hour.

How Does Smart Crowd Work?

Smart Crowd is an offshoot of parent company Lionbridge, which handles all the lower forms of job positions.

Smart Crowd domain name used to be at but was then changed to and when somebody signs up, they will see this forwarding process in action.

Most of the work offered at Smart Crowd is data entry and technical writing.


  • Ads Quality Rater – This is for workers to track ads on clients websites to see if targeting is met.
  • Internet Assessor – This worker checks over clients websites to see if usability is at a proper standard.
  • Interpreter Or Translator – Because Lionbridge sports a large foreign clientele base, it obtains tasks that require translating. This is a position for people who will be translating documents from different languages.
  • Search Engine Evaluator – this oversees whether clients websites are ranking for the right keywords.
  • Social Media Evaluator – this is for clients to receive social media that’s relevant to their business.
  • Map Quality Analyst – This needs maps posted to the corresponding client’s company to Google.
  • Test Associate – This is doing surveys and testing clients businesses in all areas.
  • Data Entry Work – Samples of data entry work are:
    • Typing
    • Transcription
    • Verification
    • correction of data
  • Preparation and organisation of documents for data entry – I wrote this to show you the activity online now
  • Entry of data from documents into the required format – This is the same as the work which will be included when you decide on work
  • Voice Data Collection – This requires new voices added to the Lionbridge database for automating outsourcing positions.

Pay rates

  • $1 – $500 per hour/job.
  • $.20 – 0.60 per 1000 characters typed (data entry)

Very diverse offerings here.


Is Smart Crowd a trusted platform to earn money from? Yes. Since they were in Forbes top 100 trusted companies, it kind of proves they’re a trusted company to be working with.

Is Smart Crowd free to join? Yes.

Is Smart Crowd a good way to grow my wealth? No. Even though Smart Crowd does have some high paying job positions, it doesn’t mean that you will always land them, online. I think the best way to climbing up higher in this ladder is by starting small and working your way to the top (Unless you know somebody up high who can reach out and pull you up).

Does Smart Crowd have any bad reviews online? Yes. When I read some other blogs, I saw one review that Smart Crowd did not pay the member and then just moved. This may have been the domain change that I mentioned earlier.

Does Smart Crowd offer adequate tasks to keep me employed? Yes and no. If you decide to grow your combination with Smart Crowd and level up on opportunities, then you may land a full time job with them.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • The business is still up and running
  • The parent company has an easy-to-use website and contact access. People can email them regarding work and get real answers rather than wasting time online searching around.

What’s not to like

  • There are negative reviews from unhappy people who tried working for them
  • It offers small pay
  • It is hard to speak with an actual boss
  • It isn’t like a real job, rather just a bunch of buttons that somebody can click

Smart Crowd Alternatives

The one industry I highly recommend using is affiliate marketing. This is so easy, all you do is write a review on something and add a link. When somebody clicks on a purchase, you get paid! If you want the easiest and fastest way to do this, I recommend join this training and promoting it as fast as you can. You’ll get me coaching you for free inside as well.

For those who are adamant about working from completing outsourcing work, then try looking at the following

Work From Home Outsourcing Jobs – Well targeted platform that you might already know about, I have entered words to save you time, just search.

The 6 Best Online Outsourcing Websites of 2021 (and How to Use Them) – The Time Doctor has mentioned their best in this guide to help you with online work from home.

Outsourcing worldwide (LinkedIn) – And LinkedIn also has some very good jobs available for everyone.


Smart Crowd has shown us their offer, and it hasn’t been everything that we had hoped for, however, they do still remain, and are still online. This means that people can still make contact with them and try getting some work.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t’t waste any time trying to find tasks that they have ready, I would go deep and contact them personally and ask what is the process for finding work. From there I would just keep climbing.

But I would never do things without a back-up plan, like a blog. With a blog you can run Google AdSense and this helps you to have some type of money coming in right from your laptop, and you don’t need a boss for this. I can help you with this just by reading my free guide.

Can you make money with Smart Crowd? It isn’t easy to tell! They don’t post any payment proof to their website, but if they did, we have known for sure how valuable they are.

Most people want to work from home, but they have trouble finding the right pathway to do this. Just read my free guide, so I can show you what way has worked for me.

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