Slidejoy Is An APP That Pays You For Watching Ads On Your Phones Locked Screen And Has Been Seen All Across The Board Such As The Wall Street Journal & CNBC But How True Can It Really Be?!

Slidejoy App Review

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Slidejoy is an app that rewards users for displaying adverts on their phones locked screen. But we’ll get into that shortly.

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What is Slidejoy App?

Slidejoy is a lock screen app that pays you for displaying content on your phone’s lock screen. Although it is hard trying to find good information on this app, there is still good news that Google Play Store has the app and is also offering to willing participants.

After doing some in depth research I was able to learn more such as Slidejoy also being featured by well-known media outlets such as:

  • The Today Show
  • Wall Street Journal
  • TechCrunch
  • CNBC
  • Business Insider
  • Fox

This is a good look when wanting to attract more users to your business.

What took me by surprise was the ratings Slidejoy has on Google Play, check picture below:

Out of over 100K worth of users it has 3.7 Star rating which is fairly good.

If you want to download the app just head to the Google Play Store where you can read up on some more info and download for free. After you sign up you’ll receive a 20 carret reward whereby 1000 carrets are worth $1.

Members can withdraw into PayPal when they have the minimum withdrawal threshold met which is $1 or 1000 carrets.

Is Slidejoy App Legit?

Slidejoy shows you the latest trending news and personalized ads on the lock screen of your phone.

Is the Slidejoy app legit? Yes, in my opinion, it is legit.

You may think that this option for earning money is not that good, and I agree.

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