Shopper’s Voice Review: Can You Trust It?

Taking online surveys is one of the lowest paying jobs on the internet. They are kind of like doing activities through GPT sites but only handle online surveys.

There are many industries out there with brands creating new products every day, and the best way for them to find out if people like their products is by contacting a market research company.

Shoppers Voice is an agent website that recruits people to answer online surveys. Behind them is a brand, and the brand is interested in what you think of their product or service. 

Surveys have been operating for years and has actually proven to be a popular way to make extra money.

My review will uncover whether Shoppers Voice is a scam or legit. Something you need to be weary about when performing tasks for random websites.

So, if you are interested in working for Shoppers Voice, I recommend you find out if they are truly worth it by reading my review.

Product Name: Shopper’s Voice


Download: Website version only

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free + Survey

Earnings: 3 Members earn $500 each for the monthly sweepstakes + coupons, samples, and special offers.

Overall Rating: 64/100

What Is Shopper’s Voice?

Shoppers Voice is a survey’s website that was founded way back in 1985. It only has one survey per year that is sent out to members of the panel. Next to this, they also offer monthly sweepstakes valued at $1500 where 3 members earn $500 each. 

On the Better Business Bureau website, it says they are an Accredited business with an A+ rating. However, they only have 1/5 stars out of 5 reviews.

While looking on their website I did not encounter any social media pages. I did a manual search in Facebook as well, and did not find anything. Generally with survey sites, they have social media accounts where members can interact and stay up to date with free coupon codes.

However, there was none. The platform seems very private.

There is talk on their homepage about a sweepstakes prize that we’ll discuss further down the page.

Signing up to Shoppers Voice is slightly different than just using your name and email, which we’ll find out next.

How Does Shopper’s Voice Work?

To get started with Shopper Voice, you need a computer and internet connection in order to sign up and login to your account.

Generally, you would only need to use both your name and email address in order to partake in any research panel. However, with Shoppers Opinion, you actually have to take a survey as your sign-up and login method.

You will be paid with free samples, coupons, and offers. There is no cash payments. Keep in mind that what you earn is actually tailored to the surveys you do.

There’s also a chance to win big with the lucrative sweepstakes. On the homepage it says members can win $1500 each month via the sweepstakes draws. You only have to participate in the yearly surveys to be entered into this draw.


Design – The website is easy to use and has everything that you need in clear view.

Quality – The quality of the website does offer value via monthly sweepstakes.

Functionality – People need to complete a survey to join the panel. Once you become a member, you will receive one survey per year and be entered into monthly sweepstakes valued at $1500 ($500 for each member).

Experience – You basically sit around all year waiting for your yearly survey. While waiting, you are anticipating winning the monthly sweepstakes prize.


Is Shopper’s Voice safe? Yes. It is 100% safe to use and been running since 1985. 

Is Shopper’s Voice free? You will need to complete a survey to join the panel.

Does Shopper’s Voice have payment proof? No. Sadly, I could not find any proof of this big payment. I would like to see at least one screenshot of somebody who won the sweepstakes.

Is Shopper’s Voice easy to cash out? You are awarded coupons from the website which pay for a variety of products through the website.

Is Shopper’s Voice a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Shoppers Voice is the agent between companies and communities.

Does Shopper’s Voice have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for Shopper’s Voice Customer Service.

Does Shopper’s Voice have any bad reviews? All Shopper’s Voice reviews I’ve read have been insightful.

Does Shopper’s Voice have an app? No. It is all done on computer and mobile, but no app.

Would you recommend Shopper’s Voice to a friend or relative? No. I focus on coaching people how to build a website and make money by referring people to products and services.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • 3 members have the chance to win $500 every month
  • Panel has been around since 1985

What’s not to like –

  • Not much you can earn during the year except you win the sweepstakes
  • No cash payments
  • No information on how much you earn for inviting others


I did some searching online for the best alternatives and found Pinecone Research, Tellwut, Branded Surveys.


Shoppers Voice pays good rewards to members for the monthly sweepstakes prize draw, and that is about all. 

The rewards members earn for the surveys are quite measly and nothing to really wow about. 

There are quite a few things I could go into, like them having no social media and no app, but I think the homepage speaks for itself. 

I, personally, don’t recommend you spend too much time using this website. What if you hang around all year and don’t win the sweepstakes prize? Is that a year wasted?

Another way you could earn with Shopper Voice is through their referral program, but they don’t specify how much they pay?

If you want a real way to earn money from home, continue reading.

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