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Shopify Freedom Review

There are so many reasons to be wanting to make some money on the side. There are numerous ways one can do this, but hey, we will need to switch the internet. A lot of people still don’t even know what the internet provides for us and probably won’t ever know either.

But why this is good for you right now is that you have hit my site running, and I will showcase to you remarkable content to which you can see just how much people are making online. As you may not know, it is my job to inform and help others regain success, if lost, and get back into it.

But What is Shopify Freedom and is the Shopify Freedom course a way to really gain access into e-commerce and make money? Yes.

Overall, it is a huge industry at the moment and people are making millions from ecommerce. But this is an industry that is not exactly suitable for beginners because you have to have stacks of income to make it work off the bat.

After paying for the Shopify Freedom Course you’ll then need to prospect Facebook Ads spending thousands trialling and testing what works to sell your products.

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Let’s continue.

What is Shopify Freedom?

Shopify Freedom Course is a program that teaches how to make money with dropshipping. The course includes 9 different modules, 75 videos and over 10 hours of content.

Now before getting stuck straight in the meat and guts of this offset course, You need to understand that both 9 modules, 75 videos, and over 10 hours of content is a lot!.

I mean I train inside a subscription based platform that was founded in 2005 and has been worked on day and night since then, and has 7 modules with 10 lessons in each course making it 120 lessons.

Shopify Freedom was created in 2018 which gives it 2 years in the making. Somehow, if these lessons and the entire platform is of much value, I would expect it to have been in the making at least 5 years and include a live community chat. There is no live community chat on the website that showcases the course.

This type of stuff needs support from all ends and when you pay to head into something of this standard you expect value at its highest. I mean, this is meant to be a top-notch course.

“Shopify Freedom” was created by a kid named Dan Vas who started he’s own business venture back in 2017. It took the man some important lessons into how or why the model itself works, but then he sparked. After this, in 2018, with the money he had made, he began he’s first Shopify store.

After he’s first launch, he immediately launched he’s own Amazon Freedom Course. What people are saying online, is that Dan had spent only 1 year within the industry and is now a self-proclaimed Monarch of the space.

He also claims that he came up with the idea “branded dropshipping” which offers 2-3 day shipping, high-quality products, logos, and custom product packaging.

This is a ridiculous claim that will never happen with Shopify dropshipping. If it really does, Amazon would have gone bankrupt.

That said, Dan still has over 125 followers on YouTube, where he boasts of the money he made from eCommerce. In turn, I do not know if all he’s money comes from course alone.

How does Shopify Freedom work?

Look at the front page of the course, it does look like there is a lot in it.

Is Shopify Freedom a reliable course to earn?
Is Shopify Freedom a reliable course to earn?
Is Shopify Freedom a reliable course to earn?
Is Shopify Freedom a reliable course to earn?

I mean, it looks like the kid has tried to take a really big bite.

I believe that when talking about levels like this it should be left up to the professionals who don’t need to yell about it, they just are big.

I truly believe that the guy has made some money and now believes he’s knows everything about drop shipping. The word drop shipping is a very big word and I think it would be a better product if he had of just waited until he was say 40 to and really expand on a training over that period. But here, it is just a quickly whipped up course because he wanted to do it, and not so much with the customer intent involved.

Shopify Freedom costs $497 US to purchase.


After getting to know a bit about Dan, I have been able to come up with a result into my investigation.

I think that Dan is only out to make fast money and that the courses are the results of previous course profits.

All that is happening here is that he is creating one course and with the profit starting another one straight after it.

What this means is that Dan never really had the money to even do this. It will be a sure sign of what the product is like if you decide to purchase it.

On top of all of this, there isn’t even a logo for the course in talk. You would think that Dan would create a logo for he’s business and label it underneath the course, so people can see that it is built by a legit brand.

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