Driving Has Always Been a Job That Pays a Reliable Salary: Here’s What You Need To Know About Fresh Grocery Delivery App Shipt Found On Google Play!

Shipt Review

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Now, this doesn’t sound like the Shipt Review that you’re expecting but it is. I’ll tell you about how you can use Shipt (Owned by Target) to deliver food to customers in need and who make those orders. So typically, you can see that you’ll be driving a car around and working with different people.

Shipt is a food delivery service that’s hiring delivery drivers to complete their orders.

If this is for you then keep reading and enjoy.

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Now, to the Shipt Review!

What is Shipt?

Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service that is owned by Target. It was acquired by Target back in 2017 for a boasting $550 million and now runs as an independent subsidiary.

Shipt was first founded by Bill Smith and as of today delivers different products such as groceries, home products, and electronics.

Shipt has both thousands of clients and drivers operating in over 9 states and 27 metropolitan areas within the USA.

This has helped with the company’s growth and as 2018, the revenue of the company is around $1 billion USD.

Shipt is available in 47 different markets spread across the US.

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How does Shipt work?

Shipt is a retail and grocery delivery service that uses different retail branches and networks to keep their busy drivers at work and the money rolling in. You’ll just have to work hard to earn your keep.

They also use modern technologies to make this possible including a smart phone app and other modern solutions. The foundation of their business model is their efficient management of logistics to process same-day deliveries for customers.

The Shipt Opportunity offers both a website and app for your use. You’ll have to download the app either from their website or the Google Play App Store.

Once you have downloaded the app and completed the various requirements for joining, you’ll be in the running for earning $22 per hour plus tips.

Keep in mind that to join the club you’ll need to fork out $99 annually as part of your membership.

The application process involves the following:

  • Situational questions about handling clients.
  • A review of your answers by the company.
  • Approval processes.
  • Car insurance and background check.

Successful members can work as hard as they require as long as they sport a 5 Star Rating at all times. Drivers can also make their own rosters.

Check out how many stars they have with the screenshot below:

When companies can offer ratings such as these it truly lets off a good first impression for anyone looking to get started.

After looking at the Google Play Store I read that the app is updated all the time.

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Now that I’ve finished the Shipt Review we can clearly see the service is legit.

I write these reviews so that people can get a clear insight into what the differences are between working for a boss or working for yourself.

Although Shipt is a clear model for the working pathway, I highly recommend following the page down and learning how to start your own online business instead.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in delivery driver gigs? Have you tried Shipt before?

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