One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for Selling Unwanted Household Items But is Decluttr A Reliable Trading Platform?

Decluttr Review

This is my Decluttr Review. Find out if Decluttr is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. In today’s day and age, people are looking for so many different ways to make money online and there’s even ways to make money selling your things from home. Have you ever been the type to collect too many items which are then making you have too much stuff in the house? If so, Decluttr Reviews might be able to help you with that but what is and how is it legit?

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What is Decluttr?

Decluttr is one of Americas the fastest-growing companies online where people can go and sell just about virtually anything. Decluttr is also a part of UK’s market leader segment Entertainment Magpie, Decluttr provides buyers with some of the best prices for their household goods right the way across the US. Decluttr has been seen on ABC News, Good Morning America, Fox News, The Penny Hoarder, the Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal. Decluttr was founded in 2014 by Steve Oliver and Walter Gleeson and sport over 500+ employees at the firm. Decluttr is headquartered in Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern US, and operates in industries such as Consumer electronics, E-Commerce, and Media Entertainment.

Decluttr buys and sells consumer technology, CDs, DVDs, books, and more. If you think you have some stuff at home that you could flip for a profit then try them out.

But first, let’s find out if this company also offer their users a Facebook Fan Page as these are among some of the top business features in today’s market. And after a quick search on the Book I was able to find their Facebook Fan Page which is what is going to course-good vibes working through and they boast over 10.5K Likes.

I just checked Decluttr for a Better Business Bureau for a profile and found they are an Accredited business with the organization and boast a B+ with a 4-Start Rating.

Eligibility: 18+, US.

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How does Decluttr work?

First off, you will need to head over to the Decluttr App or Website and create yourself an account. This is pretty easy and you only need the details which you’ll be working with. The Decluttr store has many items to choose from as well if you are also looking to purchase. At this stage though you may ask yourself does Decluttr work actually work and my answer is yes it does. I would say it works well because many things now days are turning to working online. I’m if you think about it, imagine having a shop, how many people would go into a shop each day? Well, imagine what it would be like with a whole world able to just search for that shop and continue on in.

Once your account is made, start searching your house for any old items that you do not want. A list might be, movies, DVDs, books, tech equipment and more. Once you have gathered together everything that you wish to sell, you can head on over to the Decluttr website and enter the barcode number from your items. You can do this with both Android and Apple Apps as well if this is more convenient for you and you can just scan the barcodes instead. When you’ve entered in the item’s information, Decluttr will tell you the price they’ll pay you for that item.

Receive a Decluttr coupon code and receive specials when purchasing items from the site. This can help people who are looking to buy someone a Birthday present or something which is true.

For all technology items Decluttr offers something called “Tech Price Promise,” where they guarantee you’ll receive the first price they offer you. Often the price can change during processing times and if this happens, they make it their promise to ship your item back at no extra cost if you don’t get what you were promised. After you submit your details, get a box and pack up the items that you’re sending to Decluttr. They’ll mail out a packet to you that contains a shipping label so you can ship your stuff to them for free. Their prepaid shipping labels are for UPS, so you’ll just need to drop your package off wherever UPS picks up. Once they get your items, they promise next day payment after their warehouse team has a chance to inspect your stuff and make sure everything’s in good enough condition for reselling.


Now that I have fully finished this Decluttr Review I can conclude that the platform is legitimate you will earn an income from selling your belongings frequently.

Pros And Cons About Decluttr


  • Decluttr is easy to use
  • Decluttr Shipping is free
  • Decluttr has Quick Payments systems
  • Decluttr is a trustworthy platform


  • They only send your items back if they are tech items

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