Rumble: How To Earn Easy Money Without Any Content (Scam or Legit?)

Rumble Review

Money is money, and many people dream of being rich. But what is the meaning behind this image? Is being rich or having the urge to be rich a crime or sin? I think it depends. I mean, if you’re a grown man living with nothing and know that as a man, you should have money, then wanting money isn’t a crime.

People being searching for ways to make money online because they desire the life that involves money. They see the better things and want those things. Who doesn’t?

One day, when I was sitting at my computer, I somehow came across This app/website can pay you money just for scrolling through videos and selecting the one that you think is of good value. If this video that you selected wins (selected by many members) you earn money, from the minimum being $5 and maximum being $50. When I noticed this, I thought, wow, this app is worth it.

However, I did end up deleting the app either because it is very buggy, or I just didn’t have the right update on my phone at the time. My issue was my phone didn’t show the count down timer (you’ll see when you download the app) so I couldn’t swipe to make any money. However, on my first go of this (on my other phone), I did win $5 or $10. I was extremely surprised.

One of the other reasons why I deleted it is because I run my own online business. If you’re going to make money online, then do it properly, and build a website and write about things that claim to make you money. Then, lead the people to your personal offer. In turn, you make commissions.

Product Name:


Owner: Chris Pavlovski

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 27/100

What Is Rumble? is a video hosting platform basically the same as YouTube except for a few main differences. One of those is the appearance of the site. Another is what’s allowed to be uploaded compared to what is allowed to be uploaded to YouTube. Rumble is a lot easier to publish your content to without it being deleted by the admin. This is why many people have issues with publishing their content to YouTube seek to find a new meaning inside of, thus becoming more relevant.

Rumble was founded in 2011 by Chris Pavlovski, who still remains head of the firm.

Rumble is good for people who want to make money and don’t have content. We’ll look more into this moving forward.

For those who just want the real deal and want to make a lot of money, then you’ll need to learn affiliate marketing.

How Does Rumble Work?

Rumble is free to anyone to join. Once your account is set up, you’ll need to Just log into your account and select what type of profile you want.

Anybody can make money on the free version with no content. The other way to make money is by sharing your content to the platform.

To make money with no content, simply download the Rumble App and select rumbles, which is a button in the middle of the screen. When each video appears, you can swipe left or right, depending on whether you think the video is good or not. If you’re in the winner bundle, you’ll be in the draw to earn up to $50.


Rumble accounts –

Free account – Your videos will be shared only on Rumble. If your video is approved, you’ll make $50, and if your video makes the “front page” of Rumble, you’ll make $100. If Rumble advertisers are connected to your video, you’ll earn 60% of the ad revenue.

Publisher account – Rumble manages your videos. Your videos will appear on Rumble, and Rumble may also share the content with YouTube and other social media platforms. You’ll be paid 90% of what the video earns on YouTube and 60% of what is makes on other sites. Rumble’s other partners include MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, MSN and others.

Business account – You’ll pay $25 a month for a Rumble Business account and enjoy ad-free viewing. Most business account users are uploading, sharing and selling stock footage.

Personal – Your Rumble videos will only be shared with the family and friends you choose.

Ways To Make Money –

Well, one of the ways Rumble monetises their platform is by applying a voting system called rumbles. It’s also called a social media battleground by some users. Members must vote for what video they like best and if it makes the most rumbles, those members earn money. This is the free way to earn money on Rumble with no content.

Another way is by publishing your own videos to Rumble. In this case, you make money with ad revenue. Just like all other platforms.

The third option is publishing videos to Rumble, but letting the Rumble admin control what happens to the video.

The last option is by being an affiliate and spreading the word about the Rumble to people you may know. This may seem foreign to you right now, but trust me, if this is you, you may be able to embark on the biggest journey of your life.

Getting Paid –

There are two ways to be paid: PayPal or Payoneer. These two payment methods are very common and support the idea of being able to be paid very easily.


Is Rumble safe? Yes. Rumble is a highly legit platform used by millions of people daily.

Does Rumble have payment proof? Yes. By logging into the platform, you’ll see an account payments screen where members get paid by participating in the Rumbles. Content creators also publish proof of payment to Google.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Users can make instant cashouts by PayPal or Payoneer.

Is Rumble a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. This platform makes earning money much easier than expected.

Does Rumble have any bad reviews? No. There could be some bias reviews out there, but I doubt it. Not that I have seen.

Does Rumble have an app? Yes. To start using the Rumbles, just download the app on any device.

Would you recommend Rumble to a friend or relative? Yes. Because people can make money by selecting the winning Rumble, I think it is truly worth your time. My very first time of playing the game, I won $5 or $10. This opened my eyes real wide, since I had never won anything like this before.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offers payment via PayPal and Payoneer
  • Easier to earn from this site compared to other video hosting platforms
  • Available worldwide
  • I won $5 or $10 the very first time I used the Rumble App.

What’s not to like –

  • High payout threshold
  • There is no guarantee you will earn from every video you upload
  • The platform is hard to see, use, and make out how to operate
  • Members need to wait a month or more before you will be able to withdraw your earnings
  • Users will have no rights over your own content


It is very important to me that I show people how to make money online that they won’t fall back on.

We only live one life and in saying this, I think it is important people get things right the first time.

This might be your first time at making money online? If so, you’re at the right spot. I don’t want to explain alternatives to you that will not benefit you.

I think there is a way to make money online that is revolutionary, and people are just waiting and waiting to wake up to it. If you’re here and ready for real work, then start with: Online Entrepreneur Certification. This will show you the real way to make more money than ever before.


Now that we have been through everything that Rumble has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit? I have touched on many things from and want to know what you think about the site? Is it long term or not? Of course, we can all make videos, but what about people who don’t do that?

These must resort to text documents. Just start a blog and you’ll start earning the exact same money with ad revenue.

Do You Want To Make Real Money Online And Don’t Know How to Film?

I was somebody who started learning about people making big money on the internet. However, when I first started learning it was by uploading videos, my chances dropped again because I didn’t know how to make videos. This left me wondering for a long time on what to do.

I then bought a computer and typed in the words “how to make money online” and before I knew I was registered into a course training and building my site.

You don’t have to know how to create videos for YouTube to make money online.

You can simply type and earn the same money. This is the strategy thousands, if not, millions of people use –

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or Likes.

Affiliate marketing is the number one way to make money online, and there is only one true platform helping people do this! Try it for free and if you want to stay another month pay half price!

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