Rover Review: Is it a Scam Or Legit?

Rover Dog Sitting Review

This is my Rover Dog Sitting Review. Find out if Rover Dog Sitting is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. I actually did some writing on this type of opportunity a while ago and since then I have learned a lot more in terms of writing the content and placing keywords. You see this is a time in society where anyone can start huge businesses and make tons of money, you don’t need a land company. Having to build a company that is based on hours put in and hard work with inventory is something that people still think a business is about. People in today’s day do not fully understand about online businesses and the benefits that they offer.

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What is Rover Dog Sitting?

Rover Dog Walking is an online platform for dog services. If you’re a dog liker and also have a busy lifestyle then this company could come in handy for you. includes services such as pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking. Apart from buying pet care services members can also sell their own pet care services. So, if you remember what I said earlier about starting your own online business, the thing about Rover Dog Boarding and applying your own services are that they are an already established website that is getting traffic and has customers. If you wanted to start your own website and do the same, you would have to get traffic first and make money with affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products through your content).

The Rover Website was founded and launched in 2011 in Seattle, Washington. The Rover Dog Sitting service was thought by two male entrepreneurs Greg Gottesman and Aaron Easterly, who developed the site after some thought and consideration about a marketplace for pet and owner’s services. first began connecting pet owners and sitters in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, then expanded to all 50 states in 2012. is formally incorporated under the name A Place for , Inc. The company serves as a broker and takes roughly 22% of each transaction booked through its site. As of September 2016 was valued at $300 million.

Now with some trusted information we can see that this site is fully legitimate and you will make money hosting your services at their site. On Facebook has their own Facebook Fan Page where they boast over 933K Likes. This is definitely something that you want to look for when starting a company of services with another business.

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How does Rover Dog Sitting work?

The first step to finding a site that you can work from or just to get some good services is checking their reviews. A big site like this must have reviews so you will gain some great insight that way. But first, a new prospect is going to need the Rover Login by creating a new account. Don’t worry, Dog sitting has many special features and one of those is a background checks for the sitters. Seems like a good way to make sure you’re getting the best. Once your account is made, there are many ways to access login which include their main website and app which are available for both Android and iOS users.

After doing a bit of research I read Kimberly (as cited in Canine Journal, 2020) noted that “However, if you choose to rely on these sitters’ online reviews, be sure to choose sitters who have a long history of positive reviews — and ask them for personal references. We have read several complaints of sitters who are hired to come to the house but don’t visit enough for feedings, walks, potty breaks, etc. Be sure to discuss in detail your expectations and make sure they are taking notes.

We also recommend that you always meet the sitter before leaving your pet to make sure you are comfortable with the person, their schedule, the lodging situation, etc.”.

I thought that it was a great piece to add to this Rover Dog Review as many people are always wanting the best information these days.

To sign up as a dog sitter, you will have to lodge a separate application and keep in mind that, of course, if you have references then they will certainly make you look the part. The Rover Dog Walking pay varies which we look at soon. Rover Dog Sitting standards are strict, and the screening process is thorough: Only about a third of applicants are accepted into the program, according to the company. Members can create their profile on the website or the Rover Dog Walking app, which can help for a quick convenience. It is important to note that when you create your either on the site or Rover App you should always include your financial rates so people can see ahead of time. It can look something like $22 per night. Also add photos of yourself and the pets you have always worked with so people can see clearly what you represent. You can also specify what sizes or types of pets you’re willing to watch and whether there will be other animals in the home. It’s free to list your services, and you can accept or reject any request which is what makes the Rover App a breeze to use.

Next to everything we’ve said the next thing you’d want to look are the Website features. If you’re looking to buy a good sitter all you must do is jump on to the Rover Website and search by ZIP Code and travel dates. The site makes this easy and you can have a good life at the ratings of each sitter. Remember that each sitter has had their profiles checked by the site professionally when they did their application. You can read profiles and reviews of sitters in your neighborhood and contact them for a face-to-face meeting or phone call. According to, every stay booked on Rover comes with peace of mind – including premium insurance, 24/7 emergency support, and photo updates. takes a percentage of each booking made on its site, from 15-20% for dog sitting/boarding services up to 40% for its Quick Match walking service.

Rover Dog Sitting also has a referral program for people who have websites or a way to spread an affiliate link. Even if you have social media you can still recruit but it is not as effective as your own online business When someone uses your referral link to sign up as a pet sitter and completes their first service, you’ll receive a big $50 credit for your doggy day care needs.


Now that the Rover Dog Sitting Review is finished I can fully conclude that the business is legitimate and all dog owners will find this platform one of the greatest.

There are a fair few bad reviews about this website but what I’m noticing is that it’s more concerning the Pet Sitters and not so much the platform. Some of the reviews I read are amazing from cancellations on sittings to pets dying.

My healthy 14-month old puppy died while under the care of a Rover pet sitter. It was through that devastating event that I got to know Rover better. Rover does not see it as their job to regulate pet sitters that use their platform. While their Terms of Service say that pet owners and sitters have to be in compliance with applicable laws, they don’t do any homework to make sure that’s being followed. Even if you call them and tell them a specific sitter is operating unlawfully (according to your local animal laws), they’ll just tell you they don’t enforce compliance. I was told that the fact that the pet sitter I hired was breaking the law was irrelevant to their “investigation” of the sitter’s role in my dog’s death. An easy safety feature Rover could adopt to prevent negligent pet sitting practices would be to limit how many clients their sitters can take on per day. For now, they let sitters take on as many as possible. At the end of the day, that benefits them and the sitters financially. The pet sitter that was “caring” for my pet was watching 8 other dogs the day he died. No wonder her ability to responsibly care for him was compromised. Another easy safety feature would be to require ALL pet sitters to come up with a safety plan. This way, sitters at least have to give it some thought. For now, this is optional, so pet sitters can get right down to business. Pet owners also need to be aware that Rover won’t cover necropsies. When I got a call from Rover after my dog died, they said they’d help me cover “aftercare” expenses. What sort of aftercare does a dead dog need? They later clarified they meant burial expenses, but their word choice let me to believe my $1,000 necropsy would be covered. Pet owners: if you use Rover, just know you’re getting the short end of the stick. Online services like this do very little to ensure your pet’s safety, especially compared to privately owned boarding services, which actually require that their employees go through training. In the end, my puppy is dead and it’s business as usual for the sitter and Rover. I wish these weren’t my last memories of my pup.

Bella, reviewopedia

Pros And Cons About Rover Dog Sitting


  • Rover dog sitting lets the member Choose their pay rate as the sitter
  • Rover dog sitting offers a Great app and website to book and pay
  • Rover dog sitting Shows you the sitter’s availability on the calendar and their fees upfront
  • Rover dog sitting can be more flexible for drop off and pick up times opposed to a kennel
  • Rover dog sitting offers Great sitter communication via the app with text, photo, and video sharing
  • Rover dog sitting also offers the Ability for sitters to GPS track walks
  • Rover dog sitting has Standard criminal background checks with voluntary enhanced checks


  • Rover takes 20% of sitters’ earnings
  • Many complaints of grave issues that were not handled satisfactorily by the customer service team

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