Rewarded Play App Review: Is it Legit?

Rewarded Play App Review

There are so many reasons to want to earn money and in this review, I want to discuss an app that claims to reward you for taking their activities.

To be honest, there are thousands if not millions of sites like Rewarded Play App that offer to pay for you for completing rewards, its just that a lot of the time, if not all, it is more likely wasting your time than anything.

And speaking about time, you can find yourself spending hours working away on some of these rewards sites only to learn that you’re either not getting paid or can’t earn enough to pay for the things you need.

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What is Rewarded Play App?

Rewarded Play App is an Android software that allows its members to earn points by trying out sponsored games. This basically means that the people behind the app are getting paid to send traffic to the people who own the game.

I discovered Rewarded Play when I was searching the net looking for different ways to make money, and have to admit that once I came upon the Rewarded Play App it was clear that either not many people know about it or not many are taking a liking to it. This could be because it doesn’t not pay much which we’ll find out in just a moment.

Rewarded Play App Review: Is it Legit?

The application is owned and operated by an American company called Influence Mobile, Inc., and also sports other different apps such as Racing Rewards, and Beauty Rewards.

So, if you think that the Rewarded Play App is something to try out then put forth your best foot and head down to the next section where I’ll discuss more.

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How does Rewarded Play App work?

To get started with the Rewarded Play App you just need an Android device as it is not on any other working device such as Apple.

The following is an overview on how to get started:

Step 1: head over the Google Play Store and Type in Rewarded Play App
Step 2: When the app is downloaded, create an account.
Step 3: Scroll menu inside App and select a Game to Play and win Gift Cards

As you can see, the Rewarded Play App is sporting 4.2 from over 56K people which is a tell-tale sign of its legitimacy and excellence within the make money online industry.

Rewarded Play App Review: Is it Legit?

When learning about how much the app is paying and how much you need to make that easy cash payout, I can not say. I could not find this type of information from my end, but when searching did see that the average game is paying around $5 a go, which can then be exchanged for a gift card.

I just wanted to give you a quick look at the game and make known the game’s legitimacy. Now, it is up to you to go and download it and begin earning some of those handy rewards, afterall, if you play for long enough you may end up earning some pretty decent rewards (enough to pay off a house).

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After doing the Rewarded Play App Review I can now fully conclude that this app is legitimate and earners will be able to create a workplace for themselves to begin earning. However, it is so important that you also remember that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and could take months before you earn some real money.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in doing rewards apps from home? Have you tried Rewarded Play App before?

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  1. Thanks for sharing a very insightful article. As someone who always looking to make money. And do I find many legit and scams to making money? However, I have never heard of rewarded play. After reading,  I realized this is legit and I will be checking if out. I think it helps. 


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