eJury: Legal Online Survey Jobs (Scam or Legit?)

eJury Review

If you don’t have any knowledge on making money online and what your options are, this review will show you one type of way, but also tell you what I am doing to build an online business that will one day hopefully be able to earn money on its own.

Some people believe that taking online surveys is a way to help “the community” but this is a big misconception, all the while you sit there answering a survey (that you might not even quality for) the big research marketing companies make millions, they more or less make so much money because they take your pay as well. 

I mean, what good is paying someone $1 for taking a survey? They would make at least $5000 for the contract? Can you imagine how much of this was meant to go to you? And don’t forget this is also true because the internet has only just started, way back in the olden days, they would send something in the mail or use a newspaper; and in these cases, people would just presume that they are doing the community good.

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Keep in mind that most of the people in the community have tried everything as well, and this seems like the most reliable way.

Product Name: eJury

Website: www.eJury.com

Download: Website version only, no app.

Owner: eJury, L.L.C.

Price: Free

Earnings: $5-10

Overall Rating: 56/100

What Is eJury?

eJury is a unique panel of mock jurors who get paid to take surveys and be a part of focus groups that aim at providing attorneys with information and opinions on real future court cases.

If you are studying law or like to be a part of all those real life dramas and famous, you can definitely be a part of this.

However, keep in mind that the pay is measly. You wouldn’t earn any more than $20 per hour, and even this isn’t quite that simple. 

How Does eJury Work?

To get started with eJury you have to live in the US and be over 18 years old.

Then you can head to their website and sign up. Once you have filled in the application form, it will be assessed, and you’ll get to be a part of the group.

The surveys and focus groups are all done online. Just login into the website and fill out the Mock Jury activities and get paid.

Another thing you have to promise is to not disclose any of the information with others.

Below is a screenshot of how the process works:

Other sites like eJury are YouGov, Pinecone Research, and Branded Surveys.

When I noticed Mock Jurors at eJury get paid $5-10 per case, I instantly knew what was going on. Do you know how much of a rip off that is? eJury will be a multibillion-dollar company, all because of these “mock jurors” who come and stand before a REAL ATTORNEY. I mean, this isn’t some little thing that is only worth $5-10, you just don’t know about this huge misconception. 

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If you search for eJury legit or eJury scam, this is for you. The eJury.com reviews in Google won’t really go into details like what I have. eJury complaints on Google are not common. The only complaints that you should be making are not getting paid enough. 

You can search out top survey panel surveys paid and find panels that will pay you the exact same amount but with eJury the workload is much more professional, which equates to money.


Ways To Earn –

  • Legal surveys
  • Online focus groups

Payments –

  • No points system
  • Cases typically pay $5-$10 each, depending on their length. Payments are made via PayPal once case is complete.

Community –

  • Website

Key Benefits –

  • Good company to work for and legitimate supply chain.


Is eJury safe? Yes. eJury is a safe business to use.

Does eJury have payment proof? Haha. Yes, there is payment proof in Google from people who have contributed, you can see the “$5” payment bill in PayPal (screenshot below). Just keep in mind that eJury pay is nothing.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Of course, it can’t be that bad, once you complete the job you’ll be paid $5-10 into PayPal.

Is eJury a real and honest way to earn money online? The whole mock jury thing is real because people don’t research and because there’s not that much honest research out there that tells people how it’s just wrong, making them millions while you earn $5-10? Just imagine how much eJury makes off this? You should earn at least $100-200.

Does eJury have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for eJury Customer Service. There’s legit work from home things that you can be doing if you are looking for direction.

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Does eJury have any bad reviews? All eJury reviews I’ve read have been principled. Make cash money now money online home business with my favorite online training.

Does eJury have an app? No, there is no app, they keep this well away from the public probably because of the money they pay people, if it gets out, people will demand more!

Would you recommend eJury to a friend or relative? No, not a chance. They make millions dealing with real court cases and here’s you obtaining $5-10 to do their dirty work. My eJury.com review is based on facts. If you want to make the millions and not help dirty companies such as eJury, you better listen and learn. You won’t really find any eJury job reviews in Google because that is just extra work that nobody gets paid to do.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Pays you real cash
  • No payment threshold (paid when job is done)
  • Pays you into PayPal

What’s not to like –

  • Big misconception when it comes to making money online
  • Helping fatten somebody else’s business
  • Low-income earning opportunity overall
  • You will not get rich quick off this method


The list survey panels I found in Google are still average, a big misunderstanding when it comes to making money by taking online surveys.

Survey websites that pay can actually pay OK money, but you should only use them as a learning curve before obtaining something bigger and better. You can find free survey websites by searching in Google.

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After looking at eJury, I have been able to learn a lot, a lot of which I did already know. The thing is, I didn’t go against what I thought, which was it doesn’t pay that much. I had two ways I could have formed this review, I could have just told you the facts and left out my personal opinion on pay, or just told you about the facts. 

After working online now for over 4 years, I have learned to try and help people next to providing quality information. 

With this, I don’t want you to join eJury because they are making millions of the members who get paid peanuts.

eJury is not a scam; they will pay you, but only $5-10.

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