Review: Is Marketplace Superheroes a scam or Legit?

Marketplace Superheroes Review

There are so many different reasons for somebody to want to earn some extra money and starting an online business is an ideal way to do this.

There are two ways to earn money with affiliate marketing and they are both just a common as each other. One is with setting up a one-page website and creating a system where you drive clients to the products you wish to sell. This way is complicated and sports needing to have a lot of spare free time in order to make everything work.

However, with blogging (which is the other way) you just need to use a free platform like WordPress to build a website and write content. When you publish content to your site Google gives you free traffic from their search engine.

Blogging is the proper way to make money online.

But What is Marketplace Superheroes and is it better or worse than other affiliate marketing courses?

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What is Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes is an Ecommerce training program and coaching where people can learn how to build an Amazon Store and make money selling products with their business online.

MPSH students have sold over $35,000,000 of products using Amazon FBA in 7 different marketplaces including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This spreads the gap between courses created by people who have little experience and ones who don’t.

Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) was founded back in 2014 by entrepreneurs Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey and has been running for over 6 years.

Robert Rickey has been selling online for over 20 years with multiple companies and has generated sales of over $10,000,000.

Stephen Somers has been selling on Amazon for over 7 years. He decided to partner with Robert, who was originally his mentor and launch Marketplace Superheroes.

Marketplace Superheroes has a formula that is called the ‘Rule of 5’ and it works like this:

5 products x $5 each x 5 countries x 5 sales a day x 30 days = $18,750 a month in revenue (about $4500 profit). With mottos such as these it sounds like it might be something worth climbing into.

So, I use to think it was money that which weighed down on being able to get a grip in on this industry but since learning more myself I have been able to see that it isn’t just like this. If you want to start dropshipping you can, but you need a heck of a lot of time to understand how it works.

You need to ask yourself, do you have spare time? A lot of spare time? If you do, then for this model on online business but if you don’t then start blogging which is what I do. Look at Increase Your Earnings By 5000% In One Year!, and the latter which showcase to you people who are becoming successful while they sleep just because they followed the training.

How does Marketplace Superheroes work?

Learning how to sell products online is pretty hard at the moment. As we head closer into the future people are always in search for Amazon FBA Training and even for me, I find it hard finding new FBA Courses to Review.

However, when you do find a course that works for you, you can most likely level up within their playing field and make some good progress online.

After some in depth research I found Marketplace Superheroes uses a special type of offset for the way they work and what they offer. The course showcases three different and unique strategies for success with Amazon which are:

  • Product Selection – Find the product, the right niche is important for getting successful online.
  • International Expansion – Building a business that focuses internationally and not just within the US.
  • The Rule of 5 – The targeted international sales formula we talked about further above.

Marketplace Superheroes costs $997 one-time payment or you can pay 12 x $97 per month to get it paid off over time. Compared to a lot of the other courses on Amazon FBA this course stands out because of its low cost and high value.

After you have paid for the training, you’ll enter into the course area and see the following platform:

The screenshot above shows you what inside looks like where you’ll be able to find the courses below:

  • MPSH Ignite Phase 1 – Embark – This is firstly about getting you up and running. It consists of 3 modules made up of 28 detailed video lessons
  • MPSH Ignite Phase 2 – Evolve – This is about setting your business up for international success. It sports 3 modules made up of 23 video lessons.

Somewhere around inside the training you’ll be able to find Superheroes Informer which is email access to their ongoing tips and tricks mainly offered from their YouTube channel.

Everything looks like the basic things you get when you pay for a course training. However, the Marketplace Superheroes looks like it has had some pretty good things done to it. It looks updated nicely and offers a low price.

Being honest though, this course looks good but is not enough to make you succeed online. You do need some sort of live chat where you can get help 24/7. I can help you here with $476.63 in one week, where the latter showcases people earning money and sharing with the whole platform through a blog post that they receive when joining. I highly advise you to look at both systems and choose which is better.


Now that I have fully finished my Marketplace Superheroes Review I can now fully conclude that it is a reliable course and will give you some in depth learning that is needed to earn money with Amazon FBA. I have done other 10 of these reviews and think that this course is one of the best by far.

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What I personally recommend

Affiliate marketing is when you build a WordPress website and publish content to the internet. It can be about anything at all, I’m mean you can seriously write about what you did each day and get traffic for that. But the real value is when you review a product and help someone make a choice on what they want to do.

Creating an online review or guide helps people get help and support instead having to spend money straight away on something that they might not want later on. When you can fill them in on the importance of what they’re doing it makes things so much easier. When you do this, you can add affiliate links and get paid to promote products as well.

The reason why this training is so much better is because you can coach people and become a training course tutor.

Start by taking my #1 Rated Training Now and meeting me inside where I’ll coach you for free.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling products from home? Have you tried Marketplace Superheroes before?

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