Rebatest: How To Make Money Online (Scam or Legit?)

Rebatest Review

Rebates is one of the best ways to make money online, but while you’re reading this, I bet you wouldn’t even know what affiliate marketing is? 

Just the same as you can get paid to buy a product and review it, you can take this a little higher and work for yourself. 

You come online to draw an income, yet you go back to working for a boss again?

Let me tell you something. When it comes to working online, you are the boss. Or should be, anyway.

It’s a simple as building a website, writing the same review as you would for Rebatest and publishing it to your own website. Why do you think these promotional companies want your review? Because it’s how Google ranks. 

Google is built to retrieve written content. You can use YouTube to make a video.

It takes a long time to write a piece of original content, and it will make you thousands of dollars if you do it right. 

Liz Hennessy made $17K over 2 years for one blog post. This is another thing that you need “to do things right”. Proof of success and a platform with a community that can help and guide you along the way.

Product Name: Rebatest


Download: Website version only.

Owner: Unknown.

Price: Free

Earnings: $1

Overall Rating: 17/100

What Is Rebatest?

Rebatest is a fun way to earn money by trying out products and offering your review. I say fun because at the website is looks fun, set in tone with baby blue. If you click on the FAQ, it has a video that’s to show you a trouble-free experience.

I was looking for the people behind Rebatest, but on their About me page it doesn’t say. It does mention they’re a trial website and offer up to 100% cashback on your purchases.

If you can’t find who created the site, it’s a lot harder to speak more about it. If you want to make money online, getting rebates is one way. But you might like to try AdSense Clickwork. If you enjoy teaching or selling courses, my website is able to transform a life that has no meaning into something that works.

How Does Rebatest Work?

To get started with Rebatest you just need a computer and internet connection. If you have that, go to their website and create an account. It is available worldwide (judging by the site) so once you have signed up, login and select a product to purchase and review.

Once you’ve received the product, you’ll get a refund, which could be up to 100%. The products are from amazon and you can claim your rewards straight through to your PayPal account.

Where do you see yourself right now? At the point of writing? If you enjoy writing and don’t know about affiliate marketing, you are missing out big time! 


Ways To Earn –

  • Purchase products
  • Cashback.
  • Offer walls
  • Affiliate program – Pays $5 for each new person you bring into the platform.
  • Giveaway
  • Coupons

Payments –

  • Members can receive up to 100% cashback on their purchases.
  • Members can withdraw into PayPal when they have available rebates. There is a 4.4% transfer fee into PayPal.

Community –

  • Website
  • About Us
  • Blog
  • Career
  • Facebook
  • Testimonials
  • Academy

Key Benefits –

  • Popular rebates promotional website.
  • Also has offer walls to help you grow an income. You’ll be able to earn points.
  • Large FAQ page.

Key Process –

  • Sign up for Rebatest (and confirm your email address).
  • Browse the products listed by category in your Rebatest dashboard.
  • Find the product that you want for free.
  • Click “Apply Now” button – in a few seconds, the seller will approve your request.
  • When approved, click the “Buy Now” button – you’ll be directed to an Amazon page.
  • Buy it as you normally buy a product on Amazon. Pay the full price. You will receive the product as you normally do.
  • Go back to your Rebatest account and submit your order number within 4 hours.
  • Please wait for three days to write the trail report after the order number is approved by the sellers.
  • You’ll receive your money back from Rebatest.


Is Rebatest safe? Yes. It is safe and has a 3.3-star rating over on Trustpilot.

Does Rebatest have payment proof? Yes. If you go into Google images, you’ll see uploads from Rebatest there. has a Rebatest review and showcases $283.54 in earnings from

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Once the review is complete, they will issue your refund into your Rebatest account.

Is Rebatest a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Trying out products and getting a refund is definitely one way to build your net worth.

Does Rebatest have support? Yes. You can use the contact form for Rebatest customer service, which is at the bottom of their website.

Does Rebatest have any bad reviews? No. Not really. However, there were some key things I couldn’t find, such as the points to currency conversion?

Does Rebatest have an app? After searching on Google, I could not find an app.

Would you recommend Rebatest to a friend or relative? No. Probably not. I don’t know who the people are behind it, and don’t really know how they afford to pay people back. However, it does mention in their FAQ that there are advertisers on Amazon who giveaway free products in order to get a review. If you think about this, you notice that writing reviews can earn you a lot of money. You should definitely give this a go if you have the time.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Has a helpful FAQ page
  • Has a referral offer that pays $5 for each new person you refer

What’s not to like –

  • 4.4% transfer fee into PayPal
  • Doesn’t say who can join?
  • Does not show the points to currency conversion
  • Doesn’t provide a real business model that members can keep


There are many platforms that pay you to write a review on a product. People on Amazon who have products to sell need or want reviews in order to look more legit when shoppers come along. If a shopper sees a review expressing how good a certain product is, they will more likely buy it.

My point is this is how valuable reviews are. I write reviews every day for my online business. If you want an alternative, you should look towards writing reviews since they rank on Google and begin to build a business if that’s what you want.

Or you can go on Google and gather all the Rebates websites and create a life that makes you a professional shopper?

Do you want to be a professional shopper or affiliate marketer (Review writer)?


Now that we have been through some/if not all of what Rebatest has to offer, is Rebatest a scam or legit? 

You can see for yourself now that Rebatest is a great way to earn back on the things you buy. There were some things I couldn’t find, such as how much the points are worth and what the differences are between earning money and earning points? I mean, I know they refund you for the products, but how does the points system come into it?

After this, we even touched on how much people were making, such as $283.54 in earnings from

But if you want to learn how important and crucial it is that you keep your reviews, then keep reading.

How To Earn A Full-Time Income From Home Using Text Content (No Video, No YouTube)

Writing reviews is the number one way to make money online. If you take a look in Google you’ll see nothing but reviews, articles, and lists of content that answers and talks about everything. 

Those content pieces make the bloggers thousands of dollars

If you delete or sell your written article, you’ll be slaying your online business.

My advice is you learn how to write for your own online business.

This process has a few simple techniques –

  1. Choose an interest 
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or LIkes.

Here’s the link to get started.

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