QuickThoughts: Surveys for AU, UK, US & Canada, But Not Limited To! Is this Your Chance?

QuickThoughts Review

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What is QuickThoughts?

Quickthoughtsapp.com is an online survey and Get-Paid-To (GPT) website application that allow their members to move forward and earn rewards by completing tasks (Odd Jobs). Quick thoughts was first launched in 2013 and is owned by another well-known company called Survey Sampling International. QuickThoughts is headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut.

Now, as a way to find a lot about any business, you can search them online using the Better Business Bureau and this company will give you some pretty good opinions about the company you’re searching for. In this case, we are wanting to learn about QuickThoughts and according to BBB they boast an incredible A+ Rating with their firm but no Accreditation.

While they are very much an international company, QuickThoughts is aimed primarily at the US market, and users from other countries may find their survey opportunities pretty limited.

QuickThoughts members can also compare their earnings with Charitable Events and donate them through the Dynata Company, which is also owned by Survey Sampling International.

Eligibility: The QuickThoughts App is available worldwide.

Keep in mind that these surveys sites will never pay much, and you can do much better than sitting around waiting to see how little you earn, such as: Wow! March ’16 – Best Sales Month S$41,350.30 and if this is enough to show you a real way then get started, and I’ll coach you inside for free!

How does QuickThoughts work?

As with all survey websites, apps, and work-from-home opportunities, when a prospect member finds something that they are curious about and want to try their luck, they will first need to open their profile by creating an account using their email address, name, and date of birth. When this is done, more than likely they will need to jump back to their email inbox to verify their email.

As QuickThoughts is located as an app worldwide, you can use it by going to your local app store and downloading it. It is available from all big app stores, such as Google Play and Apple App Store. When searching, just remember that the device you are using is also going to be compatible.

The QuickThoughts app can run on:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • Smartphones or Tablets with Android OS

There are two ways to make money through this app, and they are:

  • Paid Surveys

These will be completed via the app, and are of the standard type of questioning that you would recognise if you’ve ever completed online surveys before. They will take anywhere from five to 20 minutes to complete, and will earn you $3 per survey.

One of the great elements with this app is that if you don’t like the survey you’re working on at the time, as if it seems too long, boring, or on a topic on which you have limited knowledge, you can cancel it and move on to another one. The app has plenty of opportunities to choose from.

  • Shopping Assignments

Shopping Assignments varies and can range from taking and submitting photos of products in stores to completing questionnaires. Payment will also vary depending on the length and complexity of the assigned task.

This is basically everything that you need to know. You perform the surveys until you’ve banked enough cash, then redeem it as vouchers from Amazon and iTunes. They are e-mailed to you, by the way, so you have near-instant access to your rewards.


Now that I have finished doing the research for this topic service, I have just concluded that the QuickThoughts app is largely included with a legitimate way to earn extra cash from home, and I do recommend people download the app and get started with it straight away. There are also tons of ways you can earn money with an online business, so if you would like to incorporate doing the tasks of a GPT platform with an online business, then I want to help coach you along the way.

Pros And Cons About QuickThoughts


  • QuickThoughts has thousands of surveys available
  • QuickThoughts has nice and straightforward payouts system
  • The QuickThoughts App is Popular
  • QuickThoughts has Rewards from hugely popular stores
  • QuickRewards has variety in the type of surveys being offered
  • Surveys are very easy to find from within the QuickThoughts App


  • QuickThoughts does not provide cash incentives
  • Surveys can’t be done on normal web browsers as it is app based

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