Quicktate Review: Scam or Legit?

Quicktate Review

This is my Quicktate Review. Find out if Quicktate is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review.

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But, what is Quicktate About and what do they have in terms of getting you out of the 9-5 work life? Let’s find out now.

What is Quicktate?

Quicktate is an online transcribing platform that offers work from home opportunities to people who are new or have experience.

Although there is not much information I was still able to ascertain that they were founded in 1999, and that their services are worldwide. Quicktate.com hires general transcribers to work from home regardless of their experience level and are always open to those starting out in transcription. In addition to offering services in transcription, Quicktate also offers jobs to transcribers that prefer to dictate documents by dictation or by mobile phones through their iDictate division.

This is something that you could also keep in mind when wanting to versatile your structure.

Quicktate is a private for profit company with features that include Speech Transcription, Call Auditing, Call Transcription, and Driver Safety.

As of September 2020, Quicktate sports over 176 Users on Twitter without using any other social media aspect. So now that we can not find any good information on them about who founded them, we also can’t see any information about them being on social media.

To me, this does make a company less valuable because now if you don’t get paid it’s becomes a lot harder trying to get help around that.

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How does Quicktate work?

Getting started with Quicktate is pretty easy and one of the way I want to show you is a way that I have already tried. Because of this it is recommended that you follow my path and get started right away without wasting time. So, to do this, I want you to type into your web browser the keywords “how to start transcribing with Quicktate” and with this setting you’ll advance to a results page to which you’ll need to press the second link down. Once you’re in the page you’ll be able to see their information and what they offer. I recommend reading this because it can come in helpful when getting ahead with the program. Once you’re done reading it, you’ll be able to fill out the below application form which is what launches your application process. Something that makes this opportunity unique is that they require references which can be anyone that knows you. I think this is just to make them stand out as being more functional. I wouldn’t worry too much about this as there are tons more jobs online within this sect.

Transcribers hired by Quicktate are expected to transcribe a number of documents as assigned by the company. Some of these documents include medical files, voice mail messages, legal files, phone call recordings, letters, conference calls, and memos among others.

To apply to be a freelance transcriber, new users need to meet the following requirements at large:

  • A Windows computer or a Mac Pro
  • A high-speed internet
  • Accurate spelling and punctuation
  • Can listen clearly to voice files and accurately type what are heard
  • A 6 to 80 word per minute typing speed
  • No convictions of a felony or misdemeanour record
  • Honesty, integrity, and reliability

General or legal transcription work attracts a quarter cent per word, while medical transcribers are paid half a cent for each word transcribed. Payment for transcription on Quicktate is done on a weekly basis through PayPal.


Now that I have fully finished my Quicktate Review I can fully conclude that this site is legitimate and that you’ll earn some money from being with them. However, to earn more than ever and not have to work again, I want you to scroll to the end of the page.

Pros And Cons About Quicktate


  • Quicktate seems to be a popular company to work for
  • Quicktate offers a way to work from home
  • Quicktate doesn’t have many bad things said about them


  • The whole application process is somewhat less appealing than what you would think. Being an overall achiever the job here still doesn’t pay much and with this being said, if you have choices I would choose something else.
  • The founder of this company can not be found anywhere
  • Quicktate does not have social media which could cause problems later if you have any dramas with the company.
  • Quicktate has one of the worst reviews I have seen banked up on Indeed.com. Usually you’ll see tons of reviews stating that the company is legit whereas this company does not have that.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Dictating or transcribing? Have you worked for Quicktate before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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