Quick Rewards Review – Worth It?

Making money online is something that is made possible through market research. There is an option out there for you to provide your opinions in return for a small pay packet. These opinions are based on a whole range of topics. Probably anything you can think of is able to run a survey on. 

Online Paid surveys helps businesses and brands better their products and services. Every time you give your personal opinion the brands you are giving your opinion too are able to use that information to make the products how the public wants them. 

I write in depth reviews on all ways to make money online. My business is about providing quality information so that people can make better choices when it comes to how they earn money from home. 

If you did not have any in depth reviews, you would surely be getting scammed a whole lot more. It is critical that you become aware of such scams. Scams are real, and the only way to find legit possibilities using on your computer is by doing some research first. 

In most cases, when you search for a product using Google, using both keyword and review keywords, you will obtain a whole list of relevant reviews. Just pick some of those and read through them to make sure you get informed.

It is everyone’s due diligence to find out more about how scamming works so that we can stop it all together. There are also a number of YouTube channels that focus on exposing scammers that you could watch to become more aware.

Product Name: Quick Rewards 

Website: QuickRewards.net

Download: Website version only

Owner: QuickRewards Network Inc.

Price: Free

Earnings: $.50 – $10.00

Overall Rating: 65/100

What Is Quick Rewards?

Quick Rewards is a highly sophisticated earning website that was founded way back in 2002.

It boasts multiple ways that you can earn money such as taking surveys, shopping, playing games, and more.

The homepage of QuickRewards is full of important information such as minimum payout, how much they have paid out since their inception (over 7 million), and a BBB rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that says it offers an A+ rating.

The BBB is a good way that you can always turn to when in need of knowing how legit a business is. For QuickRewards, even though it has an A+ rating, it still isn’t Accredited with the firm. There’s also a few complaints that I can see just looking at the BBB website.

But over on the QuickRewards website, it looks neat. It actually looks better than most other GPT websites that I look at, so keep this in mind moving forward.

How Does Quick Rewards Work?

To get started with QuickRewards, you need a computer and internet connection in order to sign up and login to your account. You can then access the website at QuickRewards.net every time you wish to log in and complete some offers.

What I would normally suggest at this point, liking their Facebook Fan Page and dropping a comment so that you can tell if it actually has a working community. What makes this harder to know for certain is that it doesn’t have social media on the website’s homepage. This means you (and I) need to do a manual search in Google.

After I searched on Facebook for QuickRewards, I did not see anything. There are a couple of pages, but I can’t tell for certain if this is their official Facebook.

There has to be some sort of way that members can intermingle with each other if it’s going to be a fun way to earn, which I can’t say that QuickRewards provides.

Facebook is also good for support. My next factor for determining a good survey or GPT site is obtaining support. Members have access to instant support via social media, but that isn’t an option here. So in this case you’ll have to turn to the website and use the support link, which is called contact us. Just send them an email if you have any questions that need answering.

There’s also no app. This does not mean you can’t take tasks on the go. Just open the website on your smartphone browser to continue working on their platform. Sometimes apps don’t even do what they are supposed to do anyway, which is to make it easier to use. I find that sometimes the smartphone and web browser options are actually better.   

How To Earn From Quick Rewards

#1Paid Surveys

The main way to earn with QuickRewards is by taking their paid online surveys. This is probably the main options that they have which you’ll most often have access to.

We already spoke about what surveys are good for, so just use this time to focus on providing your honest feedback. Anything that is not honest will put a bad mark on your name, and you won’t get as many surveys sent to you (or invites).

These surveys range from $1 to $3 and can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to finish.

Also, keep in mind that if you don’t qualify for a survey, they will tell you right away. This is good, since other sites will keep you in the dark for long periods of time before telling you.

#2Paid Videos

This is one of their ways that you can make money by watching short videos.

You can find the videos section by logging into your account and clicking on the “Daily Views” element.

Don’t be surprised if the rewards you get paid for this opportunity are not that high. In my opinion, you will only earn around $1 to $2 per video watch.

If you are a somebody who likes watching TV, then this may be a better option for you. Just remember that these are not highly paid tasks, so watch how long you spend doing them for.

#3Paid Offers

All GPT sites often have paid offers. This is a popular way to earn extra cash by doing set-tasks such as filling out forms, searching the internet, signing up to websites, and so forth.

These don’t pay you much, so watch out if this is not what you wanted to hear.

To be paid and complete this task properly, you will have to follow all directions and requirements offered inside panel option.

These will generally only pay around $0.50 to $1 so if this is not what you were expecting them try something else.

It’s most important that you incorporate all earning methods using QuickRewards and not just focus on one method. You could fill out a survey and then go and complete an offer in Paid offers section. After this, you might invite somebody else to join. By combining all of these paid tasks, you could end up with at least $5.00 for a very short period of time.

#4Referrals Program

One of the ways that QuickRewards uses for you to make money is their referral program. You can refer people to QuickRewards and get paid for it.

Is this something that you are willing to do or have the means of doing? It is not highly recommended that you build a Facebook Page and add any referral links to Facebook because it will just get banned.

You should consider undergoing some extra training just to make the most of this opportunity.

When somebody you invited does join successfully, you will stand to earn 5% on whatever they make. QuickRewards will increase your earnings by 5% and this is a brilliant way to make money from your computer.

#5Paid Shopping 

There are many shops online that are partnering with market research communities, and businesses such as QuickRewards. This means that shopping websites are paying QuickRewards for sending them customers.

All you have to do to make extra money with shopping is buy things from the recommended websites. This is a cashback opportunity that some people might find enjoyable because they can go shopping, something that everybody does anyway.

Your reward will depend on what you buy and how much it is. The more expensive the item that you buy, the more rebate you’ll get back.

If there’s something that you want to buy online, it could be a good idea to check to see if it listed on the QuickRewards website before you go paying full price on any other website. Just make sure that you live in both US and Canada first.

Payment Method and Minimum Payout

The pay-out method is done through PayPal and there is no minimum to cash out your earnings. This means if you join and complete a survey, you can get paid instantly. This is the best thing about QuickRewards. 

For members that keep coming back to the panel, they will also be in the running to receive free gift cards in the mail.

So, just remember that QuickRewards is a point paid system that which you have to be able to convert. $1.00 is equivalent to $1.00. 

There are also token & points bonuses that you can win when watching videos and taking offers. These are free and can be won at any time. 

The minimum payout to request your earnings via PayPal is $10.00

This is what makes QuickRewards one of the best panels out there. You can find yourself filling out surveys and getting free gift cards sent to you in the mail, and with all these, you can find your earnings quickly increasing.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Has no minimum payout threshold
  • Has PayPal to be paid instantly 
  • Has a variety of ways that you can make money 

What’s not to like –

  • Is not available in all countries (Not even Australia)
  • Does not have social media


At least it is a site that you get paid from on a regular basis. You might be thinking, why aren’t all GPT and Survey sites like this? I am thinking the same question. Wouldn’t it be much better if no GPT or Rewards site (for that matter) had any minimum that you needed to meet? With this option, you can jump on and instantly get paid, and this is why I do recommend that you take this opportunity to earn extra money from home.

Just keep in mind that the only countries that can join are US and Canada. 

Also, remember that just because QuickRewards is a legit site to make money from doesn’t mean it will be worth it. Time is money and goes rapidly, so you want to make the most out of the time that you have on this planet. 

If this is not enough for you, then keep reading to find out what I recommend personally.

Apart from everything in my conclusion, I can now say that QuickRewards is a legit way to earn money online.

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