Puretrim Review: Is it a Scam?

Puretrim Review

There so many different ways to make money with your own business and even franchises are getting big hits these days. But in saying that, what are the best ways to find good business ventures and what industries stand out the most to you?

During this Puretrim Review we’ll discuss a business-industry sector related to Direct Marketing, and industry that focuses on walking your local neighbourhood and selling products for a much larger company in turn for a percentage of the cake.

But What is Puretrim and how can you sell Pure Trim weight loss products from home the easy way? By building a website.

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What is Puretrim?

Puretrim is a Multilevel Marketing company that is posted up within the health & wellness niche space and sells nutritional products. On the company website, there is literally no information about who they’re, or what they do but there are many products being offered with some information to those products.

Is Puretrim a reliable MLM to earn?

However, after doing some further investigation on my end, I actually found Puretrim is a division of a company called Awareness Corp., a re branded version of AwarenessLife Worldwide which is another MLM as well. The owner behind this business is Mark Tahiliani who goes by the name of Dr. Marc inside AwarenessLife Worldwide.

A little further on and I found back in 2011, AwarenessLife Worldwide was involved in a pyramid scheme that was resolved around the same time. The Puretrim website is highly regarded as being the AwarenessLife Worldwide website but since the pyramid exposure it has had to re brand and therefore take on the new name Puretrim.com. During the pyramid scheme violation, the company had to pay back thousands of dollars in compensation.

PureTrim sells nutritional and dietary health products. One of the company’s specialty products is called Daily Complete!, which contains 243 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Daily Complete! Is a liquid supplement that improves energy and reduces stress. The company also sells shakes, skin creams, cleanse, and weight-loss products.

Puretrim operates in the United States and Canada.

Industries for Puretrim are E-Commerce Health Care Nutrition Wellness.

Is Puretrim a reliable MLM to earn?

I did some further research and found Puretrim has social media accounts that help for their legitimacy which are Facebook (4.7K Likes), Twitter (70), and LinkedIn.

Puretrim also has a profile at the Better Business Bureau but it isn’t the greatest. It has an A Rating with no Accreditation.

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How does Puretrim work?

Learning how to sell nutritional & dietary health products from home is something that may take some time and getting used to. But with the Puretrim website and opportunity things may be made easier for you.

To join PureTrim, you have to pay the $29 annual membership fee. You also have to maintain either of the 3 to be eligible for commissions:

1. $199/month – Autoship order and 3 retail customers or 3 recruits who also pays the Autoship
2. $349/month – Autoship order
3. $399/month – on Puretrim products purchase

PureTrim markets various nutritional products, ranging from shakes to teas.

The following is a list of the most popular products Puretrim sports:

  • PureTrim products – $39 for 10 packets
  • Liquid Multi-Vitamin – $39 per month
  • TrimBar – $29 for 5 bars
  • 10-Day Weight Loss StarterPak – $159

PureTrim has 2 earning opportunities:

  1. Sell the products at a retail price and earn a commission.
  2. Recruit people to be part of your downlines, you can then earn from the sales they make.
Is Puretrim a reliable MLM to earn?

The following is the Puretrim Affiliate Ranks:

  • Executive Promoter – only requirement is signing up as an affiliate
  • Direct Promoter – but $400 worth of products in a month
  • 1-Star Promoter – recruit 2 affiliates as an Executive Promoter
  • 2-Star Promoter – keep 2 1-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 2 unilevel legs
  • 3-Star Promoter – keep 3 2-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 3 unilevel legs
  • 4-Star Promoter – keep 4 3-Star Promoters on the first 2 level of 4 unilevel legs
  • 5-Star Promoter – keep 5 4-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 5 unilevel legs
  • President’s Club – keep 5-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 5 unilevel legs
Is Puretrim a reliable MLM to earn?

Now, let’s talk about the different ways you can earn back what you have shelled out thus far:

  • Retail Commissions – If retail customers buy products, Executive Promoters get a 10% commission, 25% for Direct Promoters, and 10% higher for each succeeding level.
  • Residual Commissions – All based on the original affiliate, each affiliate’s recruit goes under the level he is in so the levels can go down to a limitless number as long as the last level recruit gets to sign someone in. However, PureTrim only pays up to 6 levels
  • Gold Bonus – The Gold Bonus can be enjoyed by 3-Star Promoters and ranks higher than that. To qualify, an affiliate must keep a $299 personal Autoship and keep 10 retail customers who buy at least $99 every month.
  • All-Star Matching Bonus – If an Executive Promoter recruits 7 direct promoters on his first month, he gets $700.
  • Fast Start Bonus – Executive Promoters get $100 for every personal recruit who becomes a Direct Promoter.
  • Frontline Bonus – Executive Promoters and all in higher ranks get 10% commission on the product orders of Direct Promoters who are recruited personally
  • Luxury Car Bonus – This bonus is for 2-Star Promoters and those with higher ranks

All you have to do now is check the site out and see if it is something you’ll be willing to explore. The only real perk you get now, by being at this website, is that I can help you with gaining your first customer and seeing real success a lot faster than usual. You’ll need to begin with my #1 training and when you get on the inside, I will quickly show you how to open a powerful WordPress website where you can add products and get free traffic.


Now that I have fully finished the Puretrim Review I can now fully conclude that the business is legitimate but after reading so many other blogs, they really don’t offer much to get all excited about.

Overall, You need a company that respects you, keeps you updated on what’s going on, and gives you full disclosure before and after you join. If this company or any other company you long to work for does not do this, then you must renegotiate who you need to work for, and with this being said, I can give you your first pipeline of employment starting with your own online business. Keep on reading below to get this orchestrated.

After reading this review I am now hoping that you’ll read an affiliate based review of mine, and if you can also drop a comment it would really help with my rankings:

Puretrim Pros And Cons


  • It offers a way for people to make money from home
  • It has some social media platforms boasting some Likes
  • The founder does have some long-term experience
  • Puretrim Products Have Potential 


  • The compensation plan sports Autoshipping which is always going to cost the member, and if you’re new to Multilevel Marketing you’ll find it very hard to make money while you’re having to spend large amounts of money – I think MLMs are for professionals
  • Sketchy past of owner
  • Expensive products and membership
  • Its a Pay to play opportunity
  • There products effectiveness are unproven
Is Puretrim a reliable MLM to earn?

What I recommend – Starting an SEO ready website and obtaining free traffic to your products

There is a very easy way to get people buying your products and services nowadays without you having to move a finger and you can do this starting today.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling nutritional & dietary health products from home? Have you worked or tried working for Puretrim before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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