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PTO Today Review

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What is PTO Today?

PTO Today are a back to school company and website that offers an unlimited amount of school education and resources to help with you with your kids and school, and they also have contributions to their site where parents can also publish their own School Content based on all things School. PTO Today was founded in 1999 by Tim Sullivan and quickly established itself into a valuable source and voice for both Local PTOs and PTAs. PTO Today claims to provide a full suit of services, programs, and products Tim Sullivan to the entire K-8 school parent group market. Regardless of the acronym (PTO, or PTA, etc.), PTO Today is committed to helping parent group leaders serve their schools more effectively and run their groups more efficiently. PTO Today is owned and operated by School Family Media. PTO Today is exclusively focused on supplying and enabling parent interaction for schools. PTO today has earned a number of different awards such as:

  • School Family Media, a Boston Business Journal, called “The Pacesetters” in both ‘o7 and ’08
  • A listing on Inc. 500 for the fastest growing company in America in 2005
  • A Listing for Inc. 5000 for fastest growing company in 2006

PTO Today serves local PTO and PTA groups through a variety of programs, resources, and tools, including:

  • PTO Today magazine – national flagship print publication that is distributed 7x per year to more than 80,000 parent groups nationwide.
  • Our website, – the largest and most trusted online resource and community for parent groups.
  • PTO Today Expos – a unique series of in-person events that bring together parent group leaders to celebrate their work and success.
  • Essential products – must-haves designed specifically for PTO and PTA leaders: insurance, financial budgeting software (Finance Manager), PTO Today Plus membership, and live events.
  • Involvement programs – custom developed to help groups engage and involve parents at school.

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How does PTO Today work?

As you know by now, if you’re looking to make some money presenting quality articles to this website that is available to which they pay you a decent amount of money for that content. I know what its like when you’re considering yourself as a freelancer and just want more sites that you can post to in return to make a few extra dollars.

The PTO Today website is easy to sign up and start making money some money. To start, just head over the website and hit the sign-up button to create an account. Once that’s done, you’ll then need to jump back into your email address to confirm that you have confirmed your sign-up application.

School Family Media and PTO Today provide a variety of unique and meaningful opportunities for advertisers who want to reach PTO and PTA leaders (through their school-related products and services, such as fundraisers) and for consumer brands who want to reach and engage involved moms through our sponsored school programs.

The topics that PTO Today is expecting in terms of written articles is absolutely anything based on School. For example, some might be leadership, fundraising, group management, and organisation, working with school staff, playgrounds, and education. Members can Share their experiences and make suggestions with PTO Today.

Features are usually 600 to 1,500 words, with the average being about 1,200 words.

Pay: $125-$500 

Apart, from writing articles, they also boast a section that is based on a whole heap of advertising. I think they just went all out when their site grabbed grip. You can check out their advertising opportunities here if you have a business and want to make some money. However, if you don’t have an online business and are serious about earning money, stick around to the end so I can show you how.


Now that I have fully finished my PTO Today Review, I can conclude that this site is legitimate and you will earn good money from posting content to this platform.

Pros And Cons About PTO Today


  • PTO Today is a free source to sign up to
  • PTO Today offers a way to extract your freelance skills
  • PTO Today offers a great way to make some extra money
  • PTO Today sports alternative ways to make money online


  • PTO Today information is hard to find
  • PTO Today opportunity is confusing and misrepresented
  • I think they make a bigger deal out of having a blog and advertising than what their goal and motto actually stand for

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