Prosperity of Life Review – Scam or Legit?

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In today’s review, I want to show you another marketing company that claims to help people build wealth using a common marketing system.

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If you can get clients you will make money.

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Product Name: Prosperity of Life


Shane and Rachel Krider

$2,438 to start

Overall Rating:

What is Prosperity of Life?

Prosperity of Life (POL) was formally called Liberty League and is an online coaching course whereby members learn how to sell personal development products and increase their own personal wealth with ongoing training and support.

Prosperity of Life is situated within the United States of America and was founded by 3 co-owners who are Shane and Rachel Krider, and Gregory Storm. After learning a whole lot about the Prosperity of Life company I found that the business is registered within the US but is operated out of Thailand.

Who are The Founders?

We read that the company is registered in the US but the founders run it from Thailand.

Coincendentally, Shane Krider is the co-owner of Liberty League (PoL’s predecessor), which had issues in different countries around the world for being a supposed pyramid scheme?

Pyramid Schemes are often made illegal in many countries around the world so he could have just become unlucky at that moment.

Its just a good indication of why Prosperity of Life could be supplied in two countries as we speak.

I know, the first thing I thought is why is it being run out of two different countries and this could be why.

Rachel Krider is obviously the wife of Shane Krider and she is a high school drop out. She started her career distributing for Liberty League and started making over 6 figures within the first seven months. In turn, she was made head of the Prosperity of Life Business.

Gregory Storm, is the director and producer of the PoL education media products. He had produced over 1,000 television commercials, music videos, and feature films that were shown on Super Bowl and other broadcasts worldwide.

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What Do you get?

Prosperity of Life offers 5 products plus a signup bonus that can also be sold separately.

If you’re not a general member then you have to pay full price for the products.

There are so many products available for you to earn with your MLM plan that I think its a good idea only naming a few of them.

Product #1 – Master of Destinies, M1 in short

  • Regular price: $2,855
  • Wholesale price: $2,285 (if you join the network)

Product #2 – M7

  • Regular price: $5,740
  • Wholesale price: $4,590

Product #4 – M2 Sovereignty Live Event

A 5-day live event on wealth creation and mindset. In Shane’s words, “it teaches you everything the middle class doesn’t understand about money”.

The topic includes:

  • History of Money
  • How Money is Created
  • Prosperity Consciousness
  • Unlearning the myths of the middle class
  • Why and How to Take the Leap
  • Making Money Work for You
    • Regular price: $9,950
    • Wholesale price: $7,950

Is it Any Good?

Multilevel marketing is known to be good when you do things correctly. But until that point the whole business model and industry within itself is pretty ruined.

The market just doesn’t work. You have to buy, and recruit more people but with a simple product pack the money is hard to infiltrate all the way back up the chain, and as you should know the bosses get paid first! It is the ones at the lower levels who cannot get paid because there wasn’t’ enough salary left over.

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How Well Does It Work?

In my opinion, Prosperity of Life is just another Multilevel marketing company that is looking to gain riches and wealth at the expense of hard-working individuals who know how to work.

Is it a Scam or is it Legit?

It smells like a scam but it is not. The founders already went through a scamming incident and I believe they were able to wake up from that and take shape again.

Final Verdict

My final outlook on this MLM product is that you should always experiment with things first. Do not just spend money expecting to start making money because more often than not it doesn’t work. You’ll always become someone who is not happy when you don’t think ahead or work hard first.

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