Project PayDay Review: Is it a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Project Payday Review

Project PayDay has now changed to ClearVoice Surveys

There are so many reasons to want to create some sort of reverse online income and to achieve a job like this, people are prepared to really risk everything. I mean how long do you plan on working from home for, in order to really achieve the salary you are longing for? I know an easy way whereby you as an online apprentice you could start to begin to wage war on at least 10K per month simply by running but creating your own online blog. Are you interested?

Why should you create your own online blog though for? You market research and basically reverse engineer your own online income by way of tedious scam surveys is there any real reason to go full steam ahead and begin a personally but transformation online work project for your tool? Yes there is and let me tell you why before I show you the ins and outs of Project Payday Survey panel.

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What is Project Payday? was first initiated way back in 2006 and since then has become a powerhouse for your online revenue. Project Payday is pretty like a Great Grandfather of Project Payday Surveys and has been around working hard ever since its inception. All both new and prospect members can join Project Payday for free and begin earning some type of your online revenue.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the company sports an NR for rating which means it is not well admired by whoever has used it before. It states on the BBB that the origin of the company and contact information of the address provided is for Denver, Colorado. Whether the address is still valid, or not is another matter, but we trust BBB on their ratings and have developed some faith in this program. Interestingly, I noticed they are owned or ‘powered by’ ClearVoice Research, the same guys behind Clear Voice Surveys (link to my review), a site I tried a while back where you’re lucky if you earn anywhere close to $1 an hour if you sign up with this Survey Website Firm or Outlet

How does Project Payday work?

There are main ways that survey platforms work but they are all basically the same. However, if you plan on giving Project PayDay a run for their money you will need to first set up your account, which is going to consist of both your name and email address which then has to be verified within your email inbox. To do this you will get given a unique verifying code sent to your email inbox whereby you will need to click on it and move forward from there.

Before starting out with CPA products, you would have to complete the training provided in the website. The training is divided into 4 segments and will give prospect members or members who are ready to perform an all rounded brush up for CPA marketing. During the process of your training, you would be required to complete trials for PPD (Pay per Download).

There are two major ways through which you can earn money from Project Payday and they are:

  1. Make Money Taking Project Payday Surveys – As you’ve just seen, it doesn’t look like the site has any surveys right now, and with surveys being very few and far between, this so-called ‘money-making method’ is going to take a long time to reach the minimum $10 threshold to be able to cash out.
  2. Make Money By Signing Up For Free Trial Offers – Just like Daily Rewards, Wow Earnings and Zap Surveys, Project Payday gives you the option of earning a few dollars by signing up for free trials to sites like Netflix and Audible. If you’re very organized then this might be a little income earner for you. Though you have to be extremely careful to cancel your memberships and subscriptions before the free trial period ends to avoid being charged the full amount. Obviously making $1 to lose $15 isn’t a good long-term strategy!
  3. Make Money With Project Payday’s Referral Program

This is the only way members can make money with Project Payday right now and again, we’re talking cents…

Invite your family and friends to join (though I don’t know why you would!) and you earn $0.50 per person who signs up through the Project Payday referral program, so don’t quit your day job just yet!

The origin seems more likely to win and let you move forward however with this being in place you are still required to work for your money. This is sort of going against what the hype of online surveys was created for, and by implementing a certain routine whereby you first create a Survey Review, it will increase you earning potential tenfold.


Now that my look at the Project Payday Survey website is complete I would have to say that the Site is legitimate, however, you earning potential is quite limited.

Pros And Cons About Project Payday


  • Project Payday is free to join
  • Project Payday has a relatively low payout threshold


  • However Project Payday does also contain a poor reward options
  • Project Payday doesn’t consist of many opportunities
  • Prospect members need to provide their telephone numbers to join up
  • Project Panels interface, however, is not very user-friendly

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