Project 303 Review – Scam or Legit?

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There is definitely money to be made in the stock market but it is something where you need to have a high trust financial situation before you can start. I mean, big tough 45-year-olds are the ones who most prodomantly sport a real trading profile.

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Product Name: Project 303


Andrew Keene

$599 per year

Overall Rating:

What is Project 303?

Project 303 is an online newsletter that sports very important-winning tips on who to place your money on within the stock market.

This important information comes from the founder named Andrew Keene who we’ll talk more on later.

Not only will you learn what is hot within the stock market but also how to make money by utilizing the stock market to your advantage.

What Andrew Keene offers is very bold, but we shall see more on him and Project 303 website during this review.

Who is The Founder?

I have read a number of Project 303 Trading Reviews and none of them have really said anything bad about Andrew Keene.

Andrew is obviously an experienced trader but where did he begin as a small child? Well, he sports an interesting story.

Andrew originally began he’s journey in the work force working for a bank as an analyst but was eventually fired for sleeping in he’s office! I know how bad that sounds!

After losing he’s first job he began working for Chicago Board Options Exchange as a clerk and eventually got down onto the trading floor. This is where he began looking into trading extensively and learning what he could.

During the market crash in 2008, Andrew went to Thailand to teach English as he thought it was all over. But it was only a small year that he returned back to he’s trading job again.

This is when he started making money by selling trading courses.

What Do you get?

By Paying the yearly subscription fee to Project 303 by Andrew Keene you get access to:

  • Live Trading room
  • A weekly watch list
  • Project 3030 weekly wrap up
  • 24/7 access to a members only website
  • Fast track to Financial Freedom Course

Mind you, this is all for $599 a year.

How worth it do you think this is? If the guy has a ton of experience and is willing to coach you personally then yes, that type of money is worth it.

But if he is not hands on with you then I would only like to pay $100-200.

You can get free coaching with me where I will walk you through my training step by step and show what real value is: Very first website, officially has made its first $1,000

Is it Any Good?

I mean, I like the feel of this whole situation.

You know how it just feels right when you recieve stuff within you mail inbox online? This is what it feels like.

Now, when you’re training to earn money you want to have access to the founder, coach, or trainer, so that they can see what you’re doing.

I believe you can make contact with Andrew but he won’t help you one on one.

How Well Does It Work?

Project 303 is going to work as good as you make it work. Once the money is paid you have fully access into the training and insights. You just have to make it work.

But what if you have never done this type of stuff before and you’re here thinking you can learn the full scope of trading? I am afraid for this you’ll need to know a little on trading. This is like a top up to what you would already know.

So, if you think you’re at the stage where you only know a little bit about trading and want to start somewhere else then try affiliate marketing. It is the same type of thing, except you make money direct to yourself. Try reading about success here and get trained up and I’ll help you inside: Thanks to WA our companies are taking off!

Is it a Scam or is it Legit?

No, Project 303 is not a scam. In fact the newsletter and everything else you get inside is good and legitimate.

Andrew Keene is experienced with trading and he doesn’t keep everything he’s learned to himself.

If you want to benefit from the Project 303 subscription then feel free to look it up and pay the money. But I have a feeling you’ll be left feeling very lonely.

In online training there must be some type of community that you can be a part of such as: WA Community is a Swimming Pool of Good Vibes. This link is what a real training should look like and to be honest it costs somewhere around the same money, you should just quickly do some research here and double check what the differences in value really is!

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