ProductReportCard Review – Worth it?

You are searching for a way to make some extra cash online and one way or another you have landed on ProductReportCard. This is a website that pays you to complete certain tasks. 

You can earn extra money to do the things you want like holidays, pay for presents, and pay for certain necessities that we need from day to day. 

But is ProductReportCard legit or a scam to say away from?

By reading my review, you will know for certain if this website is going to be worth your while. 

There are many websites like ProductReportCard, but some are scams that will make you pay some money for a fake offer. This is why reading these safety reviews is so important. Not only that, but they can also help guide you into doing something better. 

While I was researching for this review, I saw on website Quora that some people were getting scammed by another website while trying to answer questions about ProductReportCard. 

In any case, these types of gigs pay very little, but they can have sweepstakes that make up for that. If you don’t know what a sweepstake is, it’s a prize that which members are automatically entered into when completing surveys. They can win a big prize each month. You’ll know if ProductReportCard has this feature by the end of this review.

Surveys are the main option when it comes to both GPT and survey sites. You just need to find what suits you the best and work from there.

Product Name: ProductReportCard


Download: The App Store

Owner: ClearVoice Research

Price: Free

Earnings: $0.50 – $500+

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is ProductReportCard?

ProductReportCard is a GPT site that pays people to complete certain tasks. As I was carrying out my research for this investigation, I did not know much because the reviews in Google are very limited for this product. When I saw that ProductReportCard actually has an app, I went over and searched in Google for: ProductReportCard app and it shot back at me with an app on the App Store. From there, I was able to ascertain that the company is owned and operated by ClearVoice Research. This gives us some good understanding on whether the site is legitimate or not.

There’s also two main review sites that give a good angle as to whether ProductReportCard is safe to use. SiteJabber doesn’t do too well, but TrustPilot has over 5,104 reviews with a 4.5-star rating. This certainly indicates that people are enjoying what they expose. This is an excellent review rating, so I’m guessing they must have some great ways that people can earn plus bonuses? Let’s keep digging.

How Does ProductReportCard Work?

To get started with ProductReportCard, you have to own your own computer and internet connection. You can then sign up and login to your account to begin taking surveys. Luckily for a lot of people, ProductReportCard is open to over 17 countries around the globe.

The company is based in the USA. This means when it comes to getting paid you will have to live close to their proximity unless you want e-transfers.

During your account registration, they ask you where you live. This can also be used to verify certain demographics.

There is support on the website and app. I would recommend that after creating your account, you download the app. But, keep in mind that I could not find the app for the Google Play Store. I only saw the App Store available. On the App Store, it says they have been in business since 2012 and worked with over 200 companies. During this time, they paid out over $14 million via 18,500 surveys. This is some big estimates, and you can tell how much they make every time they are in business with an advertiser.

Keep in mind that you can interact with community members on Facebook by using their Facebook Fan Page. This is also a good way to get in contact with support if you ever need to.

How To Earn From ProductReportCard

#1Join, Create An Account

On the App Store, it says that you can join for free. Upon joining, you will earn $5 as a bonus, thank you. I should also mention that there are a few steps involved to obtain this reward, but the main one is to sign up. You’ll also have to complete a short 5-minute survey. This is part of fulfilling your demographics questions so that they can send you better questions.

It says things like “Your first $5 is waiting for You” “Quick, Join”.

#2Take Online Surveys

You can start making money via 400 surveys that they have for you. They literally say on the App store page that when you join, there are over 400 surveys waiting for you to complete. This means they are working hard in the background with companies who need your opinions. It can also mean that not enough people are taking surveys, maybe they are waking up to something better?

#3Product Reviews

Another way that you can start earning more is by writing product reviews. This can actually make you some excellent money if you know how to get those little fingers typing away. You’ll be able to obtain a free product as well.

To start reviewing products, you’ll need to fill out the form after you finished testing the product. It just has a title and text section. I could help you at the end if this is something you really want to do.

#4Product Tests

Product tests are slightly different from reviews. You actually have to behold the products. On the ProductReportCard website, there is not a lot of information on this. I had to resort to Google reviews. You have to request that this be available to you before it moves forward. If you get the green light, then you’ll be sent products to your address. ProductReportCard offers 32 product tests per month. However, I was unable to find out if this is for just one member or the whole platform?


Do you enjoy studying? You can get paid by ProductReportCard to actually perform studies. There’s not as much movement as what the surveys give you, but nevertheless you can still perform in this area.

The studies pay quite well, which can amount to $100+ per study. If you are good with the site and stay in touch with admin, maybe they might sling you the studies instead.

Payment Method and Minimum Payout

On the App Store, it says that members can be paid with payouts like $0.50 to $500. This must mean that their withdrawal rate is $0.50. Notice how they mentioned $500? This because the studies can pay quite of a lot of money if you are good enough to get involved. I’m betting that members are paid by electronic bank transfer or check, depending on where they live. For a lot of these tasks, you will need to live in the US.

Before you can withdraw, you need $25 in your account. Other ways to be paid is by visa gift card or Amazon Gift Card Code. These are pretty adequate options as well.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • The parent company is successful
  • It has an app for the App Store
  • There are tons of information on the App Store
  • You can be paid hundreds for studies
  • Surveys keep you going
  • Has Facebook

What’s not to like –

  • There’s no referral program
  • There’s not much information on the website.
  • It doesn’t offer PayPal.


This site seems pretty good if you ask me. There is a lot of going for it, it offers quite a few ways that you can make money, if you ask me again, I would say they are the best survey panel around. 

However, doing online surveys isn’t going to help you pay off a house and go on holidays. 

So, with this being said, you will need to weigh up your options. 

However, I do recommend this survey panel if you want to earn extra money as a side gig.

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