Is Survey Website Product Report Card Enough To Sustain Your Life Expenses? Here’s How To Start Freelancing By Completing Surveys In Your Spare Time

Product-Report-Card Review

There are so many reasons to make money online and the whole point that the internet has over 57% of the world population using it to buy and find new information is a big enough reason if you ask me. I mean, have you ever heard of marketing before? What about door-to-door marketing? Door-to-door marketing is those people with a product or electricity will come around and try to sell you stuff at your front door step. Can you imagine how long it would take just to sell a few vacuums? Days.

This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. Because there are so many people shopping online instead of companies looking for people to buy, they are looking for people who have the most website customers to earn a commission for helping to sell their products and services. You will know about this each time you join a Survey Website just like Product-Report-Card.

The thing is if you don’t have an online business you must get shown how to start an online business with affiliate marketing training, and the thing is there’s only one type of affiliate marketing training that I know of that can seriously help you. The reason for this is so you can start referring all those Survey Sites you have been joining.

Working from home is the best job in the world but you are not making the most out of every opportunity, then you are losing tons of cash straight down your drain. Are you interested in seeing what affiliate program I want to show you? If you so you will learn how to start a company of your own that solely runs by the Written word. This means that when you join a Survey Website you are able to construct your review and then add your referral links. Learning How to open a business is not hard so I hope you say yes here and get this show on the road.

If you’re are keen but want more information, read my Wealthy Affiliate Review where I show you all the aspects of the affiliate marketing training where I coach you for free.

But for those of you who took the time to read this, it has paid off big time. Just don’t take small earning opportunities anymore because you don’t have to. Have a look at how much people are making: Wow! March ’16 – Best Sales Month S$41,350.30. When you start here I’ll coach you inside for free!

What is Product-Report-Card? is a Market Research Company that helps anyone looking to earn some extra money online a way to finish their Surveys and get paid. By passing whatever knowledge you have to Product-Report-Card, it allows them to better equip third party web businesses with the information they need to enhance the future of products and services.

Product Report Card survey panel is operated by Product Report Card, LLC, a market research company located in Denver, Colorado, United States. From what I have found on the internet Product-Report-Card seems to be ok to work for if you are looking for another survey website to join.

Surveys pay very small amounts of money and to change directions you need a free coach. Someone who can tell you what to do next: 900 Referrals in a WEEK! Damn, this is sick!. If you take this seriously I will be your coach and show you how to earn real money online without having to work for it.

How does Product-Report-Card work?

As with all Survey Panels as a member or prospect member finds something that they are interested in working for they must first proceed by creating an account with the firm. Then, once that is made, they need to double back to their website email address to verify it so that they can further be sent work jobs.

Once you complete your profile, you get $8.00 immediately which I found to the first great thing about Product-Report-Card.

Remember to make your profile as complex as you can because when they have a larger demographic it will them to send you more work.

The following are the different opportunities for you to make money on their program.

  1. Completing your profile ($5.00-$8.00) – This task takes members about 10 to 15 minutes and asks personal questions like income and address.
  2. Completing surveys ($0.25-$5.00 per survey) – Members need a good profile to receive good job, you’ll find survey invitations via email after you complete your profile. This also depends on whether or not you qualify for the survey.
  3. Registering and reviewing products ($0.50-$1.00) – Product-Report-Card will pay you to write short reviews about products you own (kind of like affiliate marketing). The review may include elements as to why you like one thing but yet bounce on the next. Expect to Bushel out at least 250 words.
  4. Participating in home product tests ($5.00) – This is where you will test products that are household friendly. It is most likely assured that after the test Review you will be able to keep the product.
  5. Participating in focus groups ($150.00-$200.00 per focus group study) – This is probably the most exciting opportunity that Product-Report-Card has because of the earning potential and because you get to meet other people. This is where you can strike net on conversations and see how others have been travelling from within their online journey. The focus group study varies in length. Some may take 2 to 3 hours, while others may take up to 3 days.


After doing the Product-Report-Card Review I have now concluded that the Survey Opportunity is a legitimate place to start earning money.

Pros And Cons About Product-Report-Card


  • Product-Report-Card is a free platform to join
  • Members can earn real money
  • Product-Report-Card has a low disqualification on Surveys that you take


  • The sign-up process is very tedious
  • Product-Report-Card has a low-earning opportunity compared to other sites
  • Payments usually take fairly long to arrive into members’ accounts
  • There is no PayPal option
  • Members have reported that rewards are sometimes deducted to your account without any explanation

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