Pro Blogger Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

ProBlogger Review

This is my ProBlogger Review. Find out if ProBlogger is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to make an online income and finding different gigs online is one way to increase your online revenue. But What is ProBlogger jobs and why should you trust what they have to build yourself an income? Do they offer a website where you can build a company just like the one you’re on now or something different? Something that people are not entirely sure about is how to make money online and with the internet being so new still it can be very confusing trying to find “The Way”. For sure, the only real way is with a website and written content because a business has to boast substance.

What will you look back on if you have no content written? If you have ever heard about drop shipping you’ll know that they buy products from China and then sell them through Shopify and Ads (for double or triple what they paid for them). But still, at the end of the day they provide no help to Google Bing and Yahoo and don’t have anything to work on. They have no online business. If you want to earn real money online and have a thriving company all year round I highly recommend using the same training I used to build my online business and I also give free coaching when you sign up. The training is free and if you’re prepared to put in some hard work you’ll be very happy within a few shorts years. You’ll have quite your 9-5 and you’ll be working online writing content and talking to people all over the world. This is not mentioned, he community within the platform. So I recommend nothing else except you get started now with your online business and meet me in the training.

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What is ProBlogger?

Problogger is an online platform that offers advice and information on enhancing blog presence. However, ProBlogger also has a work from home section where they offer writing jobs for anyone looking to get acquainted. Jobs on ProBlogger offer both writing marketing professionals, copy editors, content managers, marketing managers, and more. There are tons of jobs on their sites job list. The website features blogging tips in categories such as 31 days to building a better blog, blogging for dollars, featured posts, pro blogger interviews, search engine optimization, AdSense, blog design, blogging tools, and services, general, pro blogging news, advertising, blog networks, business blogging, miscellaneous blog tips, pro-blogger site news, video posts, affiliate programs, blog news, case studies, other income streams, reader questions, writing content, birthday prize giveaway, blog promotion, Chitika eminimalls, podcasting, RSS, and Yahoo publishing network. was founded in 2004 by Darren Rowse who is also a full time blogger himself hence the creation of he’s website. ProBlogger headquarters in currently situated within Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, but headquarter regions also include Asia-Pacific (APAC), Australasia. ProBlogger is a for Profit website and industries include Internet and blogging.

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How does ProBlogger work?

ProBlogger is aimed at serious bloggers plus freelance writers who are serious about making money online with blogging. For this reason they can be looked at as a good spot for businesses who need content developed to go to get that done. 

ProBlogger Freelancer Categories Include:

  • Blogging Services
  • Landing Page Copywriting
  • Article Writing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Ebook Ghostwriting
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • And much more.

The blogging-specific job board is free for writers and other freelancers, but businesses must pay $70 to post a job. The job ad will be displayed on the website for 15 Days, and ProBlogger also promotes the advert to their massive Twitter following in order to increase the chances of businesses connecting with the ideal writing professional. This is something that for me concedes huge value because it is a huge indulgent of free advertising.

Getting started on the ProBlogger website is one of the easiest projects to get started on. You don’t even need an account, you just go to the website and click on ProBlogger jobs where a whole list of jobs will appear. When you get to a job, go through the list until you find a job that suits you. Each job has all the information on the listing that is associated with the offer. Once you find one that you think you can complete you’ll need to click on it and fill out the application details.


Now that I have fully finished my ProBlogger Review I can fully conclude that this site is legitimate and anyone looking to get a writing job will most likely find something that they can relate to and get earn that buck.

Pros And Cons About ProBlogger


  • ProBlogger is a free service for freelancers to get work
  • The ProBlogger website gives businesses the opportunity to connect with talented freelancers across the world.
  • ProBlogger has a reach of over 300,000 subscribers, which makes it easy to connect with ideal candidates.
  • ProBlogger has a simple interface and easy to use platform
  • ProBlogger also has a social following


  • The membership packages are expensive
  • When businesses post jobs, they can get hundreds of applications from different freelancers which can make it harder to go through them all and pick the right one
  • The site sports a limited number of opportunities
  • ProBlogger doesn’t help people build their own business online
  • ProBlogger doesn’t have a website builder where people can start their own ProBlogger website and make tons of cash through affiliate marketing.

Start your own blog website just like the ProBlogger website and make money through affiliate marketing with a free training where I coach you for free

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in Freelance writing? Have you worked for ProBlogger before?

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