Primerica Financial Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Primerica Review

There is so much work to be done online, and one of the main ways to do this is by building a website and selling products and services online. This is what I meant by work.

During this review, though, you’ll learn about a company called Primerica that which operates within the financial sector.

The method that this company promotes is to sell their services from home using Multilevel Marketing. You’ll basically walk the neighbourhoods asking residents whether they’re interested in signing up for what you have. In this instance, we’re talking financials.

But how can you make money selling financial services from home the easy way? Build a website.

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I think it is important to remember that when contemplating taking on this gig, it is a good idea to also get your franchise put online so people can find your business through the internet.

But what is Primerica Financial and do they offer reliable services for income? Let’s find out now.

What is Primerica Financial?

Primerica Financial Services is a Multilevel Marketing company that, as the name suggests, provides financial services.

Primerica Financial Services sells financial products and services that include life insurance, debt consolidation loans, auto and homeowner’s insurance, variable annuities, and long-term care insurance.

Primerica services households in the U.S., Canada, and the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico. They have over 130,000 life insurance licensed independent representatives as of 2018, and are SEC registered as a broker-dealer and their shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, which makes them a fairly big deal to work with if you’re thinking about opening up your own franchise with the company.

Is Primerica Financial a reliable MLM to earn?

The company started out selling term life insurance. Their target market now is middle-income consumers with incomes between $30,000-$100,000.

Primerica was founded by way back in 1977 by A. L Williams, he’s wife, and 85 other colleagues. The company is now headquartered in Duluth, Georgia.

Primerica Financial can also be found on social media, which includes Facebook (132.7K Likes), Twitter (30K Likes), and LinkedIn (114.8K Likes).

The company also sports a very good Better Business Bureau profile that shows an A+ Rating with an Accreditation (44 years in the business).

Both industries and categories include: Consulting Finance, Financial Services, FinTech Insurance, Life Insurance, Insurance Companies, Financial Planning Consultants, Insurance Services Office, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning Services, Bankruptcy Attorney, Investment Security.

Do you think working from home selling financial services is something you would be good at? If so, then I keep reading to find out how you can start.

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How does Primerica work?

To start working for Primerica Financial, you just need to go to their website and look for the opportunity button. Click that, and you’ll be taken to another page that looks like the image below:

Is Primerica Financial a reliable MLM to earn?

After seeing this next page, I began seeing that it appears fresh with a clean layout. So with this first step looking good, I am guessing that both the services and the selling financial services work at home opportunity is going to be good as well.

It costs $99 to join Primerica, plus a monthly subscription fee of $25 for the online support system.

As mentioned a little earlier, Primerica sells insurance products and financial services to “Main Street” families, including Financial Needs Analysis, Term Life, Investments, Auto & Home Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Pre-Paid Legal, and Identity Theft protection.

Is Primerica Financial a reliable MLM to earn?

Term Life Insurance is Primerica’s flagship product and what they’re most known for. Their term life insurance plans are reasonably affordable, and they were given an A+ superior rating by A.M. Best, a rating only the top 15% of life insurance companies achieved.

After signing up to the company, you will be able to walk your neighborhood and begin offering the services to people who would want to buy in.

Or, you can build a website and learn SEO and Content Marketing which will help you to have people come to you instead of the other way around.


Considering Primerica is a very well-known company, it was hard to say anything bad about them. But to show you the good and bad, you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons of the Primerica Review. Primerica is 100% legitimate and offer a really great way to earn some extra income.

Overall, You need a company that respects you, keeps you updated on what’s going on, and gives you full disclosure before and after you join. If this company or any other company you long to work for does not do this, then you must renegotiate who you need to work for, and with this being said, I can give you your first pipeline of employment starting with your own online business. Keep on reading below to get this orchestrated.

Primerica Pros And Cons


  • Primerica has Low costs to start a business
  • Primerica has an excellent BBB Rating with an A+ and Accreditation
  • Primerica has a screening process to qualify as a distributor
  • Primerica doesn’t’ include the need to buy products or keep inventory
  • Primerica helps you Get Paid With Fees
  • Primerica has social media platforms


  • There have been Many complaints about the products
  • There have been Many complaints about the MLM opportunity
  • The finance industry is certainly not for everyone
  • Low success rate and lack of success stories off of their website
  • You’re really going to have to sell to your friends and family, while become a big time franchise will incur a hard work road ahead
  • Lots of controversy and lawsuits surround Primerica
  • Slow Start
  • Pay Your Own Expenses
  • Recruiting – In your first 90 days you are expected to get AT LEAST three new representatives into your business all while studying for your exams.
  • Forget Cancelling – According to the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) Numerous complaints from customers who have tried to move their money from Primerica to another financial institution
  • Average Customer Support
  • There are Hidden Fees
  • It is an MLM which are always
Is Primerica Financial a reliable MLM to earn?

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling Financial Services from home? Have you worked or tried working for Primerica before?

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