Postal Jobs Source Review – Scam or Legit?

Postal Jobs Source Review

When somebody comes across a postal job source, it can be something to get excited about – getting a new and easy job is not something people don’t like. So the idea of a Postal Jobs Source is very tempting, to say the least.

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What Is Postal Jobs Source?

Postal Jobs Source is exactly what it says, it is a place where Postal Jobs are distributed between people who sign up and get registered. is a website that claims they will send you a package, which has the process you need to take to get a local job with the Nationwide Postal Service.

How Does Postal Jobs Source Work?

Postal Jobs Source is the background worker for the Nationwide Postal Service.

They put together a package that which is needed for you to land a position with the postal services.

The package is made in order for you to get training and pass the exam and if you don’t get hired, Postal Jobs Source says they will refund you double what you paid!


To assist you to get hired as soon as possible by the mail service once you register, you may get full and immediate access to any or all of the following:

  • Complete Guide – a whole step-by-step guide to the mail service hiring process, including the appliance for employment
  • Personal Job Counseling – you may be given full access to private job counseling for mail employment
  • Sample exam questions AND answers – to make sure you’re fully prepared, you may lean sample exam questions AND answers. You may be shown exactly what to review and the way to review, so you’ll get the very best score possible.
  • Full Access – Associates will get full access to the entire list of mail-service job openings in your area and nationwide.
  • Salary Gradings – you may tend a listing of salary gradings for all positions and therefore the promotion potential from these positions.
  • BONUS – you’ll learn an entire step by step orient applying for employment with ALL other government agencies, including full access to all or any other government job openings in your area and nationwide
  • 200% Full Refund Guarantee – you’ll receive a DOUBLE refund if you’re not hired for any reason by the mail service within 90 days.


What is included in the registration package? – Everything I listed under features in this review.

Is it a safe way to earn money? – No. Postal Jobs Source is believed to be a scam, therefore if you invest any money you’ll probably never see it again.

Is the sign-up process straight forward? – Yes. Postal Jobs Source makes it very easy to sign up.

Is there any experienced required? – No. Anyone can begin taking part by using the button to register.

Is a Postal job a good idea for long-term employment? – I would say yes, but not entirely. When you want an easy job, you want an easy job, and there’s nothing better than typing!

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • The idea behind what they’re trying to do is complex. This provides ways for legit companies to step in and say, hey, that is not it, try this.
  • The Postal Jobs Source website and design layout is perfect, and they make it very easy to sign up and get things done

What’s not to like

  • Postal Jobs Source is not a legitimate source of income
  • It wastes people’s time, money, and effort
  • During their emails to potential clients, they try to justify what they’re doing
  • The idea behind what they propose is not a good way to earn money online
  • It offers a low income opportunity, if it did exist


  • Wealthy Affiliate – Starting a website is much more necessary for someone in this position. It will be the take-off point of your journey into looking for long term employment, and you don’t need to know anything. You’ll find that these alternatives do have jobs for taking, but sometimes you have to have qualifications. In affiliate marketing, you can get started making money without knowing anything!
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  • – CareerJet has been working since 2001, which gives it many different aspects to being a well-lit piece. It scans over 58,000 websites per day, giving the workers as much chance as possible to find that job!
  • The Highest Paying In-Demand Government Jobs


Postal employment opportunities such as mail sorter employment is easy and mouthwatering when you land the gig. How easy is it to sort through mail?

This is what entices people to want to look at this Postal Jobs Source and even buy the package. Like, it confuses me on what to think? I mean, we can obviously see that it is a scam, and you can even verify that with this article.

What brings me to my next point is how could anyone live comfortably knowing in full conscience that their job’s page is not legit but yet they coin out and converse telling – where you look like you’re just complaining and they try to justify that their online business is legit and everything they said adds up, and that it’s just you making a complaint? This does not sit right with me.

When someone pays you $48, you must provide what you said you would or refund them urgently.

I can double down on this right here and give you an auxiliary to help sum up your intent and losses. You have wasted time and maybe even money with this fake company.

I understand that you’re looking for easy work, and I wonder if you would do typing for a job? If, yes, then let me start coaching you, but you can read my coaching guide first! I promise not to let you down like this company, instead you’ll manifest online and learn new things on how to write and shine the light on them next!

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