Playlist Push Review: Can You Really Make Money Here?

Playlist Push Review

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Product Name: Playlist Push


Owner: George Goodrich

Price: Must have a Spotify List With Over 1000 Followers

Overall Rating: 10/100

What Is Playlist Push?

Playlist Push is a website that pays people to review songs from Spotify. It also helps new indie rock music artists get recognition within the music industry.

So, if you like music and can write reviews on songs, stick around because this may be somewhat helpful.

Playlist Push founder and CEO is George Goodrich.

I should also mention I’ll be focusing more on the creator side of the platform during this review, since it’s a work from home blog.

How Does Playlist Push Work?

To get started with Playlist Push, there are a few requirements you’ll need to have in order first to even create an account.

I tried creating a curator account just a minute ago and got to a stage where it said I need a Spotify playlist with minimum 1000 followers. I actually need the URL ready to enter to move forward with my account.

Playlist Push: Make Money Listening To Music (Try This Instead!!)

And this is only for people who wish to review songs and earn a little extra.

So, if you have a Spotify Playlist with over 1000 followers then log into your account and get started.

For those who came this far and don’t qualify for this work from home prospect opportunity, I want you to try something better: $3,944.63 From “Dead” Site 1 Sale.


Getting Started Curating –

Once you are accepted as a curator, you will receive a login to your curator dashboard. There, you will begin to receive songs for review. You will be prompted to leave feedback for each artist along with your decision to add or not add to your playlist.

Songs are out sent to curators each time an artist launches a new Playlist Push campaign. You will only receive songs that match the genres in your playlists.

Reviewing songs does have guidelines that you’ll receive along with the job.

For Curators –

Discover Music –

  • Discover new music by independent artists and build a new playlist.

Get Rewarded –

  • Earn money by listening and reviewing songs.

Ways To Earn –

Review Songs –

Minimum Requirements To Become a Curator –

  • Minimum 1,000 followers per playlist
  • Minimum 30 Active Monthly Listeners per playlist
  • Minimum 1% Active Monthly Listeners per playlist
  • Movie / series soundtrack playlists
  • Playlists that change their title to attract followers
  • Playlists for a specific album, song, artist or band
  • Playlists focused on a specific decade (i.e. 80s playlist)
  • Sub for Sub Playlists
  • Playlists with “follow me” in the title
Playlist Push: Make Money Listening To Music (Try This Instead!!)

TikTok Video Creator – Need at least 30,000 real followers and videos need to generate more than 2,000 views to apply.

Referral Program – For every new person you can refer, you’ll earn 10% commissions. If an artist signs up using a special affiliate link, both them and the referrer earns 7.5%.

Playlist Push: Make Money Listening To Music (Try This Instead!!)

Requesting Payment –

Curators can request payment at any time by direct bank transfer.

How much can Playlist Push curators earn?

You can earn up to $12 for each song you will review.


Is Playlist Push safe? Yes. After researching online, I have seen Playlist Push do many updates making them safer. 

Does Playlist Push have payment proof? No. After doing a Google search, it was unclear if there is actual payment proof being uploaded.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Payment can be requested whenever by direct bank transfer.

Is Playlist Push a real and honest way to earn money online? This is unclear. The Playlist Push earning method is unique and new to me. Only time will tell if it actually works out to be helpful.

Does Playlist Push have support? Yes. There is customer service done by chatbot on the homepage. Direct messages can be sent, and an email reply will be sent back if no one is there to take your message.

Does Playlist Push have any bad reviews? There are not many bad reviews, instead there is concerning thoughts as the platform is hard to join and also isn’t for everybody.

Does Playlist Push have an app? No. Everything is done by website only.

Would you recommend Playlist Push to a friend or relative? No. I don’t think this method is the right way to earn money, even if you’re in the music industry. Just a moment ago I saw a blog called “Smart Rapper” and I tried thinking what the founder was thinking when he chose this name, and to me, I think he was saying “I don’t just rap, but I also run my own blog”. This is exactly what I want to show people, and I do this by offering one to one coaching for free. I advise people looking for a way to work from home how to start doing it the right way, which isn’t doing small talk things such as Playlist Pusher.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Work From Home
  • High rewards
  • Pays by direct bank transfer

What’s not to like –

  • Referral program isn’t for everyone
  • Unclear what it looks like inside (need a Spotify follow list of 1000 to access the website)
  • No mobile access
  • Not a real way to make money online (Good for the founders, though)


At my website, Affiliate Training Now, I teach and coach people how to build a website and start their own online business.

I’ll show you some alternatives as well, just in case there are people here looking only in one direction.

But my high advice is that you open your mind to expanding your chances of earning a full time income online.

Starting an online business is just the same as having a popular YouTube channel, except the content is done by writing. Much easier because you don’t have to do much editing (just grammar).

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For Playlist Push Alternatives, check this blog out: how to make money listening to music.


Now that we have been through some of what Playlist Push has to offer, is Playlist Push a scam or legit? 

We went over much of what it takes to earn money working for playlist push as a curator, and it turns out it isn’t that easy.

I mean, it used to be 400 followers you needed to get signed, but since they found out bots were being used, they upgraded their systems and turned up the requirements as well.

Put it this way, there is no future working this job long term. For getting to know a few things about the online world, it is OK, but nothing else.

You’ll spend more time clicking ads and making the founders’ money than what you’ll earn. They seem to want to take advantage of successful people on Spotify. It’s a bit awkward asking successful Spotify playlist associates to review your new Indie songs?

What I recommend – Start Making Real Income Via A Real Online Business

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