PI Network Review: Is it a Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

Pi Network Review

This is my Pi Network Review. Find out if Pi Network is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to make money online and when there is some type of software that will pay you to do such estimates then that is on you to download it or work it whichever way they say is possible. I can assure you now there are many ways to make your time feel completed online but it is up to you to choose one of those ways. What I will mention now is that running your own real blog and not just a micro-blog (Facebook or Instagram) you will grow a traffic source that makes you millions of dollars the longer you work on it. It can be taught to you or you can learn by a professional or free coach but once again not even this is free on the internet except here on this website. I offer free coaching where you can bring to life the ideas you have always had or wanted to build or make money with and I can assure you there is nothing that you can think of that you can not receive an affiliate link for, which means you can use other people’s products to sell and make money with a percentage of the sale. All a beginner must do in affiliate marketing is write the content and build the website, everything else is already ready and in place because it has all evolved into automated tools where you click a few buttons and it is done.

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But what is Minepi.com and can collecting Bitcoin from home make you money online? Let’s find out now.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is an app that collects bitcoin when a user signs up and presses the start button. Pi Network was launched in March 2019 by three researches by the name of Nicolas Kokkali’s Ph.D. Chengdiao Fan Ph.D. Vince McPhillip M.B.A. Pi Network is a virtual currency that can only be mined by mobile device, and one of the good things about this tool is that is does not use any power whatsoever in running.

Siddhant Gupta (as cited in Stanford Daily, 2019) noted, “Pi Network is a virtual currency that can only be mined on a phone but does not consume device resources like other free-mining applications. Previously Pi Network could include mining applications such as Electroneum (ETN), but this application consumes your device resources to decode the algorithm (Electroneum uses cryptonight algorithm). With Pi Network, when you dig coins will feel the device does not heat up. In addition, you can also turn off the application or turn off the network and still be able to mine coins every 24 hours”.

When I read this concept, a lot of sense as to why so many people are downloading this mechanism. For an example, Pi Network has been downloaded 63,382 from the Google App Store since its inception and with that has a 4.5-Star rating. It is nearly 5-Starts, which leads me to believe that this app is really something. Imagine the money they would be making off the ad revenue? On the App Store for Apple it also sports a 4.4-Star rating with over 2.6K downloads.

After doing some research I read that users were saying that even as they tried the app out, when it started digging it did not heat up their phones. This is was an important element to this device and whether it will be something that you start using from today onward.

Pi Network are on Facebook with 145K Likes and this is one of my number elements to learning whether a business actually legitimate or not. Providing people and potential prospects with free learning curve devices like this really shows you true intent that which you perform.

Eligibility: Pi Network is not open entry. All countries invite only. 18+.

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How does Pi Network work?

Pi Network is a new coin that is called Pi. The goal is to get as many people signing up now which is the first stage. By the third stage, members will have their coins saved (or earned) and will be ahead of the market. This opportunity is exactly the same as when Bitcoin Launched and everyone cashed in. What Pi Network is doing is giving away free coins for the future, and it is very important that you know that this is a free investment. You only need to keep your Pi App running in the background while it earns your coins.

Watch this video below to find out what this means for you and your future if you invest

Pi Network also has their main website where you can find out an in depth look at how Pi Network works but they also offer iOS and Android systems for you to download and start mining from their website right away. The Pi Network download takes seconds and doesn’t require anything except the usual sign up details such as your name and DOB along with your email address. Signing up with Pi Network download is effortless and you can also do it with your Facebook Account.

Something that I was able to find on another post was that the Pi Network code encrypted actually still in its BETA stages. Now that I write it I can also remember reading this on their website where they also spread the word to anyone who knows a little bit about this type of stuff to also reach out and give them your insights. BETA Testing is when a product is being tested by the end users which are you and I.

After further research I was able to find that Pi Network is happy with you sticking around while the platform still launches. It is also important to remember that the Pi Network doesn’t pay real money, but yet it is a long-term project whose success ultimately depends on the users and who they invite in order to get the app running smoothly. Actually now when I think about it only being invite only, it kind of makes sense now when I look back on how they’ve only had 2.6K downloads for the iOS device.

Pi Network helps people capture economic value, which is held by banks, technology giants (e.g. Facebook, Amazon), and other intermediaries. Pi Network depends on the contribution of the members. Therefore, Pi NetWork is not suitable for those who want to make money quickly although you will earn Bitcoin quickly.

Operation of Pi Network is as simply as signing in and pressing the button. There is a basic menu to the left for chatting with friends and one other element is what it called the “Roles”. The Roles are referring to the user having to log in every 24 hours to “check-in” as it is a pretty cool app that is mining Bitcoin. I’m assuming they are wanting people to stay focused as they have high expectations for this platform app. This is an exciting opportunity and I want each one of your to also receive the same amount of sign ups as me so find out below how to start a website and get referrals.


Now that I have fully finished my Pi Network Review I can honestly say that this opportunity is legitimate and I can’t wait to see where it goes. After all the research I did, everyone was saying that it is basically the user getting free currency which will soon be their investment and why they say to make as much as you can now. I read and heard that it is an ingenious idea and whoever signs up now will indeed be very happy in the near future.

Pros And Cons About Pi Network


  • Pi Network It’s free!
  • Pi Network has No upfront costs.
  • Pi Network has Very little risk, if at all.
  • Pi Network offers the possibility of being a pioneer in something potentially much bigger.
  • Pi Network offers a fun way to invest into the future
  • Pi Network looks promising
  • Pi Network offers free Currency with a plan that is likely to work


  • New, uncertainty if it’ll ever really take off.
  • Miners may not remember about the Roles and forget to sign on
  • It can be frustrating not being able to earn right away
  • Members need referrals to strengthen their accounts – Be careful with your data.
  • Roadway is unclear or written is a hard to understand way

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