Permission Research Review – My Honest Opinion

You may have heard that taking online surveys is a good way to make some extra money in your spare time? There are different ways this can be true. If you combine all the platform activities, you can probably make a decent income online. And yet again, if you learn of different survey platforms, you could most likely triple your income. 

Online surveys are used by businesses to find out if people like or dislike a product or service, and there are many marketing agencies who have taken it upon themselves to try to help these advertises find out those opinions. 

I mean, if you think about it, you need to solve an industry specification. You know that brands want opinions, do you create your own online surveys website by recruiting a community and telling them you have a bunch of surveys for them to fill out? Or do you do something else?

A big component to online surveys is actually TV programs as well. TV programs use surveys to find out how well a show is rating. They might come along and ask Permission Research if they could help out with finding out those opinions. For this, it would have to be a community in a specific country or area code. I mean, you wouldn’t be to ask certain questions relating to a TV program if the show is not in the country you are in because the community would not be able to give the right answers. 

So, now you have a little bit of extra knowledge, is Permission Research a scam or legit site to earn good cash from? Let’s continue to find out, shall we?

Product Name: Permission Research


Download: Web Browser application

Owner: Comscore Inc

Price: Free

Earnings: Trees planted + gift cards

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is Permission Research?

Permission Research is a data harvesting platform that’s owned by Comscore Inc, an internet research company.

After looking up with the website URL, I learned it was created in 2004 making it a fairly old company that’s been around for a while. This is definitely what you want when looking for something you can trust to make money with on the internet.

Even on the homepage, it states that they actually sport over 2 million members and that it is free to join. It also shares how its research is used, which is by major media outlets across the globe.

I looked at Permission Research on the BBB and was not entirely happy with what I saw. It is not accredited and does not have a rating with the firm. This is not the sign we were looking for. Check screenshot below.

On the homepage there’s not really much information on how much you get paid or even why it will be worth it for you. I wanted to see social media (as well), where I could engage with the community, but they did not have any. I had to search for Permission Research on Facebook via Google and found they don’t have a page. This means you won’t be able to interact with them as a community. Pretty Private if you ask me.

How Does Permission Research Work?

To get started with Permission Research, you need to have a computer and internet connection in order to sign up and login to your account.

Be warned now that this website does not use mobile phones. There’s no app, so you won’t be able to take surveys on the go using your mobile phone. You can’t even access the website via mobile phone because it is actually a piece of software that is installed onto your computer.

Once you have installed the Permission Research software onto your computer, it begins tracking your internet usage. Once it has harvested what it needs, it then sells the information to relevant businesses who will be able to use the data.

How To Earn From Permission Research

#1Sign Up For Permission Research 

To start making money via Permission Research software, you first need to sign up. The good thing about this company is that anyone can join, no matter where you live. The more people who join, the more they can make. They harvest data from all over the world, and begin to resell this information back to the corresponding countries and coordinates.

#2Install The Tracking Device

Once your account is created, you’ll be able to download the software through their website. I believe the actual software is an extension just like any other. You have these little buttons sitting at the top of your Chrome browser. When your internet fires up, it will begin tracking your usage.

#3Background Monitoring

While you are looking at things that you enjoy on your internet browser, the Permission Research software is working in the background. Don’t stress, while you are signing up, there are privacy policies in place so that you are made aware of what is going to happen. It’s not like you are being stalked in the background, and you don’t like it.

#4Trees For Knowledge

Permission Research has also done a remarkable act of assistance by partnering with Trees For Knowledge, a non-profit organization who plants tress in Central Africa, Africa, and Asia every time someone new joins the Permission Research Panel. This process has been signed since Permission Mission was founded way back in 1989. Since then, they have been able to plant over 65 million trees.

Do you realize how big this work is? Can you imagine your own business working so hard as to plant over 65 million trees since 1989? I commend this business with everything.

#5Monthly Sweepstakes

One of my favorite ways to make money is with sweepstakes, mainly because you have the opportunity to earn so much.

Permission Research awards their members every month by with a $100 payment to the winner. There are also bigger draws as well, such as $2500, $5000, and also $100,000.

While I did my studying for this review, I read that you can win more entries by inviting people to the platform, but I didn’t see any referral information on the website

#6Earn rewards

You can also earn rewards in addition to using the software for taking special surveys. You’ll earn gift cards for answering these surveys. Not only that, but you can expect to find these surveys by two ways, in your email inbox and in the software notifications center. These surveys are also looked upon as being a thank you for your help in spreading trees around the world.

Payment Method and Minimum Payout

If you were expecting to earn rewards and cash from Permission Research, you are not going to be happy.

During this review, I told you that you help Permission Research plant trees, and this is your payment.

However, you can be paid gift cards as a thank-you by finding surveys in your email inbox and tracking software notifications center.

Obviously, if you win the big sweepstake prizes you will be paid by check, but this isn’t certain, since they did not mention this. They also didn’t mention if the gift cards are sent out by mail or if they are e-gift cards.

Payment methods:

  • Cash paid via check
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Sweepstakes entries
  • Donations to charity

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • You help countries get trees planted
  • It’s free to join
  • Offers gift cards as a thank you

What’s not to like –

  • Your data is tracked
  • You may have issues with privacy 
  • You don’t earn much real cash


I really enjoy seeing this website and the work they are doing. Even if people have issues with having their data tracked, it is for the best cause ever. I mean, if you were going to have your data tracked while you use the internet, what a better reason than to have tress planted.

This business makes a huge impact and I urge people to do the same thing. We see millions of people going to work and getting the job done, but how often do they look into wild life and planting trees?

The Permission Research Members don’t earn a whole lot, but by becoming a member you get trees planted, which is a good thing. 

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