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Permission Research Review

How many people are starting to search the internet these days in hopes of working online? You see that? If I said none, you wouldn’t have any knowledge different and would tend to head the way in which I just said. This is how important it is that I get this message out there in today’s day and age, and that is that you, me, and absolutely anyone within the world can build a website and start making money online. If you have never learned how to open a business and make money, then I suggest staying tuned because the work-from-home space has everything to do with this Permission Research Review.

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What is Permission Research? is a market Research Platform that provides a way for both members and prospect members to sign up for free and start earning money. Permission Research is owned by ComScore Inc., an internet research company that specialises in planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms.

Permission Research was founded in 1936, which is so long ago. Something I tend to evaluate a business on is how long they have been within the industry for, and when you can get a business such as Permission Research frolicking along for so long is it definitely easier to believe its legitimacy.

Permission Research has a long list of assets, working together with Trees for the Future, they help plant 50 thousand trees every month, totalling over 18 million trees since 2008. By becoming a member, you will also support this project and have a tree planted on your behalf.

Over 2 million people around the world are a part of the Permission Research community. The goal of the Permission Research project is to understand the patterns and trends that exist when humans search the internet. A better understanding of how people use the internet serves the ultimate purpose of helping companies make guided future business decisions on the web. This is a key aspect as to how PermissionResearch understands their movement.

Permission Research ensures that the software used to record internet usage patterns does not reveal your identity, as it collects data within an aggregate form. Permission Research has a strict Privacy Policy set in place, which is also going to help members when moving forward with this work-from-home opportunity.

Eligibility: International members accepted, 18+.

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How does Permission Research work?

As with all Survey Websites, when you find a platform that you like, you need to create an account and verify your email. Once that’s done, you can come back and start also receiving work-from-home jobs.

Because Permission Research has the goal of measuring how people engage online, they collect data on online usage and purchase information that you store in your web browser. In addition to collecting data used in research reports, the Permission Research software increases your eligibility for surveys. It uses your Internet surfing data to provide you with surveys, which are most relevant to the services/products you use.

When a prospect member signs up, you not only share your online browsing and shopping habits, you’re allowing Permission Research to collect information about your TV viewing habits (including data such as the channels and programs you watch and record, and the on-demand programming you order) directly from your TV service provider on your behalf. This is some of the elements to gaining high respect from this Survey Portal.

There is a large array of membership perks that you will also receive when you join, and they are as follows:

  • Trees for Knowledge: Permission Research has partnered with a non-profit organisation known as Trees for the Future. Trees for the Future has been helping thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia by planning nearly 65 million trees since 1989. Get this next bit: Trees for the Future plants a tree for each new person who joins the Permission Research community. When you sign up for Permission Research, you are recognised with a tree planted through the Trees of Knowledge program. Is something that truly interests you? It may not be about the money after all.
  • Monthly Sweepstakes: As a reward for Permission Research members, each month, one lucky panellist will receive $100 out of a random prize draw. There are also other draws for bigger cash prizes of $2500, $5000, and even $100,000! These larger draw prizes can be given to members by referring other people to the platform.
  • Free Software: Permission Research members also receive free software such as file protection, screensavers, games, and online privacy tools.
  • Cash and Gift Cards: Permission Research members may be contacted (from-time-to-time) for special surveys that offer extra perks, like cash or gift cards, as a thank you for participation.
  • Online Surveys – Members may also be asked to complete special surveys about their internet or TV usage habits. Members have two ways of receiving these opportunities, and they are either by logging into the portal or email.


Now, with everything laid bare, is Permission Research a Scam or Legit?

Permission Research is a legitimate platform and pay their members. The issues I have with this Survey Platform is that they hardly ever have any surveys for their members, and it is almost like they are paying you for your browser information. They are constantly getting your shopping information and when you’re not receiving any surveys in compensation I truly believe you’re being ripped off. It is also pretty dangerous having your browser monitored in this day and age as we move closer to the end of ages.

Pros And Cons About Permission Research


  • Permission Research is a well-known company
  • Permission Research have large rewards such as $100 to $100,000 prizes


  • Permission Research Monitor your Browser and internet (not all that tempting)
  • Permission Research hardly ever pay their members because they are gathering the information they need from your browsers. That it why it is important to carefully choose who you work with online.
  • Permission Research website looks outdated and if they did an update it would help things out a bit with their prospects

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