Surveys2Cash Review – Scam or Legit?

Surveys2Cash Review

Taking surveys online is a way where people can earn some extra income.

But is it really worth your time? I know there will be some people out there who say “yes” it is, but I have never seen real proof that it is.

When you understand the basic weights of what is happening within a backend of a survey panel, then you’ll see straight what is eating all the money.

You need money and that is why you look at heed online.

But when will you focus on real ways to earn from home?

If you want to make money and are truly dedicated, then affiliate marketing is what you want to do. I have a free guide that I would like you to read to get moving in the right direction for this.

Product Name: Surveys2Cash


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 0/100

What Is Surveys2Cash?

Surveys2Cash is an online survey portal where it provides surveys to people in order to earn some money online.

How Does Surveys2Cash Work?

There have been a lot of discussions on what type of survey platform this is and when I signed up, I did everything it said, and the surveys I clicked on said they were from Opinionetwork, but it couldn’t load them.

This made think the site was a bit strange. I was not able to complete any surveys and there is nowhere where I can enter banking details in order to get paid.


  • Offers – A list of elements that help survey panels, offering people tasks to make more money.
  • Surveys – Access to a variety of different panels.
  • Gift Cards – This is another option members have handy if they wish to withdraw and is connected to Amazon.
  • Withdraw with PayPal – $1 to $5 – surveys cam vary in length between 5 and 30 minutes and pay between $1 to $5 with longer surveys paying more.
  • Survey Lengths – Surveys can range from a few minutes up to half an hour and pay up to $10 an hour.
  • Product testers – Members test products from home and have to leave a small review.
  • Paid for search – Members get paid to search.
  • Rewards for downloading and using apps – Members can download and use apps to earn more.
  • Loans for various purposes – This is a real winner, sometimes these types of platforms will get you to take out a loan using their broker service.
  • Free brand product samples – Members get to receive free products when they’re samples.
  • Free money from sweepstakes – Sweepstakes are another helpful way to earn more money.
  • Instant cash giveaways – Instantly earn money by way of cash giveaways per web platform.

Safety features

  • SSL Certificate – Valid (Issued by Amazon)
  • Owner – N/A
  • Date of Foundation – N/A
  • Customer Support – You do not require any support
  • Contact Link –
  • Privacy Policy –Surveys2Cash – Privacy Policy


Is Surveys2Cash a safe platform to give away your private details? No. Even though the website does look legit, I don’t trust what they’re doing within the back end of the product.

Does Surveys2Cash put forth a reliable essence when looking to earn? No. When I tried it, it did not pay me or show me any proof that I was getting paid.

Does Surveys2Cash have any bad reviews online? Yes. There are some websites that say Surveys2Cash is another scam that is just trying to get your details, which is what I think also.

Would you recommend Surveys2Cash to a friend or relative? No. There is just no point in giving this website a help in hand by asking other people to come and use it, as it offers very little value.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Members have a chance to stumble upon a survey site that will pay you a few bucks
  • The website is easy to use and looks honest from the beginning.

What’s not to like

  • Only third party surveys – the threshold to cash out on each of these different third party sites will vary, and you cannot combine your earnings.
  • Strict qualification requirements – is no easier to qualify than if you accessed the panels directly. You still need to fill in a 2 to 3 minute form.
  • Is a low way to earn money
  • Didn’t do anything for me when I signed up


Landing on one’s pages looking for answers when trying to make money, it’s helpful in getting other suggestions.

I don’t recommend doing surveys for long because they don’t pay much money, and it is what it is, they just don’t pay much.

However, affiliate marketing is something that you can look into for further help if you want to make money online.

Just underneath here, you can see a list of surveys sites have reviewed, and they’re not like what other people post


The Surveys2Cash website isn’t what I expected it to be. When creating a blog like this, it is very awkward when I have to review these types of websites because it is hard to say whether the platform will be around for much longer or not.

Do you get what I mean? I mean, we need to make money but is Surveys2Cash a website that can pay people to take surveys, grow in popularity, and start making a better name for itself? I don’t think so.

People sign up to Surveys2Cash to make money, but I don’t think anyone is really able to make money at this location.

However, I suggest trying affiliate marketing if you’re not aware of this opportunity yet, and I can coach you freely along the way.

Also, I did a few reviews on scam sites in a row and when I checked my email around the following same time I saw this:

Surveys2Cash Review – Scam or Legit?
Scam emails for signing up to a fake PTC site or influencer site

If you can’t see this image clearly, open it in a new tab (right click on mouse, new tab).

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