Paid2YouTube Review – Scam or Legit?

Paid2YouTube Review

Once you have taken to the internet in search of being able to make an online income, that is pretty much the end of the thinking part and now you’re ready to get invested and actually try and make money online.

So, now what?

What way will you choose, what exactly are you to type into the search engine in order to find the right investment?

My advice is build a website and start publishing content to your own blog scroll. Over time, it will grow larger and generate traffic so that you can earn an income.

To be blunt, some people are so weird they can not even type a sentence. The issue with this is it is the only real way that making money online exists. If you’re somebody who is new then it is the fairest and simplest way you can get your foot in the door.

For other people who don’t do things by the book, they find themselves in situations such as Paid2YouTube, trying to generate a small income stream. This is not a recommended opportunity but if you’re here anyway then that is a good thing.

When you get the chance, try taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate because this is another community but like no other. You’ll see the main menu offers training and I offer free coaching.

Product Name: Paid2YouTube



Free to join

Overall Rating:

What Is Paid2YouTube?

Paid2YouTube is an online opportunity for people to make a small amount of income by watching YouTube Videos.

Paid2YouTube Review - Scam or Legit?

There’s also the option to get views, subscribers, comments, and thumbs up to your videos! I suppose this part is for the people who already have a YouTube Channel.

Paid2YouTube also offers a referral program, which means if you can tell somebody about the platform and they join because of you, you’ll earn a commission. This is affiliate marketing in which I offer free coaching.

How Does Paid2YouTube Work?

Paid2YouTube recruits people to come and join their platform. When they have some members ready to work, Paid2YouTube will send them a job to comment on a YouTube video. When the member comments on the YouTube video they will earn a small reward.


Paid2YouTube has the following features for members to use when they sign up –

  • Surf Videos – This pays members $0.005 per video view
  • Comment – This pays members $0.10 per comment they post on YouTube
  • Ratings – This pays members $0.01/rating for the ratings they give on YouTube
  • Subscribe – Members can Receive $0.15 per channel subscription

With referrals, members can receive $0.001 for every video their referral views, $0.05 per comment, $0.005 per rating and $0.05 per subscription they add. As you can tell already, there is some type of opportunity here to earn. While you’re doing your bit inside the platform working, you could also have somebody that you brought into the platform also earning YOU money; and this is what makes the platform the right utility to make money.

Who ever said buying and renting referrals was a bad idea?

Paid2Youtube allows you to rent referrals for 30 days.

Renting Referrals

  • 5 Referrals for 30 days will cost you $3.34
  • 35 Referrals for 30 days = $14.62
  • 100 referrals for 30 days = $36.76

Purchasing Referrals

  • 5 referrals = $8.81
  • 35 = $53
  • 100 = $126.42
  • 500 = $500


Is Paid2YouTube a safe? Yes, and no. You may think it looks safe, but after reading some other blogs I found that some people disagreed.

Is Paid2YouTube expensive to use? No. It is free to join and start earning money.

Is it the right way to go about earning money online? Yes, and no. I am not fully sure about how leaving comments on people’s blogs for money works. Just keep in mind that each time you leave a comment it is being priced at your expense. If you work or use any time at all you must get paid a decent salary. Not just take whatever it pays because you don’t really care.

Is there any bad reviews about Paid2YouTube online? Yes. There a multiple blogs online that claim Paid2YouTube is not worth it and that the website looks very cheap and outdated.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • It is a free facet to earn money
  • It offers PayPal for supporters to cashout their rewards
  • It submits easy tasks to people to make money
  • It is active around the world

What’s not to like

  • The method it uses doesn’t require that much effort, which makes it harder for people to earn larger bonuses.
  • The style it uses is a little dodgy, some may say because the comments may not seem all that natural
  • It is not a real proffer for working from home because it doesn’t pay enough money to live off.
  • Paid2YouTube looks like a very cheap site. By looking at a cheap site, it makes you wonder if they’re even able to pay you on time.


Similar websites that offer the same things


Needing to earn money is something we all need, and when we can earn for basically doing nothing, we think it is a good idea.

If you have been using Paid2YouTube lately, then look at it as being a way to get better at searching and using the web.

At least you’re making use of the internet, hey! I hear people all around me who not doing anything, and when there are opportunities that would amaze you, we all should be taking note!

The only real issue with Paid2YouTube is that it doesn’t pay anywhere near enough money. You could find that with buying referrals, you might even lose more money than what you started with?

You have come this far, so with that in mind, think about taking something a little bit different. Anyone can now build an affiliate business and make money by writing reviews and posting them to their website. If this is you, and you’re wanting to give it a shot, come and join Wealthy Affiliate and I will coach you for free!

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