In this post you learn how to install 'Google Search Console’ and 'Google Analytics WordPress’. Get 'Google Analytics training’ through the links.

Understanding The First Two Plugins We Install To Our Websites At Wealthy Affiliate – (Must Read!!)

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Getting set up with your first and most important plugins, at Wealthy Affiliate.

Hey everyone, building an online business and making it a success comes down to a few things, what you know, how good you are at SEO, and where you host your website. Read More

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In this free guide, you learn how to 'earn money online’. Read this post and then download the free portable guide at the end. Sign up anywhere on this website to start your earn business.

Learn how to start an Online Business and earn money fairly quickly with this free guide

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Hey there!

I see you have found your way into my free guide, on “how to make money online”.

How Long Does It Take?

To make money online, is easy, and if your not committed 100% right here, and right now, then you could be in for a waste of time. Read More

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This post shows you the 'free online certification courses' in which Wealthy Affiliate has to give to anyone looking for a way to escape the 9-5 rat race and start 'making money from home'.

Education at Wealthy Affiliate both premium and starter members – must read

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Do you know what the worse living schedule is that we as humans must do?

Go to work.

Do you really like wasting every day of your life having to earn money from someone else, which in other words is selling your own time? Read More

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Hey! Do you want to start making money with your own business and be changing other peoples lives yourselves? I can show you ‘how to build a website’ with a company I work with. Join up and let me become your coach and mentor. Contact me via the many ways on this website, can’t wait to work with you.

Are you searching for a way to earn money online?

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Hi everyone, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Michael Van Gulik, and in 2003 I left High School and started out working as a roof tiling Apprentice, after doing that for 8-9 years I began to think long and hard about my future. Not having my own business really made me want more.

I didn’t want to roof tile my whole life either.

One day after purchasing my own laptop (not to long ago), I simply did an online Google search and found Wealthy Affiliate.

After finding this dream opportunity, I knew straight away that being an affiliate was it.

After making the decision to leave roof tiling behind for good, I started investing all my time into my online business (Affiliate Training Now).

Today, nine months later, I now have two online businesses, that I have built from the ground up.

I can name so many facts right now why I use Wealthy Affiliate, and if you are here looking for success then I would be glad to show you how achieving online success is possible for everyone.

For example so many people come to Wealthy Affiliate and upon entering, they make a blog saying how there website business was hacked by Malware, (a malicious software harmful to a computer user) and thats why they had to switch.

The reason for this is such cheap website hosting, can you imagine paying $2.95AUD a month for your site to be hosted, only to have it totally destroyed by a malicious file or program.

At Wealthy Affiliate we are protected from this and that’s the only reason they are the best.

If you want a career in affiliate marketing and the chance to build your own online business, then follow my journey and let me be your mentor.

Why I want to help people

I want to help people because there are so many people out there who can become something, a financial success, it’s just they don’t have the means to find that direction.

The reason why I think it’s so important trying to help people is so they don’t waste all their time.

I see people all the time in the library studying things they don’t even like, let alone traditional study being dead.

If you are reading this and your stuck studying which you don’t fully trust, take this step.

If your employed, I advise you to take this step and create an online business which you can keep to the side. This will become important later.

My goal.

My ultimate goal is to reach a point in business where I’m not entrapped by the traditional 9-5 routine.

Learning at such a fast pace, which is what being an affiliate can do makes me want to never have to work again.

I only want to be earning 5-10k a month and that’s it, that’s fine for me.

After reaching my goals, my next approach will be to help other people get to the levels I’m at.

Even people overseas in Africa.

There is people all over the world who has something special to say, so why not build a business and earn an online income.

Building out my business, and inviting people join Wealthy Affiliate, is achieving the best for my online business.

My goal is to have 300 premium referrals within 1 year, (If you earn this, it’s a free trip to Vegas). This means, when you read one of my blogs, if you are interested, and sign up because of me, then you have been apart of my success.

Wealthy Affiliate is free (to start)

Take a look now at 3 reasons why you should start now.

Fast money, is not going to be assured straight away.

What I can assure, is success (money) within 6-12 months, or less of hard work.

And, this success has many ways of showing itself, let me give you some examples.

• By promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you will earn recurring commissions.

• By achieving 300 premium referrals, you will given a trip to Las Vegas with the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, for an all expenses paid trip to celebrate, this happens each year.

• You will learn all aspects, of becoming a SEO expert.

To join now – For free (Starter Member): Click Here

To find out more – Review (Wealthy Affiliate):


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In this post you will learn the good and great aspects of blogging and also 'how to earn money from blogging'. This is content that you will not only find interesting but something that leads to great success providing work hard.

How to monetise your blog through affiliate marketing programs and make money online

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Hey everyone,

You may be wondering how to make money online in some sort of quick fashion. This can be known because of the key searches that which penetrate Google rankings on the daily. Read More

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If you are looking to make a fresh start in a way that earns you money and lets you 'work from home' sign up through my website and get started on the training.

What benefits and features does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

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Tonnes and tonnes of benefits & features

Hey everyone,

Whether your life isn’t the way you want it to be or your looking to become something better and more successful I know of a system that works. Read More

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Read this informative review to start your own business today. You can ‘work from home’ and start making affiliate commissions by simply recommending the platform within itself.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit… or a scam?

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Hey everyone,

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform that can help anyone within the online world achieve success fast, keep reading to see if this review will satisfy your needs. Read More

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This blog talks about how you can ‘earn money online’ and never have to work again. If you would like to know how you can ‘work from home’ then try reading this and tell me in the comments what you think.

Learn how you can work from home and make more money than lawyers, doctors, or even real estate investors.

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Do you want to make money selling from home?

I have found during my time at Affiliate marketing that making money online has never been so easy. Read More

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Join this post and learn how you can 'work from home' earning more money than lawyers, doctors and real estates.

Are you searching for a successful future?

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Dream job search coming true

I can’t honestly tell you since finding and making my dream job come true it has been a blast. What is your dream job? I can tell you I see so many people wondering and never knowing what to do with their lives. What Wealthy Affiliate has done for me is truly remarkable. Read More

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This is the best ‘online affiliate marketing program’ in the world. If you are looking for ‘an affiliate marketing program’ I recommend reading this review first. ATN has everything you need to know.

This post is the start of something big for you.

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A review with a twist

This review has been made with the intent that you build an affiliate website when you’ve finished reading it.

The way I have structured this review is to show you how well Wealthy Affiliate will show you step by step how to set up your own online website.

Along with this post I have sent you a free pdf (portable guide) on how to start an online business step by step. Please be sure to also check your spam folders.

Ready? lets jump straight in!

Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

In this post, I am going to review wealthy affiliate. I will give you the most thorough review possible.

Does Wealthy Affiliate work? Let’s find out! Read More

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