OnePoll Surveys Review: Scam or Legit?

OnePoll Surveys Review

There are so many reasons to want to make some money online and people are turning to both GPT and survey sites in order to begin their method to earning money from their computer.

I mean being able to earn from your own homes is something that a lot of people would be willing to learn.

But what are some of the tasks that are offered and how much do they pay?

During this OnePoll Surveys Review, I will show you what they offer and whether it is worth your while.

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What is OnePoll Surveys?

OnePoll Surveys is an online survey panel that offer new people a way where they can create an account, taking some Surveys, and earn some extra income.

OnePoll Surveys offers users to participate in paid surveys with both their mobile and laptop computer. Having a mobile version of the website is a good thing because it means you can sit anywhere and begin taking surveys. Good for traveling around and getting bored!

OnePoll Surveys is situated within the UK with offices within Filton, Bristol.

Something to keep in mind with this survey panel is that they have partnered with some pretty large retail firms within the UK giving its members a greater way to get work. Retailers always have questions they need answered and with this type of partnering you should be able to get some decent surveys from them.

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How does OnePoll Surveys work?

Getting started with OnePoll Surveys is as easy as going to their website and creating an account with both your name and email.

Although I have read that OnePoll Surveys is in operation around the whole world, I tend to think that they’re only working for both US and UK residents! On the website you can see in the top right hand corner a sign up button for both the US and UK only.

To participate in this opportunity with OnePoll Surveys you have to be over 18 years old.

They pay around $0.20 per survey and the threshold to cashout is $40. I know that is very high, actually the highest I have ever seen for a survey site.

OnePoll offers two different ways to cash out and they’re by PayPal or BACS which is a payment method operating within the UK only.

Keep in mind that 1 point is the same as 1 cent. So if you earn 20 points, you’re have made $0.20.

If you think about this, you need $40 to withdraw your cash and you have to make up 4000 points and this is a lot! I have no idea why it is like this but that’s how it operates.

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Now that I have finished my OnePoll Survey Review I can now conclude that the site is legit.

However, as with all survey opportunities they only pay very small amounts of money, enough to basically make you quit.

If you want to earn how to make serious money online then keep reading!

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