One Story Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

One Story Review

This is my One-Story Review. Find out if One Story is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to make an online income and being able to write is one of the paths that which people are turning to. I think one of the huge reasons for this is because they just mainly follow suit. They write online in blogs and social aspects and then begin to see their expansion gaps by way of platforms offering to pay you money to form a blog scroll for them. The thing about this is that selling written content is the biggest mistake you could perform online.

Written content is what builds a website, so I honestly do not see the point in a website paying you to build them when you could be building your own branded website, keeping your content, publishing your content to your own site, and therefore begin paying yourself. This is how the internet works, but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to this topic as a whole. I started my blog and started learning about how serious it is that your site ranks good quality content. With this in mind I want you to follow a simple training and build a website where you can name and build a brand. Within months of consistent hard work, you’ll begin to see how awesome it is having a website that pays you money. You can say anything you want and people will know it’s you.

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But what is One Story and what do they offer you in terms of getting paid online? Let’s find out now.

What is One Story?

One Story is a literary magazine which publishes 12 issues a year, each issue containing a single short story. The magazine was founded in 2002 by writers Hannah Tinti and Maribeth Batcha. The first short story to be published to the website was “Villanova” by John Hodgman. One Story is a partnership fueled by the creator’s passion, talent, and a lot of hard work. One Story began as a simple way to capture personal stories, has grown into a platform to expand communication, capture important stories, improve brand performance plus awareness, and help change the world. One Story has its location headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. One Story is a for profit company, while industries include Information Technology Internet and Video. As of September 2020, One Story boasts 8.6K Likes on their Facebook Fan Page and with over 34K Users within their Twitter Account. We can see that they’re obviously pretty legitimate but with social elements to include, this can make things even easier for people who need to move forward and contact them.

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How does One Story work?

Getting started on the One-Story website is not hard, but the thing I do also recommend is that you check out their site to learn a little more on what they’re about. You can do this by heading over to the website address found at To begin submitting content, you’ll need to use that same address which is what I found to be the easiest and launch within to their website. You’ll see that the site isn’t really that big (not the same as usual websites) but it’s still good quality. When you enter the site, start by pressing on the Submit link within the top menu to the left. This is the only step to getting the job done here within the One-Story website. This Page has all the details from what they want from the writer and what they’re willing to pay for that content. Lets look for what they want in more details below:

  • Earn $500 per original article, freelance writing for One Story, an award-winning, monthly literary magazine that publishes one story at a time.
  • Pay rate:
    • $500 (3,000 to 8,000 words)
    • Receive 25 printed copies of the One Story magazine containing your story
  • Stories can be any style and on any subject.
  • 15,000+ readers.
  • Writers aged 13 to 19 can enter the quarterly One Teen Story contest (One-Story Submissions), where the winner receives $500 and 25 printed copies of the One Teen Story magazine containing your story.
  • Over half the stories One Story published are listed among the top 100 in the best of anthologies like the PEN/O. Henry, Pushcart, and Best American.
  • Co-Founder Hannah Tinti was awarded the PEN/Nora Magid award for editorial excellence in 2009.
  • Rights bought: First Serial North American rights. All rights will revert to the author following publication.
  • Earnings per word: 6.25¢ to 16.66¢.

I tried to see if they also sported an affiliate program but they don’t. I think this is because they don’t actually have a product to sell. But if they did and you had a website you could definitely make some more money with that aspect. What’s even better is below I want to show you how to make money with your own website so you don’t have to continue always using others. Keep reading to find out how you can do this until the end.


Now that I have fully finished my One-Story Review I can fully conclude that this site is legitimate and whoever wants to earn money posting content to their site is able to do so pretty easily. But to make consistent money doing this, I recommend building your own website and getting your brand exposure throughout the internet. Keep reading on how you can do this.

Pros And Cons About One Story


  • One Story is a good quality website
  • One Story sports options for people to post to their website
  • One Story is easy to use and they have good information to collect
  • One Story pays well for each article.
  • One Story has a social media presence to get more knowledge on their firm


  • One of the major cons with this opportunity is selling your written content. I now don’t recommend anyone do this because it’s making the other sites rank and you sell something that can be used time and time again with a website.
  • This opportunity doesn’t show you how to build an online business and build your own brand just like they’re

Start your own online business and learn how to rank the content that you create online

The internet is all about content. This is the first thing I want to say and it’s the most important thing you’re going to hear from here on out. The whole internet is happy when it gets published content to their search feeds because they can then supply the people who search for it. When you sell content you are selling hours upon hours of hard work for which no price can adore. You can sell an article for $100 but then that is all. How easy can you spend that type of cash? I understand. With that same piece of content you could be making thousands upon thousands just off that one piece. If you’re interested in learning how to do this, then I want you to start your online business now and meet me within the beginning. I’ll see you there.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in Freelance Writing? Have you worked for One Story before?

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