Octopus Group: Australian Based Survey Panel (Scam or Legit?)

Octopus Group Review – Promises to Pay $0.28 Per Minute For Surveys…

This is my Octopus Group Review. Find out if Octopus Group is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There is such a chance for people to want to make a full-time living online, but yet, many of those people don’t really know how. There is such a chance to be trained into doing just that in today’s day and age, and this is one thing that I want to express because I believe I have the training for you.

You are searching for a legitimate site and Octopus Group is something on your list, or you are just curious after doing a simple Google search. Are you aware of the opportunity that survey takers in particular have at the moment? This is the whole reason why I am typing this first section of the Octopus Group Review because I have found a loophole into what’s been happening for many surveys takers, and I’m not sure if it because many of them spam their survey links.

When a survey taker joins a survey site, quite often they are presented with the great opportunity of also representing the company and earning extra money from doing that. The problem is, though, when they receive their affiliate link, “They are told” to use Facebook in order to get somebody to sign up. But this is not a helpful way and one that also bring back great issues once you publish the link too many times and Facebook renders the link a spam tactic. It will be considered spam by Facebook because you have to written content that which surrounds the link. This is important for your whole affiliate marketing journey. How are you meant to make money and career choice/path when you are grabbing your links spammed. You can’t, but is there still a huge opportunity to make tons of cash? Yes, and this is with your own online company that takes seconds to build and set up.

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What is Octopus Group?

Octopus Group is an online survey station that promises their members to reward them with completing their various surveys. Octopus Group is based in Australia and are Australian & New Zealand exclusive, which means if you’re not from there, then you won’t be able to participate within their surveys. Octopus Group is among some of the highest paying survey sites within Australia and also offer their own app which can be downloaded on both Google Play and the App Store.

Another way I like to find out the legitimacy of a website is by checking their credentials via social networks. This can include mainly using Facebook. I found then with their own Facebook Fan Page, and I was not surprised. They are among some of the highest paying survey sites within Australia and with over 10K Likes on their Facebook Fan Page.

Eligibility: 18+, Australia and New Zealand.

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How does Octopus Group work?

As with all online surveys sites, the first thing you’re going to have to do when you find a platform that you like is create yourself a profile and membership. This can be done at Octopus Group website using both your name and email address, and once your account is made, you will then need to go back to your email inbox and verify your membership with a special link that they send you.

As you should be aware, the Octopus Group is one of the highest paying survey sites in both Australia and New Zealand, they an astonishing $0.28 per minute. On average, this is around $16.80 per hour. To make things even sweeter, Octopus Group does utilise a Points Paid system, instead they pay cash.

Once you register at Octopus Group, the quickest way to know about surveys is to download the Octopus Group app. If you prefer to receive survey invites via email, once you have signed up to Octopus Group website, log into your account and click the box to receive email invites.

One of the smarter things I’m suggesting you do is because this panel pays so much, always log into this panel first to see what surveys they have. This is because many survey panels can sport the same surveys at times and if you’re going to complete one you will earn the most through Octopus Group.

Once members have earned $20 at Octopus Group you can cash out into your bank account, which takes only a few days, or you can claim a $20 eGift Card for only $19 delivered instantly.

You can also refer friends to make even more cash, you will get $1 for each friend you refer, plus you will get $1 for each of the first 19 surveys they complete, that means you can make up to $20 for each friend you refer. On their website, they make out that you will receive $20 straight up though, and this is how I perceived it when I joined. It was later on that I researched and found that you are being basically slow dripped fed with money from their system.


Now that I have fully finished this Octopus Group Review, I can conclude that they are legitimate and prospects will earn a good income from their platform. As you already saw, they are one of the highest paying panels in the world, so that is something exciting to look for when you’re completing their tasks.

But to take that even further, as I researched for this Octopus Group Review and saw further about the opportunity they offer, I was amazed. You will earn $20 for each person who signs up underneath you. If you ask me, those types of commissions are great and highly looked for among the bloggers’ world.

If you boast Social Media Profiles and don’t have a website, you would want to make one now and learn how to construct a review because there are thousands of people in the search Engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) who are going to search for this site (wanting to do surveys) and find this type of offer. You have an amazing chance to earn unclaimed money, that which is just sitting there waiting to be earned. What’s more is I offer my free coaching and support in the creation of your website. If you’re interested in learning how to do all of this, start your website here and now, and I shall see you on the inside.

Pros And Cons About Octopus Group


  • The Octopus Group site and app are user-friendly
  • Octopus Group pays well for each survey
  • Octopus Group members will receive a small compensation, even if you don’t qualify for a survey
  • Octopus Group Provides good ways to receive support
  • Octopus Group is among some of the highest paying surveys site within the world
  • Octopus Group has one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the world


  • There can be a Limited earning opportunities
  • Octopus Group has a High payout threshold
  • Payment via PayPal not available
  • Octopus Group may Offer the same surveys as other sites, which is usual among survey sites

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