MyView Australia: Surveys + Product Testing For Australian Residents (Scam or Legit?)

MyView Australia Review

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What is MyView Australia?

MyView Australia is a survey site based on working with people from Australia, as the name mentions. But before we get into it I want to firstly clarify how you could be mixing this site up with another two other websites that remarkably seem the same. First there is MyView Australia which merged with its sister survey panel OneOpinion in May 2017. That site sounds identical to this one so I thought worthy of taking out some of that confusion. And then there’s the sister panel of MyView Australia which is actually Ipsos i-Say.

MyView Australia is a panel for Australians that want to answer polls about trending topics, share their opinions, and collect reward points along the way. As already mentioned, The MyView Panel is powered by Ipsos who are one of the leading global market research companies that provides fresh perspectives on current issues and trends. Ipsos conducts more that 70 million interviews a year to serve more than 5,000 clients in 100+ countries. Ipsos is also the 3rd largest survey-based research firm in the world.

MyView Australia also has an app that members can download, available on iOS and Android so they can take surveys on the go. Enable alerts to know exactly when the latest survey has been released.

Eligibility: 14+, Resident of Australia.

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How does MyView Australia work?

As with all survey website the first thing you have to do to get started and with MyView Australia is create an account using both your name and email address. Once this is done you will then be able to jump back into your email inbox and verify your email address with a special link they send you.

Take surveys worth between 100-300 points each, and receive around 4 invitations to complete surveys monthly. 100 points is worth approximately AUD $1.00. Surveys typically take between 10-30 minutes to complete. Members can request their reward when they have gathered together points required for the item. Points are credited to members immediately after taking their survey.

MyView Australia gives their members $2000 worth of cash to their members. For every survey that a member attempts they are given a spot into the monthly prize draw. One prize of $1,000-AUD is given out along with five prizes of $200AUD which is awarded each month. Members can check an update of all the winners on the MyView Australia website winners list.

Receive 500 points ($5) credited to your account by referring friends and extended family members to MyView Australia. Referral links are available in your account. There’s no limit to the amount of people you can invite, and this is why I always review the possibilities into member websites and learning how to sport survey affiliate programs professionally. You can build your website and start bringing in members unlimited with free coaching.

MyView Australia has an app, available on iOS and Android so you can do surveys on the go. Enable alerts to know exactly when the latest survey has been released.

After participating in surveys and other research opportunities, members can exchange their points for the following:

  • Cash paid via eftpos
  • Physical gift cards – options include iTunes, Wish, Coles Group. Denominations are $20, $50, and $100
  • Giftpax cards – choose from a huge selection of cool giftpax redeemable at participating retailers
  • Donations to charity – charities include Amnesty International and the Australian Red Cross

Vouchers and gift cards are sent via regular mail and may take up to 4 weeks to arrive. E-vouchers and e-gift certificates are sent by email and are processed within a few hours to a few days.

Working online for surveys is a way to earn extra side income, and below is a look at what some of those bonus points are that you get when completing those surveys within the MyView Australia Survey Website:

  • 5 surveys taken = 150 bonus points
  • 20 surveys taken = 200 bonus points
  • 50 surveys taken = 500 bonus points
  • 100 surveys taken = 1000 bonus points
  • 150 surveys taken = 1500 bonus points
  • 200 surveys taken = 2500 bonus points
  • 500 surveys taken = 5000 bonus points


With the MyView Australia Review being finished I can now conclude that the Survey Panel is legitimate and anyone who joins up in Australia can use this panel to earn an extra income but next to that they can also perform an affiliate marketing spectrum on the opportunity and earn more money by combining that as well. I mentioned earlier how I want to coach anyone interested in building a website and learning how to refer people to any survey or other program and earn more money with those commissions. If you are interested then get started here and I will see you on the inside.

Pros And Cons About MyView Australia


  • Members in Australia can join the MyView Australia platform
  • MyView Australia is free to join
  • MyView Australia has a referral program that is unlimited
  • MyView Australia Pays Cash and into Eftpos along with many other donations
  • MyView Australia has many different rewards to earn


  • The MyView Australia is only for people who live in Australia

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