MySoapBox: EU Survey Panel – Product Testing + Daily Surveys (Scam or Legit?)

MySoapBox Review

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What is MySoapBox?

MySoapBox is a survey website for both members and new prospects to earn an extra income by perceiving their opinions. MySoapBox is a part of MySoapBox Sample, as well as Interview Service of America (ISA). MySoapBox offers members the platform they need in order to let loose with their opinions and give a voice to the things they feel are important. By joining MySoapBox you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and to help brands improve their products, services, and experiences.

As with all survey sites, it is in every best interest for the survey taker that the site has a social aspect to their realm. By having a web presence, both members and survey prospects can then use their Facebook Fan Page to access new updates on the site and receive regular support if that is one of their needs.

Eligibility: Worldwide, 13+ (16+ if a member of the EU).

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How does MySoapBox work?

As with all survey web opportunities, when somebody wants to try out a new platform they first need to start by creating an account and this will need both your name and email address verified. Members can verify their accounts by going to their email address and pressing on the link that they received.

As a panellist, members can earn points for different activities, and the amount of points a member earns depends on the activity they participate in. Members will be notified always as to how many points the activity is worth before they start it. As an example, on how much the surveys are worth at MySoapBox 1,000 points = $1, and you can expect to earn an average of between 750-1500 points ($0.75-$1.50) per activity. Seem legit? Let’s keep moving forward to find out more.

You can also log into your account and see available studies, and have access to your profile surveys too – all of which allow you to earn points. Once you have accumulated 25,000 points, you can cash your points in for prizes. The more surveys you choose to be a part of, the more they will over time send out to you. Members can create the choice of how they receive surveys, and the choices they have are either email or text message.

You may also choose to donate your points to a variety of charities. Each month, a new charity is featured and MySoapBox donates an initial gift of $500. MySoapBox Surveys also lets their members pick which charity should be the next month’s featured charity. Past charities supported include The National MS Society, the Alzheimer’s Association, The Salvation Army, and more.

Members of the MySoapbox panel can refer their friends and family living in other households in exchange for 250 points. An added bonus is even if you are screened out of surveys, MySoapBox will give you 10 points.

MySoapBox offers Panel members a variety of instant electronic vouchers (e-vouchers, or online gift cards) in exchange for participating in surveys. Although 25,000 points (worth $25) is required to redeem rewards, once you obtain this balance you can redeem your gift vouchers with some retailers in denominations as low as $1 (1,000 points). You can use your points to redeem gift vouchers from Target, Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, and more.


Now with the survey Platform MySoapBox being completed, I can fully conclude that their survey panel is legitimate and members or prospects will have a good time while they’re earning their rewards. However, they also sport an affiliate program, and this is where you can collectively inhibit your own autopilot company and earn money or gift card rewards without even doing anything. If you want a chance to change the way you see fit, then I want to show you how. Get started with a site you can trust, and I will see you within the training.

Pros And Cons About MySoapBox


  • MySoapBox Surveys are in abundant and fun & interesting
  • Signing Up to MySoapBox is free
  • MySoapBox Customer support is good with two elements to which they are contactable both being their Facebook Fan Page and the other on their website contact link.
  • MySoapBox has a well-established company
  • MySoapBox surveys pay well.


  • MySoapBox does not offer cash payments for their offers (only gift cards)
  • MySoapBox also has a disqualifying spec where members can be launched into a state whereby they do not qualify for their survey taking. Know your odds beforehand.

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