MyCrowd QA Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

MyCrowd QA Review

There are plenty of ways to start making money online and becoming a beta tester is definitely one way of earning some extra money.

Generally most people will begin their online journey by taking small activities to make some money such as surveys or Get-Paid-To tasks, but do these ways actually work? Yes, they work, but they pay a very small salary.

In the review today, we discuss (also known as MyCrowd QA) and whether this opportunity is worth it or not.

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What is MyCrowd QA?

Just like all beta testing websites, MyCrowd QA is an online platform that offers to pay its members for completing both website and app checks. This type of job can include looking around inside the software for bugs or anything that hinders the functionality of the software.

After doing some research I actually found that MyCrowd QA is actually one of the best Beta Testing platforms on the market.

MyCrowd QA offers services such as UX Testing, QA Testing, and Functional testing.

MyCrowd QA looks for workers all around the world so if you know how to use different devices and want to work online, MyCrowd QA may be something to look into.

However, on the website, it doesn’t show much information about who founded the company or what they are about. You just have to figure this type of stuff out for yourself or by reading a review like mine. You would think they would be like “Learn how to make money online with website testing” or something like that.

For people who do want to begin working for the company, you must be over 18 years of age to get started. Once you registration is complete you can add a LinkedIn profile to your membership-dash area.

MyCrowd QA also has some evaluation tests that you may need to take prior to beginning work. Once you finish this, you can login to your account and look for jobs.

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Is MyCrowd QA Legit?

Yes. MyCrowd QA is a legitimate business and offers legitimate services and opportunities to make money online.

The website offers:

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Test Script Reviews

As a tester you’ll be performing exploratory tests, running test plans and doing bug hunts in for websites or apps. Each valid test cycle that a member completes, they can then be paid.

Every member is paid via PayPal and there is no threshold minimum before withdrawing, which is a great thing.

Anyway, that’s about it for this gig online.

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