Here is another testimony from from a very girl named Suzanne. These testimonies are from ‘internet marketing consultants’ you can trust and learn from.

My Wealthy Affiliate Testimony By Suzanne

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By Suzanne
Snow Berry Kitchens
Nomad Around
Mobile Income Online

Hello, my name is Suzanne and I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates (WA). I feel that it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It has allowed a few things that I really love – writing and teaching. Sharing my knowledge about things that I am passionate about has been very enjoyable. Wealthy Affiliates has also enabled me to learn about blogging and monetizing my blogs; something that I had no idea how to do before joining WA.

The initial free training taught me how to write a blog. Yes, I am a former medical and scientific editor and writer, but I had to set most of that aside. WA taught me to write as I was talking to someone. For instance, forget about paragraph structure and make your content easily readable. No long run-on paragraphs.

Additionally, the initial free training taught me about keywords. What the heck were keywords? These are words and phrases that help Google and other search engines find you. Keywords also help people interested in the subject you are writing about find you.

Okay, that sounds simple enough. However, there are tricks to finding good keywords. I have access (through my WA membership) to a remarkable and easy tool called Jaaxy. Jaaxy helps you not only search for good keywords, but can also help you find a good subject within you niche to write about.

I learned about niches. Your niche is just something that you know about and have an interest in. I am not an authority in any of my niches, but rather learn along with my readers. I do research in my chosen interest (niche) and pass my new knowledge on to my readers.

An example is my RV website. I do not own an RV, but dream of owning one and traveling part-time with it. I am learning about solar power right now because I would be camping in my RV out in the boondocks where I would not have access to an electric hook up. What I learn I pass on. I also invite my readers to share their thoughts and experiences.

This would not have been possible without the initial free training from Wealthy Affiliates. Basically, I learned how to build a website easily, how to build traffic to the website, and monetize it. And got 2 FREE WEBSITES too! And this was ALL FREE! Free training and 2 free websites!

Now I am a Premium Member of WA. There is far more training, interaction with other Premium Members, and I now get 50 free websites. Yes, you read that correctly – 50 FREE WEBSITES!

The training with a Premium membership to WA is probably the best in the business and is really unlimited. Not only do I have access to formal training, but training put up by other Premium Members. Also, there are live trainings every Friday that can be replayed anytime.

The interaction with other WA members is invaluable. If I get stuck on something – maybe I can’t quite understand how to do something, another member is always there to help me. I work very

early in the morning so it is great that we have members all over the world; someone else is always online and will help me. One of my main “helpers” is a very knowledgeable member in the UK who always seems to be awake when I need her.

Another advantage of being able to interact with other members is that we all share our knowledge. For instance, there is a guy from Scotland who puts up great videos every week. I follow him so am alerted every time he puts up a new video. And you can bet that I am watching his new video shortly after he puts it up for all of us.

As a Premium Member of Wealth Affiliates I have learned how to build traffic to my blog. This has been learned not just from the formal training, but from tips passed on my other members. For instance, I’ve learned more about keywords and social engagement (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) from the formal training. However, a great deal of my knowledge base has come from other members.

Here is another testimony from from a very girl named Suzanne. These testimonies are from ‘internet marketing consultants’ you can trust and learn from.

The camaraderie that we all share here at WA is really wonderful. I’m pretty sure that this is not indicative of many affiliate marketing programs. I’ve heard that in many of these programs it can be at best stoic, and at worst downright cutthroat. This is just not the case here. We are all welcoming and sharing; we have a very nice community here.

Another thing that I have learned more about with my Premium membership is monetizing my website. This is important to me because I need to supplement my retirement income. Again, this I’ve learned about not just from the incredible formal training, but from other members passing on their knowledge and insight.

Now, I have 3 websites and own the domain names for all 3. It’s a lot of work but I love it. One of my websites is on cooking and I love to cook. Another is the aforementioned RV website. And my last website is about educating others about how to make money online because I had wasted too much money on scams. However, I focus this last website on legitimate ways to make money online and only devote one page to scams – just a short and sweet “stay away from this one” and a brief why.

I have been totally honest here in my review of Wealthy Affiliates, so if all of this sounds good to you then go for it. I invite you to join us. We’ll all be happy to meet you and welcome you.

All the best to you,


My websites are listed below, if you’re interested in seeing what you can do.

CEO of

Snow Berry Kitchens

Nomad Around

Mobile Income Online

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