This is my honest review on ‘Writers Access’.

My Honest Review On WritersAccess – Can You Make Money

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Name: Writers Access
Price: $39, $79, $99, $349 per month for each price.
Owners: Byron White of IdeaLaunch
Overall rank: 30/100

Introduction Into Writer Access

Writer Access is a website that creates articles, blogs, and review posts on basically any type of work you have.

This platform also does a whole lot more, which you could find surprising..

They also rewrite, create, and edit content.

People use writing platforms like this to post writing jobs that they have. It could be in regard to getting added help, when they need blogs written for their website, and so on.

I know of another platform called iWriter, and they too are a platform which hires writers to write content, and very easy to use.

In this review, I will go through just about everything that WriterAccess has to offer, and if it’s going to be of any benefit to you and your business.

At times, I might refer to iWriter to compare aspects that which contain relevance.

So let’s start, WriterAccess is a content platform which hires ammeter, intermediate, and professional writers.

The writers use the website by logging into there account, and choosing which job they want to do.



Most writing platforms do there best to make the whole experience better than not, as by having a user-face the same as Facebook.

Having a more complexed interface allows you to further narrow down they way you wish to work, get work, and personalize your profile within the platform.

At this content mill, it has a very professional system in place that allows the interface to hire writers, editors, and translators to do all the work necessary with written content.

Writer Access is ran by a content marketing firm called ideaLaunch, which was founded way back in 1999 by a man named Byron White. This business is located Boston, Massachusetts.

Pros vs Cons 


• large variety of options


• no staff editors
• no communication between you and the client

What Is AccessWriter?

Accesswriter, is a content writing platform that which allows people who need content or who writes content, to either write content and submit it to the platform or request content for there blogs and what knot.

AccessWriter does cost money to join, so I thought I would add that now.

I have actually read other articles that don’t make mention of any of the costs, which made me think twice about whether they did.

To use this platform, you have to sign up on there front page, the costs are free for a 30-day trial.

After 30 days, you can choose between 4 payments. Head down to my payments section to see more on that.

Who Is (Product Name) For?

Whether you own a blog, popular magazine, or need something written for your activity that you’re promoting, you can type this platform into the URL and request that that content be written.

With all that in mind, you can be basically anyone to use this service.



One of the real issues with internet blogging and MMO niche spaces is not enough people know about them.

When you need content written and you can’t write it for yourself or you don’t have time, this platform works great.

WritersAccess Affiliate Programs

I have tried finding out if this platform also has an affiliate program. To my knowledge they don’t.

Usually they would because is very easy to promote their company within a blog with a simple link.

With iWriter, after you sign up they give you an affiliate link do that wherever you go, you can publish them as well.

WritersAccess Tools & Training

This writing platform has 4 memberships which offer training and support.

The tools and training go beyond anything you could imagine. In fact the website is that big, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before.

Take a look at some of the trainings below they provide:

• strategy analytics
• topic research
• BYO freelancers
• email reports
• order set up

WritersAccess Support

As with all online businesses that you can make money off, this platform offers email support.

If you need assistance, you can email them directly and I’m sure they will write back to you regarding your issue.

Usually when I’m sending off for blogs to be written, if I get something back that’s not how I wanted it, or something screws up, I will contact them via email and tell them my issue.

WritersAccess Price

Writer access does cost money to join. I’m thinking that it costs money because it provides more than some other writing and content platforms.

When you hire a writer, they will charge you by the cost of either the whole article, or by word.

Members of WritersAccess can also use the help desk support to their advantage.

The Support Help Desk offers a lot to gain from, like, specified approval times and more.

My Final Opinion On WritersAccess

The platform does offer a large variety of things which you can use to write content.

You have to pay to become a member, that said, I have no idea who would use them since there are free writing platforms out there.

WritersAccess A Glance

Name: Writers Access
Price: $39, $79, $99, $349 per month for each price.
Owners: Byron White of IdeaLaunch
Overall scam rank: 20/100


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Now, Onto A Real Opportunity

Do you want to make money online, and that’s why your reading this article?

You can easily start your own online business right now and literally start earning real money within months, and yes of course, providing you work hard to listen.

This is called ‘living the laptop lifestyle’ and if you want it, I can show you step by step how your business will work, and how to create it.

The training provided is free and even the 2 websites which you create are free.

The hosting is free, everything is completely free to start and finish.

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By sending me a message, I will know who you are, and therefore be in a better position to help you get started.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you.


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