This is my review on a survey mob who delivers there members lots of things to do for money. 'Vindale Research’ is a clean and professional looking company that's offers 'online surveys that pay’.

My honest review on Vindale Research – a survey platform where you can earn money

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Can you make money from this survey platform? let’s find out

Name: Vindale Research
Price: free
Owners: iGan LLC
Overall rank: 64/100

The Good & The Bad


• choice of how you get paid
• has an affiliate program
• clear clean platform


• pre qualifications
• rounded off restrictions: only people in United States, Brazil, Great Britain, and Australia can apply to work at Vindale Research
• may receive marketing emails from associated partners
• have to cash out at $50 so that your money does not expire

Vindale Research overview

In public, whether in personal or by yourself, your opinion can be of use. Sometimes you can even find yourself being completely outnumbered because of your opinions, thus becoming a frustrating state. That said, Vindale Research is an online survey company who says they will give you money for your opinions. So strange doesn’t it? lol. Let’s keep moving.

Vindale Research is a marketing research company that pays people to partake in their surveys online.

The company is owned by iGan LLC and was foundered by Nathanael Ehrich who is the company’s chief technology officer (CTO).

Vindale Research was foundered in 2005 and is now based in New York.

The way Vindale Research works

The company is free to join. So if you want to start doing surveys to earn money, you can join here for free.

A big way that they tend to work is by knowing some of your demographics. Knowing your demographics can give them a better knowing of what to source out to you.

In particularly, once you have signed up, they will give you an eligibility test. This test is just so you pass the things in which they are looking for. I wouldn’t worry too much if you think your not going to pass, I believe the tests are easy to pass, they are just to make sure you understand ‘how to do surveys’.

Signing up is easy. Simply fill in your email, and then it will bring you to a section where it says, ‘congratulations’, ‘ your nearly done signing up’. At this part, it gives you a selection of examples of surveys that you will be doing, it also tells you how much the particular surveys are going to pay you.

Once you’ve signed up, they send you a verification email. When you follow the email, it then brings you to the section where you have a choice of what you want to answer. This is the qualifying stage. You get paid $1 for the qualifying stage.

The pre stages are to get you ready for surveys, you get paid for them, and so they are basically like training.

Other earnings at Vindale Research

Yes! Great news, this platform does have an affiliate program.

Most of these companies, in which I review don’t seem to have affiliate programs.

So basically, if you have a website you can fill in surveys and also promote this company through there affiliate link.

Every person that you get to sign up to this company, earns you $5.

Depending on how big your blog is, could net you some good results.

Who is Vindale Research for?

Professional online survey junkies will like this mob.

The platform is really good to use, it looks bright and the overall trust is good.

Unlike some of the other online places that sell surveys to people to finish, this platform I think most people will like.

To be honest, surveys don’t pay you hardly anything, but because this platform also has an affiliate link, it totally lifts the businesses opportunities for their workers tenfold.

Vindale Research tools & training

At the start of each survey when signing up, they give you some type of pre question which helps and enables you to learn about surveys. You get paid for this.

In the menu, on the home screen of your account is a list of all different amounts you can earn.

At the top of the list it has a heading called ‘Accelerated training tutorial’. This is the training that claims to walk you through the ‘training surveys’ and pay you $1 for it.

As you continue down the list, there’re many amounts which you can take action and start earning from.

Vindale Research support

The platform has an email support service, phone, and fax machine.

It isn’t usually the way with most survey centres to accommodate such potentials for contact support.

There’s two ways to search their contact, and they are to either topic search online by typing in ‘Vindale Research support’ or search through your account platform.

Either way brings up two methods of inquiry which they source.

The two methods are for general inquiries and business.

The general inquiries line has:

• phone
• fax
• email

Business inquires have:

• affiliates
• advertisers
• business development or partnership
• press

This is what I meant earlier when I said, this survey platform is actually better than most of them that I have seen out there.

If you look at all the contact methods they are sporting, it could make you feel more inclined to work with them, especially with the affiliates line.

Vindale Research price

This platform is free to start. Simply join up, and start earning money basically.

For the affiliates program which this platform survey company has, pays you $5 for every new person you achieve to sign up.

In terms of getting paid for surveys, you’ll definitely be trying to find that out, so let me see what I have found.

The first thing that you need to remember is, the more work you put in, the more you will get out of it, and that goes for whatever you are taking part in.

Per survey, you are looking at between $0.25 and $35.

This isn’t a terrible deal, now, to earn the $35 surveys, you’ll be definitely in for a long day.

I must also mention now that, after you complete your survey, all you have is the amount you earned. I feel I should warn you of this because time is of the essence. If you are cautious of your time, I have something that’s a lot bigger than doing surveys, stick around till the end to begin your own business online.

Vindale Research pays people into their PayPal accounts or a check can be mailed to you.

Take a look at this list of the jobs which pay you and the amounts:

• Watching videos: $0.25
• Surveys: $0.25-$50 if they have sample products for you to test, this can pay up to $75
• Sharing proof of payment: $5
• Reward mail: $0.10 for reading promo emails, and when you subscribe to there sign up bonuses, you can earn up to $2 each time
• Referring others: $5

My final opinion of Vindale Research

After going through all of the things mentioned, I must say, this platform is definitely one that I can recommend.

Seriously, there aren’t really a lot out there when it comes to the quality of survey platforms.

I know, so many people search for ways to make money online, but the truth is, nothing comes for free in this world.

If you want a clean clear based platform, that shows everything you need to do surveys clearly, then this one you will like a lot.

Another way you will make even more money if definitely with the affiliate program they have.

Also, something to give you some more insight, this company has a triple B rating on the Better Business Bureau. They must have worked very hard for that as well.

Vindale Research at a glance

Name: Vindale Research
Price: free
Owners: iGan LLC
Overall scam rank: 32/100

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Thanks for reading.


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