If you are looking for 'fitness apps’ or 'apps that pay you money’ stop right here. this review is on an app called StepBet, and this app is the bomb. I'm sure you will like it, and yes it pays.

My honest review on StepBet – A Fitness App that pays you to be active

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This fitness app is fun, exciting and pays you the profits of an all in exclusive pot


Name: StepBet
: stepbet.com
Price: $50 per year
Owners: waybetter.com
Overall rank: 100/100

The Good & The Bad


• pays cash directly into your PayPal
• it is free to join
• great motivational piece of equipment
• pays you to keep fit


• none at this point

Quick Overview

Hey everyone, the thing about this app is, it pays you to be a part of it.

Considering, most people will tell you, they like to be active but if not active, at least healthy.

This is where this review comes into it. Within this review, I’m going to be reviewing an awesome app called StepBet.

I don’t think people are catching on to how great some of the opportunities are online in this new age, but hey, there are some really great ways to get active and make money.

I know of three apps which pay you legitimately to walk, run and count your steps.

There are three apps and the reason why I will mention them all now, is because I think they should all go together. It’s not like, your going to have one racking up money for you and leave the others making you nothing.

The three apps are called StepBet, SweatCoins, and LifeCoin.

I’m going to review them all and have them on this site in full view of the audience. Just letting you know so that you can quickly add them to your devices, and start making more money. Take a look at my SweatCoins post once you get the chance.

People start to see being active or staying fit quite daunting when first starting out.

Even if you consider yourself fit, after your first week or two, motivation can slip away.

Because of these reasons, getting paid money to stay proactive is a benefit on each side of the party.

StepBet is different from the others.

Within the StepBet app, it isn’t just one person that’s involved, which would be you. But let me explain that in the next heading.

The Way StepBet works 

First of all to use StepBet, one must first either be introduced to it by a friend or hear about it throughout the grape vine.

Once you have logged into the App Store and download the StepBet app, you need to create you personal account and profile.

It allows 3 step trackers that which you can integrate your phone with, and this will show StepBet your steps.

The 3 integration step trackers are:

• FitBit
• Garmin
• Apple Health

As long as your device supports either one of these step trackers, you will be able to play, and get active.

What happens inside of the StepBet app is, you are betting on yourself to win a game.

The pots are usually around $40, so the more people who play the more you will split.

After you enter into a game, and payed the $40 entry, StepBet will calculate your steps via your step tracker. Once it has evaluated your steps, it will give you your game. Everyone’s game is different.

You have 7 days to quit the game and get a refund. If you keep going and then drop out after 2 weeks for example, the rest of the players will keep the pot.

The challenge is based on you. If you can beat yourself, then you will always win.

Also, another thing to mention is the ‘warm up week’. During this time after the game has started, people can still join your link. After a game has started, the first week is called, as mentioned, ‘the warm up week’, and this is obviously the same as it sounds, warming up.

Keep reading on down to the price heading, for a more in depth look at the costs.

Other earnings at StepBet 

Joining in games and challengers at StepBet is the only way to earn money through the app.

I would have thought, they would have supported the affiliate way of which contracts affiliate links, but it doesn’t.

So, basically you don’t have an affiliate link, to share either on your social media or websites.

I suppose, just telling people about it will have to do for now.

Who is StepBet for?

Well, this could be a tricky question, from within.

StepBet is for everyone, and that’s just a basic fact. But if you like exercising you may like it better.

I personally get so busy with work, that I literally don’t have time to compete, even though I have the other two apps that are constantly tracking my steps.

If I wasn’t so busy at work, one of my main focuses would be competing in StepBet.

StepBet offers a way for people to earn money for being fit. With StepBet, you are being paid over a period of steps that are being tracked, so getting paid is more exciting. This could get more people involved within. Which I think it will.

StepBet tools & training 

Being an active person does not mean you have to be a gym junkie.

The way I’m staying fit at the moment is purely by walking, and I’m not meaning, just walking around like normal, I’m actually walking around the block every night to make sure I earn the credits on all of my apps.

That’s one of the real issues with these apps, once you start, you really try to make sure you get to the cap, otherwise you are losing money.

To tell you the truth, I’m using this app to buy my next iPhone. The app offers really good expensive products to purchase, so I see this as a way to upgrade my mobile phone (when the time comes).

StepBet support 

The support that StepBet offers is exclusive that which replies almost straight away.

For instance, when I first signed up, I went to join a game and the app would say ‘StepBet cannot retrieve your steps’.

Because of this, I had to contact the support tab within the app. I did not check my email for the rest of that day, but the next day when I did check to have a look, a reply from StepBet was their. Also, the reason it could not track my steps was because I had only just started (signed up to the app), so I did not have enough steps stored in my Apple Health data.

StepBet price 

StepBet has two prices associated with it. The first associated payment is by becoming a member.

To become a member, you have to pay $50, and that is for the whole year.

Becoming a StepBet member is highly recommended, because after a game is complete, you get to keep 100% of the pot.

If you are a ‘nonmember’ and you join a challenge/game, StepBet keeps 15% of the pot.

The second associated payment method is to compete in a StepBet game. They are actually called games, and these games are calculated by StepBet using you step tracker, mentioned earlier on in this review.

When you and all the people in the arranged game successfully complete a game, you all split the pot. Now, if it’s a ‘members only’ game, 100% of the pot is split between the players. This could work out to be a lot, depending on how many people played, dropped out, and quit after the 7 days refund period. If a heap of members quit, and pay to enter, you could see a rather big pot get shared between you.

My final opinion on StepBet 

I think it’s really worth paying the $50 annually. If you think about keeping 100% of all the challengers within a year, it will work out to be a lot.

Unlike the ‘non-member games’ where step keeps 15% of the pot, you are making a lot more money.

The way the app is made, I think, is very professional with a very good build structure. In other words, it does not look like a cheap app game.

To be more precise with my intent, I’m on the app all the time looking at the games and pots, that which are available.

StepBet at a glance

Name: StepBet
Website: stepbet.com
Price: $50 per year
Owners: waybetter.com
Overall scam rank: 0/100




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