Pinecone Research: $4,500 & $500 Sweepstake Monthly Prizes (Scam or Legit?)

Pinecone Research Review

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Pinecone Research: $4,500 & $500 Sweepstake Monthly Prizes (Scam or Legit?)

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Product Name: Pinecone Research


Download: The Google Play Store and Apple Store

Owner: The Nielsen Company, LLC

Price: Free + $3 after your first survey

Earnings: $0.50 per survey

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is Pinecone Research?

Pineconce Research is a website and app that lets people be a part of their community by taking online surveys and testing products.

Its parent company is The Nielsen Company, LLC, who also owns AC Nielsen Bases.

People cannot access the website by going to login or join The correct web address is or I found this out by typing in what I thought would be the right key address:, but the page did not load.

Pinecone Research also has apps on both Android and Apple Platforms, which can help if you want to access the site easier and take surveys on the go. You obviously won’t be able to test products on the go.

The Pinecone Research website looks basic and has relevant links at the bottom of the homepage that lead to their About, FAQ, and Contact Pages.

However, there’s no social media links on their homepage. This is an important part of this review since it has to do with earning extra cash. I did not see the Official Facebook Fan Page for Pinecone Research, but there are many Pinecone Research Facebook pages that are just for members referral links. This means Pinecone Research has a referral program, and you can earn more by referring others; and this is why there are so many Pinecone Research Facebook pages. The members are obviously trying to get people to sign up.

Pinecone Research: $4,500 & $500 Sweepstake Monthly Prizes (Scam or Legit?)

Even online surveys that are legit and online surveys to earn cash is not what it seems. Online surveys websites are making millions per year and the big bosses are enjoying themselves while each new year ticks over, and you have nothing to show for it. You work hard, you should focus on this properly. Don’t worry about which online surveys pay the most because they are all the same.
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How Does Pinecone Research Work?

To get started with Pinecone Research, you need a computer and internet access in order to sign up and login to your account.

What you do need to understand first is that Pinecone Research is invite-only. This means unless you get invited, you can’t join the Pinecone Research Platform. Scott is a phrase you could use in Google to contact support to try and find out how you could get invited. There are also many referral Facebook Pages that you could potentially use?

You could also try searching for Pinecone Research become member and see what Google has to say about this.

If you ask me, at this point I would bypass this section, and start your own website. You could then write a review and add millions of referral links.

Pinecone Research actually sounds boring not having a Facebook page, and this also means you won’t be getting any free rewards by using their codes. Normally, survey sites publish free codes to their Facebook Pages in order for the members to earn more.

The ways in which you can earn if invited is by mainly surveys and products testing. Those are mostly self-explanatory. With Pineconce Research mobile surveys, it means you can add your mobile number in your account and receive special surveys by TXT.

Pinecone Research also offers an app which you could download on both Google Play and Apple Stores. This is meant to make it easier to take part in the platform, but sometimes I find the web browser is actually easier.

Next to referrals, Pineconce has sweepstakes where members can have the chance to earn twice-monthly and quarterly.

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Affiliate Marketing Payment Proof

The quarterly sweepstakes prize is $4,500 while the rewards total is actually $18,000.

The Twice-monthly prize for the sweepstakes is $500 while the total of the rewards is $13,000.

This means you have some really great chances of winning a lot of money via Pinecone Research. There’s a bunch of ways you can get paid, which is listed below. Also, keep reading for further help on getting referrals.


Ways To Earn –

  • Online surveys
  • Product testing
  • Surveys for Hispanics
  • Mobile app
  • Sweepstakes

Payments –

  • Pinecone uses points as their currency. Members can request payment after they’ve earned a minimum of $3 which is also 300 points. You also get $3 for completing your first survey, which kind of works out like a bonus.
    • Get paid via the following:
      • Amazon gift cards
      • Walmart gift cards
      • Starbucks gift cards
      • Home Depot gift cards
      • Apple gift cards
      • Movie vouchers
      • Merchandise
      • Retail e-vouchers
      • Prepaid debit or credit cards

Community –

  • Pinecone Research is very restricted, so you won’t find much of a community looking from the outside. They don’t even use a Facebook Fan Page or any social media for that matter. On the homepage you can find FAQ, contact, and About pages.

Key Benefits –

  • It has good sweepstake prizes.


Is Pinecone Research safe? Yes. It is 100% safe to use. Pinecone Research scam is what people search to find this out. If you search for Pinecone Research join, you’ll be happy to see it’s safe.

Is Pinecone Research free? Yes. It’s free but invitation only. I’m not certain how you find the Pinecone Research invite link or Pinecone Research sign up link. I’m guessing it comes in the email when one of the members sends it to you or you use their Facebook page to join.

Does Pinecone Research have payment proof? Yes. In Google, you can find some screenshots of payment proof. Review Pinecone Research is another keyword that people use to find these things out. But it won’t help you out unless you get invited or use a referral link (there’s many on Facebook).

Pinecone Research Payment proof: Pinecone Research: $4,500 & $500 Sweepstake Monthly Prizes (Scam or Legit?)

Is Pinecone Research easy to cash out? Yes. You get paid by direct bank transfer when you reach $3 minimum in your account. This will make Pinecone Research login and Pinecone Research website much easier to want to explore.

Is Pinecone Research a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Because there are businesses online that want people to interact with their business, they pay market research companies like Pinecone Research for their community.

Does Pinecone Research have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for Pinecone Research Customer Service. Pinecone Research Canada is another highly searched term. You can inquire on this via support. Pinecone Research log will not take you to their website. You have to use a referral link from Facebook.

Does Pinecone Research have any bad reviews? All Pinecone Research reviews I’ve read have been positive. Pinecone Research rewards are good. Pinecone Research surveys are the lowest paying but should come in a decent amount judging by their sweepstakes prizes, they have a lot of money. Pinecone Research survey questions are from brands on products and services

Does Pinecone Research have an app? Yes. You can download the app on both Google and Apple stores.

Would you recommend Pinecone Research to a friend or relative? No. Even though it sounds good, it isn’t the right way to go. Those businesses have made millions from you, and It’s time you learn the art. Online surveys paid and cash for online surveys isn’t the art. Building an affiliate website is where it’s at. I have a recommended training program that takes you by the hand, and shows you how to do it.

How To Get Pinecone Research Referrals

Pineconce offers some excellent sweepstakes prizes and I mean, if you were to win any of them you would be rich for a very long time. I wish there was payment proof of people winning these prizes. 

But, don’t worry, not all is lost right now. 

You can earn wonderful money just by using your computer with their referral program.

Just like all the Facebook pages, they are trying to make money by getting people to join via their referral link.

Pinecone Research: $4,500 & $500 Sweepstake Monthly Prizes (Scam or Legit?)

You will do it properly by using a website and worrying about the social media aspects later.

1) Login To
2) Find your referral link in your dash area
3) Build a free website at Wealthy Affiliate
4) Write and publish a Product Review
5) Add your Product affiliate link to your review

Product testing for pay is a great way to gain free products, but we don’t want to go down this path just yet. Not until we have a business sorted. Even paid for product testing and free home product testing sounds good, but it won’t create a secure future for yourself. Follow the steps above and meet some people inside the community.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offers big sweepstakes prizes 
  • Has direct bank transfer

What’s not to like –

  • Invite only
  • Has spam Facebook Fan Page
  • Doesn’t have PayPal
  • Invite-only
  • Doesn’t have social media


There are millions of alternatives in Google, but Pinecone has a prize worth $18 for just one. Why would you want to participate in anything else when you can go in the draw for this?

Judging by you wanting to earn money, it looks like you are dedicated?

You can try reading the following reviews I’ve written recently, or use my website to build your own business.

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If you are searching out Pinecone Research legit, yes, they are. Pinecone Research member login is best done via Facebook or you can contact their support. I am not affiliated with this company, so I don’t have the referral link. I make enough just from running ads. You should try this too if you don’t want to work for a boss anymore. At home product testing jobs makes you still have to work. Home product testing jobs allows you to keep the product, but what good is that? Money is much more valuable. If you want money for product testing, Pinecone Research will help you.


When I started writing this review, I honestly didn’t think much of this platform. I thought, yeah it has apps, but what good are they if you can’t earn much money? 

Then, when I came to the sweepstakes, I was shocked to see that you could earn $4,500 and $500.

You also get paid $3 when you finish your first survey, and you can supposedly withdraw at $3. This means sign up and basically get paid right away!

However, there is no proof of these massive sweepstakes prizes, which I wish there was. 

On SiteJabber, Pinecone has 4/5 stars out of 22 reviews which is good. These reviewers must not want payment proof first?

I don’t think this is the right way to earn decent money online. 

If you want to see what I recommend, please keep reading.

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