Opinion Outpost: Offers $10K Sweepstakes Quarterly (Scam or Legit?)

Opinion Outpost Review

When you have a website, it allows you to choose when you work. Again, on the same token, when you have a website you can be rewarded for the hard work you do each day. 

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Opinion Outpost: Offers $10K Sweepstakes Quarterly (Scam or Legit?)

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Product Name: Opinion Outpost

Website: OpinionOutpost.com

Download: Website version only

Owner: Dynata

Price: Free

Earnings: $0.50 per survey average

Overall Rating: 65/100

What Is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a survey’s website that has product testing as well. This means you can almost get your hands on free products just by being a part of the site and writing a review in exchange for the product. Everything revolves around reviews, which you can learn more about during this one.

Opinion Outpost is owned and operated by Dynata, and is over 28 years old. This means it is one of the most trusted sites you can find. I even read a review earlier that states back in 2015 it used to be the highest paying out of them all. Now, I’m not saying it still doesn’t pay that much anymore, but people have their own opinions, which you can find out during and at the end of this review.

When you jump on the Opinion Outpost website, its looks are average. It has a menu with a few of their main pages such as Rewards, About, and How it works. There’s actually quite a lot of information and has working social media links. I checked on their Facebook Fan Page, and they have up-to-date content, but no free vouchers for extra points.

Opinion Outpost: Offers $10K Sweepstakes Quarterly (Scam or Legit?)

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How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

To get started with Opinion Outpost, you need a computer and internet connection to sign up and login.

You’ll notice depending on where you live that Opinion Outpost actually shows a different name for countries like France, Spain, and Denmark. It just uses their actual language, the panel still works the same. For UK, US, and Canada, you’ll see their normal name, Opinion Outpost.

Opinion Outpost also doesn’t have an app. This means you can only use it on your computer browser, and it works on mobile.

When I checked on their social media pages, I didn’t see any ways you can get free rewards. It is just for communication and interaction with the panel and its members.

However, in the platform they have loyalty bonuses in which you get a specific badge, you start out with the Bronze Badge when you first join. As your badge levels increase, additional achievement points are awarded, which can be found on your Survey History page. These will show up as ‘community achievement’. Bear in mind that you can be downgraded to a lower tier badge if you don’t remain active on the website.

Another thing you need to be aware of is the American Red Cross affiliation with Opinion OutPost. Actually, Opinion Outpost donates $10,000 ($40K yearly) every month to the American Red Cross in honor of the time spent panelists spend taking surveys there. This is so astonishing and something I wish to discuss more at my conclusion. Maybe this is why the members don’t earn much?

Opinion Outpost: Offers $10K Sweepstakes Quarterly (Scam or Legit?)

On the other hand, members also get a chance to win big using Opinion Outpost. All you have to do is fill in surveys to be entered into the prize draw, even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you still get entered. If you win, you receive $10,000 (quarterly). Bear in mind that this is only for US residents. However, Canadians get to be entered into quarterly cash draws worth $1,250, which is $5K yearly.

On the homepage, it refers to particular ways that you can earn, which all have to do with providing feedback. You can find these below.

Just keep in mind that when you take these surveys, you earn points. You have to convert points to cash. 1 point equals £0.05 / $0.10.

Opinion Outpost sign and helpdesk Opinion Outpost can both help you to find out what you need.

If you had a good read thus far, then good, keep reading because there’s more to find out.


Ways To Earn –

  • Product tests – review prototypes before they hit the shelf
  • Advert reviews – provide feedback on ads before they launch
  • Diary studies – keep track of and share your lifestyle habits
  • Focus groups – take part in group discussions on a variety of topics
  • Location-based services – participate in targeted surveys based on your location
  • Ad survey studies – share your thoughts on ads you see on Google

Payments –

To get paid, you need a minimum of $10 for PayPal. For gift cards, you only need $5.

Here’s what the payments look like:

  • United Mileage Plus Points – 105 points/300 miles
  • Alawar Games – 30 points/download
  • Amazon Gift Card -50 points/$5
  • iTunes Gift Card – 100 points/$10
  • American Red Cross donation – 5 points/$0.50 donation

Community –

  • Opinion Outpost actually has some sort of community, unlike a lot of other panels I’ve reviewed. You can keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and also read more about them using their About Page and Website Blog.

Key Benefits –

  • Members can become wealthy if they win the sweepstakes prizes.
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Does Opinion Outpost work? Yes. It works good. Some people think it used to work better, though. You can use the Opinion Outpost login and Opinion Outpost sign up to get started and see how you like it.

Is Opinion Outpost safe? Yes. This panel is 100% safe to use. Opinion Outpost legit scam search terms can be answered in this review.

Is Opinion Outpost free? Yes. There is no sign up bonus, though. I have seen Opinion Outpost scam written quite a lot. The Opinion Outpost survey will not scam you. You are fine.

Does Opinion Outpost have payment proof? There’s some form of proof, which you can see in the screenshot below.

Opinion Outpost Payment proof: Opinion Outpost: Offers $10K Sweepstakes Quarterly (Scam or Legit?)

Is Opinion Outpost easy to cash out? Yes. Once you reach the appropriate amount, you can withdraw your earnings.

Is Opinion Outpost a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There are companies that are interested in the views of the public who use their products and services. Opinion Outpost acts like the middleman. Opinion Outpost surveys provides the answers they need to improve their products and services. If you come across an Opinion Outpost frozen account, just contact support.

Does Opinion Outpost have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for Opinion Outpost Customer Service. Furthermore, If you want to contact Opinion Outpost, you can also use their social media. Opinion Outpost UK, Opinion Outpost US, Opinion Outpost Canada, all have different ways that you can win. You’ll have to contact them to ask about this.

Does Opinion Outpost have any bad reviews? All Opinion Outpost reviews I’ve read have been delightful.

Does Opinion Outpost have an app? No. You can only use it on mobile using your web browser. I have researched Opinion Outpost payment and Opinion Outpost app, both of which you can find information about in this review.

Would you recommend Opinion Outpost to a friend or relative? No. My business is helping people find freedom working from home. People need at least $650-700 weekly in order to survive, and you won’t get that from online surveys.

How To Get Opinion Outpost Referrals

While Opinion Outpost offers money for people you invite, it doesn’t last. In fact, it is limited to how many people you can refer to 5. You’ll earn $1 per person until you reach the limit. 

This doesn’t matter to me, and I’m not telling you this, so you can fail and not earn anything. 

You will use the following instructions to learn how to market online. I did it and you can too.

Opinion Outpost: Offers $10K Sweepstakes Quarterly (Scam or Legit?)

You will bypass the 5 referrals you can have with Opinion Outpost, with this training, it offers a whole inventory of programs that pay you to promote them: exactly the same as Opinion Outpost except better. 

Here’s how to start:

1) Login To Product.com
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4) Write and publish a Product Review
5) Add your Product affiliate link to your review

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Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offer big prizes 
  • Has numerous offers
  • Offers convenient payment methods

What’s not to like –

  • Not a real way to earn money online
  • Doesn’t help you make good money
  • Too much hard to work involved.


There are many sites in Google that you can use to complete online surveys, but I don’t know how many there are that have prizes like Opinion Outpost. I mean, just imagine earning all that money that they offer?

I know how you can make this money simply using your computer. 

If you are interested, you should try using affiliate marketing because It’s just so much better. 

Start out by reading the following reviews I have done, or read down below on what I think about Opinion Outpost.

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Contena: Make Money Selling Your Articles (Scam or Legit?)

Match To Win App: Mobile Apps To Make Money (Scam or Legit?)

There are heaps of legitimate product testing jobs and paid product testers wanted are everywhere online. Until you realize the ultimate way to earn is by affiliate marketing, you’ll keep doing the same thing. If you need paid product tester jobs, just search in Google. However, I don’t recommend you do this. You should keep reading and join me in building your own business.


What I find so funny with this program is that it donates $10,000 to American Red Cross every month. That’s every 4 weeks. Do you know how much you have to be earning to be able to donate this kind of money every 4 weeks? 

When I see this, and most people see this, they automatically think why aren’t the members earning more. 

I read some reviews and felt that this was on some people’s minds. 

On Trustpilot, it has 3.2/5 stars out of 1,237 reviews, which is pretty good. I bet this mainly comes from the prizes that the members can earn. 

One blogger said that he used to use them back in 2015, but now doesn’t think they are any good and doesn’t recommend them. 

I think Opinion Outpost USA has the best options.

Members don’t get a sign-up bonus. 

The only good thing is the huge prizes, but do you really think that you’ll win that big sweepstakes prize before you quit or get old? Its like tattslotto.

I don’t think this panel is worth joining because I have something way better. 

Keep on reading to find out what I recommend you should do for income.

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